To the victor goes the spoils

It makes sense to want to dwell, we live in a world where people don’t always play fair. They cheat. They use certain tactics to gain access to the information you have, to empower themselves and yet so they win? Not really. victory is a mindset. You are a Victor when you learn the art of happiness, some people will never be happy in this lifetime. It is a choice they make consistently with the actions they take. Greed, cruelty, envy , and when the light grows dim, they crawl their way back to you hoping you’ll welcome them into your bosom. We are a product of the choices we make, we are a fragmented self, distorted self, damaged self, at times a broken self, yet in this lifetime, be an honest self. Be true to the reflection you see, do not be supported by other people’s fears and other people’s failures. It makes sense to dwell, yet we live in a world where dwelling is not the key to the answers you seek.

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Missing ink

A stolen thought weeps in the cellar of a broken mans dreams, its need to belong to a changeling, escape the fiasco of a lost existence. dare i say this thought went astray, it needed a cushion it wanted to be a marvel like a dream. Jealous thought where are you now, on an island stranded missing existence, how will you find your way back somehow to reap the reward of supporting others with persistence.  It claws from its silent death, reflecting its wounds to an angry community, there i stood in the belly of change, selfish i was, i wanted immunity. For fear took me, and cast i aside, weeping like a baby dragged from its womb, i have risen from the tomb of a dull and colourless place.

The Owl

The owl revels in the splendour of the night, eagle eyes, cyclops, you are observer in this skin. Watching, channeling, precision to change. Each action a dimple on the goals you set before you. We awe in wonder at a world of magic and magnificent, adventure tiptoeing to come steal you away. You are glorious where you perch, casting your vision on dancing limbs and jerking bones, paperclip men and women blowing restless in the wind.



Changing fiction,

stripping bare,

old thoughts that wear down,

tired hare.

Do i attempt to sprint , and run and hop, leap into my springtime, a buoyant bop

For winter can crucify the soul, each spear can pierce beyond control, the elixir of courage a fervent wine, delicious and heated around the limbs entwine.

As i strive for my higher self, embracing healing and nothing else, soon enough i will run and skip and hop, for this dream i will never stop.

Ivory Kiss

He planted upon me an ivory kiss, my mocha had not tasted a sweetness like this, whether a stroke of chocolate or tan, An ivory kiss from this foreign man, in the layers of a dream, slipping deep within my skin , embracing my thoughts, and compassing within.

Dragon sun (Otatade Okojie)

Inches from the horizon,

shadow you will be illuminescent, the chains around your ankle will fall to the side,

shatter like icicles,

be on the ground like moss.

Inches from the horizon where a pregnant sun, waits before you, abundant in its love, shimmering such lucid colours of gold.

Dance before each jewelled element, snake hips you are belly dancer, and you will swallow it like a dragon and breathe it before worlds.

The womb baby

I uncurl myself from the weeping form this Womb baby in the shadow, 
whilst they circle pitch forks in the dark. 
I suck in my breath , 
ready to expel the fire of a new day,
 the song in my throat once turned into a whisper,
 my tongue jives eager to chorus with a new form.

Joyous Zen


Arise from the sadness,

tattoo on your smile

Let it be signature

Resurrect your style,

for the glimmer of hope

Will shine in your eyes

Like a coin

Let the world

Join your brigade

Of happy

Align with self

Others with pitchfork

Yet theres no one else

But you on your stage

This is your life

Be unafraid

Of your joyous zen

Masterpieces of the mind

The world is full of smart people who do dumb things,make bad choices, and have poor form.


We are all prone to mishaps and errors in judgement yet how do you recover? What do you learn from the bad choices you made, do you continue to go on the same path? Fully and emotionally invest in the same characters who lead you like a camel away from the stream. There are droughts out there, and only fools continue to latch unto poor company in the desert.Theres an old African proverb show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are, yet I also say, don’t just show me your friends, show me your willingness to pursue a dream. To chase it beyond smoke, and twisted bends. How do we become our better selves,how do we evolve during this journey.You will make errors in judgement,but you will learn that despite your errors, you are still a work in progress.

Vision with Voice

We are often told with fear that possibility is beyond our reach. We hear voices chime into our eardrums,leading our defeat, hoping that we are less than what we are.


For all the change agents, visionaries, leaders, and hopefuls, the mind needs a wealth of food to empower itself. It is important to cultivate a conversation with the mind, to shape your future, you must develop a path of access for yourself and those who tread after you. We walk, a path littered with obstacles, it is a narrow road, skittered with objects, eager to challenge social fugitives that escape the trademark of a standard norm. We are elevating ourselves beyond the ordinary,evolving to what’s extraordinary, connecting to a self that is illuminated and transcends both pain and small definition. You are more than the minuscule conversations of yester year, greater than fear, other people’s put downs, ridicules, laughter, humiliation, because to make an impact, to create change you must tap into your infinite self.

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