Ways to make Money online using your Social media platforms

First of all decoide what area or niche subject your going to focus on. Is it brand, marketing, fashion, itallian shoes, whatever your subject or niche, make sure your content is both lively and engaging. Mind map, have a strategy, a plan, a structure. Build effective content and utilise yoast or seo for high ranking of your site. Post to your various social media channels minimum 5 times a day, and request your audience share your post. Be consistent in your endeavours, have a routine , enjoy the process, engage with your consumers. Know the reasons they invest in the products that they do. Why are they being engaged by your competition. Boost your traffic, post regularly, Build a conversation, do not leave your website to just be a page on the internet. You want open dialogues, a forum, engagement, open debates, about topics and products, you want passionate consumers, you want hungry clients, you want an active readership with busy hands. Content is always king. Your content must be crafted with the right keywords and seo terms, utilise your backlinks, share your posts with other bloggers and websites, magazines. Use listicles, use hooks , create headlines like 100 best , countdown to the best brands, hottest products in the market, Tornado trends that will blow you away, your red carpet of deliciously dynamic business do overs, Bitesized businesses juggernaut success, Business kingpins and how they did it. You want to captivate your audience. Using articles, and hooks that are like clickbait. Remember when audiences navigate the search engines we live in such a microwavable society , consumers want things quickly, so they type in short terms. Pay attention to trends in the market, in your niche, narrow down your niche and corner the market. The smaller the niche , the easier it is for you to test your product and dominate the market.Research , analytics and data is key, data drives products, with the data you acquire this should help you test your product and see what works and what doesn’t, with your demographics. What is appealing, and what isn’t. You can test through content on your social media, what content is appealing to your audience the most, Engage them in quiz’s question and answer, short surveys, feedback forms , newsletters, and make sure their engaging with your site and navigating it in all its entirety. Ask the right questions.

Burning the boats

‘Burn the boats’

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someone once said if you want to take the Island burn the boats. Give it everything you’ve got and go for it with all you are. Believe that not only can you do it, but you are willing to commit to the tasks to execute it. When you fail, step back asses and adjust. Who can you model that’s gotten it right, how can you add value , how can you develop a plan going forward to empower yourself. You must believe that you are capable by consistently executing the steps to get you into the position for your future self.


Growth from Goliath

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We all learn from failure,many of us feel crucified at the time. We feel lost in the chaos of our own emotions, frustrated and at times angry. Was it not supposed to be so much more, were we not supposed to be much more, and now we’re fragmented, broken by a self we feel has chosen to deny us. Were we not enough we ask ourselves, are we but Goliaths? When the tears leak down your cheek, and the words of others hold little to no comfort, you may feel that much is lost, and yet there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Every challenge is a jigsaw with a missing piece. What is missing? How can I learn and adjust? How can I develop a stronger self, and strive towards my betterment whilst problem solving for others. How can I become David once my healing has begun.


Reflections of the Self

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How many times will you whip yourself with words, will you look upon yourself with contempt for that failure in enterprise, socially, in life. And what did you learn? Did you learn you cant be trusted, or did it put the cat amongst the pigeons and you decided others could not be trusted? Did it make you resent yourself for your shortcomings or did it propel you to make a change. Steps. In time you will heal and learn to trust yourself again. In time you will commit again, believe again, see again, and execute again. Yet if you are allowing the fear to compound, whilst others ridicule your misadventures with comments about your failed attempts, just remember that within every failure is a lesson. Who you become is a product of who you have been, what you have seen, and the lessons you learned from the self you were. I made so many mistakes in life whilst building my network, at times i became frustrated with myself because i was so socially awkward from dealing with others who let the stench and residue of pain contaminate how they dealt with me interfere with interactions. I learned to understand, the world is not a good place, or a bad place, and sometimes the worlds we create for ourselves externally are reflections of the worlds we have within. The things we say, the things we believe in. When you are done whipping yourself with words, and you remember even a small nugget of glory, celebrate it. For we are all fragments of glass being pieced together one experienced at a time, and when we become whole is when we see our true reflection.

Awake in a dream

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In the cool steel of the night it wakes me up, thoughts unwinding like dancing visions before me,i see it stretched out like a canvas, a show piece of visions, future, potential. My hands itch to do the work. Words which i once said to challenge fear, challenge me. They are lodged in the back of my throat, some underneath my tongue, and my eyes are dark with longing. I have seen this vision many times before, a girl with a dream, with hope that fluttered deep in the bosom of a heart that beat like an african drum. Sweat clings to my skin, its liquid laminating my pert features, as i reach for my pen, i feel it now, the thud, the claw, the whispers of fear. Drawing close attempting to suck me in. Do i leave my dream to be unfulfilled, when my fingers twitch and ache, when new words are desperate to be born from their prison, do i sing it a lullabye and allow it to be lulled to sleep by envious fears, and spirit dancers with spears, no i must fight, for in the wake of this dream, something omnipotent is here.

