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Personal trainers are expensive and those gym Barbie’s at the gym or on the workout channels are making you feel inadequate. I remember when I used to go to the gym, and sometimes if feel like did this chick come to pose or come to workout. Sometimes I’d see people there with jewellery on, and one time, I saw a woman in her bikini, perfectly fine with her high heels on. No kidding.

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For a moment I was trying to figure out who had lost their mind first. Body pride and body confidence is amazing, I celebrate anyone who has the confidence not to make others feel negative when they are feeling toxic in their skin. I’ve experienced that people who love themselves and are positive are more positive to be around, their more engaging, their more sociable, their more likable, and their more magnetic.

Misery loves company, yet miserable people time and time again, the narcissist, the emotional vampires, the jealous toxic friend, or the judgemental Judas will always tell you that they don’t understand why they create such negative energy. Why you hear that this person is coming round, and suddenly your line is engaged, the other friend has gone on vacation, you’ve told someone to say your in the shower, or a lie that usually blows them away you’ve gone on holiday to another country.

Anyone can become toxic when we’re feeling bad about ourselves, when we’ve created such habbits, especially dietary habbits that make us feel insecure about our bodies and inferior socially.

Even those who appear to have so much bravado and so much gloss, deal with their own personal challenges, yet to look good and feel great you must take action. Its one thing to peruse all the blogs magazines, watch the health channels, and tune into podcast about health and fitness, yet in secret your stuffing yourself full of all the delicious naughties so temporarily you can feel nice.

Why not treat yourself to being that individual that is the magnet, that is positive, that is accessible. Why not treat yourself to a health and fitness transformation, with our products. We are passionate about transforming lives, helping you get healthy and fit, join me in my health and wellness journal. Positivity and joy can be contagious, let’s join you to celebrate yourself.

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Guys I remember this so much, when you have that hot friend and everyone wants to know about them, everyone wants to talk to them, get to know them, yet your there, you have your likes too, you have your interest too, and when you walk into a room and your crush is there, his eyes are on her. Not that she’s your enemy, she’s your friend.

It can be very frustrating being the one in the shadows, feeling unattractive, wether you feel dumpy and clogged because of weight gain, maybe your clothes don’t fit anymore, you wanna say hi, you wanna smile, goodness you’ve even rehearsed the ice breakers and jokes in your head,but he won’t even look your way. You may feel like no one does. As usual she’s walked in, and you’ve been duffed out.

Well not only am I here to tell you it won’t be like this forever, I’m also here to tell you that we have a product that can make you feel more confident, more healthy , more sexy and more vibrant in your skin. First of all you have to decide that it’s not a competition, your friend has her strengths and you have yours, she loves you for who you are, if she’s the right friend , and others will come to love you also.

Believe in your potential. Develop your skilset, and work on your body and self love regiment, were here to help. I am doing my own beauty transformation journal myself and I am loving these products, what I’m also loving is the fact that food doesn’t have the power over me that it used to have before. Everything felt out of my control. The people around me were frustrated and so was I , why couldn’t I stop eating. I’d eat when I was happy, eat when I was sad, and when I was angry, I’d down the whole contents of the fridge , yet starting the Tr90 program made me feel like I was getting some semblance of control back in my life. You know when life hands you lemons and your too tired to squeeze out lemonade, you know when you feel like your self esteem has done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali is waiting round the corner.

I know what this feels like. I know how it feels when everybody’s talking at you, and then think that your not listening, but you’ve experienced so much trauma and so much pain, you create a different habbit to process it. Create different comforts, and at the time you didn’t think you were doing any harm, a big Mac here, some fish and chips there, until you literally are what you eat, and you feel swallowed by so many disappointments, rejections, pain, people not measuring up, or feeling like you don’t.

I have been here, it is life, it is trying. Yet you need your confidence so you can stand in this ring. You need to be able to tilt your head up and smile, when the sharks are coming at you, or when you feel out of your comfort zone. Because life likes to make us feel uncomfortable. As you are reading this and others may think it’s just about the crush, or it’s just about the dress, or it’s just about you competing with a friend who you feel gets access to so much because the world at times can be such a shallow place, you and me know it’s more than that.

You want to be able to navigate in new spaces and feel that freedom that comfort that comes with total self confidence, you want to be able to go to certain shops and not have other women snigger at you, your tired of being the dude in the group, you want the world to see that you have some polish, and you want to stop being invisible, and for a change for others to put in the work. For someone to try and talk to you, for someone to try and get to know you, let us help you become your jewel. Let us help you embrace your body transformation and self healing.

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