Believe in Possibilities

It is madness to believe that in a world full of possibilities your dream is so insurmountable it cant be made real. It is with a passionate and proactive heart i tell you not to waver, not on a dream, not on a goal. Goals make dreams accessible. A dream is a splendid thing, a goal creates a pathway for a dream to enter. It is the engineer, the facilitator, your goals are the checkpoints to a brighter future. The experiences of the past are nuggets you can use to propel yourself forward. We fail at so many things, at points we lack the luster to get back up again. Yet you must commit yourself to rise, drag yourself to season, and take bold steps forward. For example i am an epilepsy sufferer. I used to suffer with disturbing grand mal fits, when my body would shut down, it was my mind i would have to plead upon to beg my limbs to drag me to safety. The seizures would happen everywhere and anywhere, on the street by the side of the road, at the stairs, near dangerous objects, so i had to navigate myself to safe positioning so if i was having a seizure i could have access to something to cushion my head from any trauma to the head which could cause brain damage, or any permanent scarring. Yet despite my trials i have created triumphs for myself, been commissioned for work with Prince Charles, the Fa cup, the red pr company, the Princes trust, i have an agent for my book Lunchbox millionaire and i am being mentored by Janice Varney Hamlyn of marketing immersion.  I came together piece by piece, and despite those who try to sabotage, hurt or damage, we are as phoenix and we rise aflame. Keep being active with your goals, do not measure your success by social validation. Deem yourself worthy.

Declaration of the self

The warrior lives within, amidst the panic, the chaos and the cries of fear, trying to propel whatever progress you attempt to make. Whatever momentum you are trying to build. It is easy for others to bury you in old fears, warnings, alarm bells which trigger sweat pangs and a stampeding heart in the dim of the night, to wake you in the early hours of the morning. Yet here is a thought. Today is an opportunity like no other, there were some who thought they’d have another day to conquer, a script written in their minds, yet others came to find them with a closed chapter. This is your book, this life is your chapters you are penning progressive change, you are delivering yourself to a place of access, and for those who battle an internal conflict you are challenging every Goliath. Who will win the dual. The battle is won and lost in the mind, declare yourself champion , declare yourself master and captain of your ship.

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Gliding past the Mob

  It is easy to join the mob, what a racket they make, they are the loudest, so you think their voices are being heard, but beyond those dulling echoes there is a different sound. The sound of their fear like a choir, it choruses the skies, rings like a shrill bell, and announces the imbalance in their souls, the discontent. People often complain about following the masses , yet are so consumed with the concept of what the media or tv has replicated or informed them normal is. The question is normal has evolved so many times, and has become so liberal, everybody’s theory of normal is different. Yet there is one thing that society holds unto when they do preach about normal, a fear of someone who is different, the outsider, the individual, or the eccentric. If that person had more numbers and more people conformed or subscribed to their life routine, maybe they’d be normal and you wouldn’t be. I’m starting to question whether normal is simply the fear of what’s Alien and the ability to monopolise the numbers.

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Pots of gold through Pain

We wait for pots of gold to collide with the practice of pain. I am in the midst of it, we say, there should be something for this chaos , this mess, that I can’t seem to rectangle myself from. This upset. This is madness we shriek, it’s not fair. Who told you, that life plays fair. Many of us come out of the womb thinking that life is a fair battlefield, that someone else’s chaos is separate to yours. We watch the news, click the screen off, it’s faraway, it’s distant. Truth is, we are all connected. To even up the score , to play your own makestic round, I will say what I say time and again, use your mind. The mind is the most powerful asset in the world, utilise your time. You and a millionaire, a billionaire have one thing in common, this is a message that someone else taught me. You have 24 hours. 24 hours. How will you use your 24 hours, how will you use that time? What questions do you ask? What problems do you solve? If you slip into a mighty depression and simply believe you are the problem…..this is a problem. You have a purpose, train your mind to find it, and face the challenges that come with it.

Keys to your conquest:Wealth

There are primary keys to your success and the discipline that comes with elevating yourself. Before you start this journey to achieve your wealth goals and your vision. I want you to have a mental checklist of those who tried to stop you, those who tried to sabotage you out of jealousy and their own malice. Now think of your checklist of those who are supporting you, a wealth of experiences that makes you want to propel yourself forward. The mind can act as a bank, an atm. Use these memories to propel yourself forward and engineer your success. When you are tired, if an image of what success looks like to you doesn’t do it, visualise those people who tried to stop you, those people who tried to sabotage you, and use their inferiority and their jealous weakness as a key to engineer your success. Let their words be the reason you get up in the mornings, the reason you keep going, and the reason you stay hungry. Anger feeds passion, you won’t accomplish your goal by simply saying “yes I want to be a millionaire” you will say ” yes I’m going to be a millionaire, and use the weak words of those who tried to destroy my dreams to propel me forward. The more they say, the more you keep going, elevating yourself , countering procrastination and fear. Play with words, words are very powerful things, they attract vibrations. Remind yourself every morning that you are going to become a millionaire, and have a plan for exactly how your going to do it.

Ask a lot of questions. The right questions will always lead you to the path of finding the right answers.
As you nurture your habbits, be wise with the choices you make,

Have insight into your vision. Insight is all about inside knowledge, engagement, experience, listen to other stories , learn about how they executed their ideas .

Missing ink

A stolen thought weeps in the cellar of a broken mans dreams, its need to belong to a changeling, escape the fiasco of a lost existence. dare i say this thought went astray, it needed a cushion it wanted to be a marvel like a dream. Jealous thought where are you now, on an island stranded missing existence, how will you find your way back somehow to reap the reward of supporting others with persistence.  It claws from its silent death, reflecting its wounds to an angry community, there i stood in the belly of change, selfish i was, i wanted immunity. For fear took me, and cast i aside, weeping like a baby dragged from its womb, i have risen from the tomb of a dull and colourless place.

Infinity calling

Awake in an oblivion, a master to myself, a creative compass i need little else, but to see with the eyes, that can pierce through glass, move with abundance of moses staff, a mind that transcends moon sun and sky, a mind as a weapon a tool to fly, for when the world saunters to embrace what cannot be kept, i am way beyond your common sense, whats catered in boxes , or nursed with a smile, it may take me a while, it may take me a while, but i am infinity.



Changing fiction,

stripping bare,

old thoughts that wear down,

tired hare.

Do i attempt to sprint , and run and hop, leap into my springtime, a buoyant bop

For winter can crucify the soul, each spear can pierce beyond control, the elixir of courage a fervent wine, delicious and heated around the limbs entwine.

As i strive for my higher self, embracing healing and nothing else, soon enough i will run and skip and hop, for this dream i will never stop.

Charcoal Fear

I see each fear, charcoal, dust, ash in the wind, i blew it away from my universe. My breath is speckled with skittles, my tongue is oppulent with power. There is a buoyancy to my stride, as i move closer as the shadow disintegrates its mask fading. Fear you have watched me for so long, hawk eye in a night with no moons, twirling in your song of glory, now the angels stampede at my side, a samba as your eyes become poignant with tears.

Verse of the man

verse of the man, strong in his stride, i am your eve, worlds can go hide, dare they arise and look upon with contempt, with resentment, and lack common sense. For here we are, a tribe of two, evolving into fiction, turning to glue, something the eyes, they never did see, something to marvel at
something so free.

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