The Heroes journey towards Success

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When we think of the heroes and the heroines of any success story we are often told of how often they failed within their trial. The challenges that came to them, the disruption, and the destruction. Be it the contempt of others for them stepping beyond the bracket, extending themselves, and stretching to explore their potential, we learn that failure is imminent. And yet why are so many of us afraid to fail? Why do we obsess over the little embarassments, eager to keep up appearances and promote a facade or a false existence to people who dont actually like us, or are too caught up in the mesh of their own chaos.If you have wept tears of disappointment, frustration had your heart sin because life felt so impossible. I implore you to keep going. To keep searching your inner eye as you face that self in the looking glass every morning. Because those who really take on the self, are shaping, are sculpting, are becoming. Model yourself on great leaders who came before you, do not let those whose drive has ghosted them, be a thief in the night, you have your own path to take. Success seems at times to be a postcard from another universe, and each time you hear the dialogue of others chorusing about their glory, you are filled with a stone in your throat. Take heart, my father always said the vision may tarry but it will surely come to pass. Have a checkpoint, let that checkpoint give you hope when everything else is falling to shit. Faith,belief,and where I failed many a time was consistency. No one has the right to tell you it is impossible when men walk on moons, when rockets leave Earth, when millionaires are made in new continents every minute due to insight, understanding, knowledge and development. I find myself frustrated so many times, in contempt of a reflection I once adored, searching for a self I once remembered. I lost fragments of myself in this thirst to win, yet I continue to press on because I am morphed to this new shadow.Glued to this spirit, who is both woman,child and girl. There are pieces of my puzzle missing and yet, I hold unto this, a little hope a little light, enjoy the process, and remember how beautiful it is to loose yourself in the work. Enjoy the journey.

The Dream

Protect it, covet it, bless it and secure it. But most importantly work. This is a dream, craft and compell, attract and redefine,it is your water , it is your oxygen, it is blood and gravel, it is the conversation you have in the morning and the whispers you have at night. It is your dream.

Yesterday I had a dream, this dream haunted me, it stalked me, it’s shadow grew even when my limbs grew weary, it sat on my tongue, when my mouth went dry, it marred all escape routes, as it limbered before me. Today I carry this dream on my shoulder ,it has bled, it’s wounds sore leaking with pourse, we have stayed the course my dream and I, it does not tire, before I lay me down to sleep,this dream of mine,I sure must keep.

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Wisdom for your wealth

When I was younger my father used to sit us down and teach us business through prayer meetings, yet what I went into learn wasn’t just from the prayer meetings, it was something tattooed upon my soul,branded within me, a thirst for knowledge, wisdom and to grow. I wanted more, more information, more knowledge, more experiences,more development. I sought, and in many cases I found.i have had interesting experiences. I have been interviewed for a job for Buckingham palace, been commissioned for my photography of Prince Charles and the Fa cup, have built a billion pound network,through using social media and engaging people interactively. None of this would have happened if I didn’t have a thirst for knowledge. Books,webinars,seminars,courses,classes,at one point,I was devouring them eager to fill in the gaps in my knowledge bank. Knowledge and truth are what open doors, knowledge is what sets us all free,it empowers.

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New wealth concepts and ideas

These are some of my new ideas and concepts for business, be inspired and engaged. Great titles, hooks, what can become of these titles, can you formulate something? Lets see what you can do?

Trade and ecommerce portal and data hub

Network marketing and financial education portal

Wealth Monetisation portal

Info bytes nuggets

Financial education streaming platform and channel

Interactive engagement community and hub

Networking and speed monetisation hub

Community engagement platform

Global trade and information technology influencer app

Speed engagement hub app

Influencer discipleship app

Investment education app

Social feed news trend app

Trends and global economics apps

Networks and influencer marketing

Wealth hub and community profile app

Ecommerce and investment social app

Markets and trade app

Global e wealth development app

Chingy: The banking app

Social proof platforms

Investment buddy app: Educational investment tool

Nuggets of gold: Wealth education game

Idea jukebox :Creative concepts to monetise

Worksquad: coaching and development membership site

Online dating and messaging site

Global business community app

Intro app: speed dating and networking app

Microme: microwavable tasks and freelancer site, where you set up tasks for freelancers to do

Business consultation app

Networking app

Tech social: the social networking app for geeks who want to show case their products and bring them to market

Speed pitches app


Create a new concept,blog about it and promote it on brandzar, the more the audience likes it , the more applauses you get. If you get 50,000 to 100,000 applauses, the brandzar genie pencils you in for a zoom meeting with an investor, coach, consultant.

Pixel8: pixel 8 Is the advertising platform that allows you to sell advertising space one square at a time, inspired by the million dollar home page.

Viral hub: viral hub is the share for share platform, where you connect to influencers and you pay them a fee to share content. To be part of viral hubs upper tier membership network you’d have to pay a fee as an influencer.

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