illusions of perfection

Paradise is not a perfect place. We have many perceptions to get there, illusions beliefs, thinking it should be easy, after all we have struggled much. Yet paradise is a concept of the happiest self within the mind. There are those of us who know how to cultivate a spirit of happiness, a spirit of free thought and enterprise, and those of us who foster growth. The rest of us go day by day , measure by measure looking for seasons of contentment. You will find your inner joy, your inner peace, if you are an enlightened soul eager to positively impact the life of others. Yet your paradise for now, must come from within. You must believe you are worthy of happiness, laughter, joy, healing, celebration and a zest for life. The opportunities and the options that come your way are a reflection of the souls output. Abundance begins in the mind and in the spirit, before it is fostered  in the natural realm.
Abundance can be a wealth of knowledge from experiences, growth, creativity, acting as an empath to help nurture understanding.The illusion that paradise is a perfect place, creates much frustration and we find it hard to find a zen within ourselves.

Vision with voice

It is easy to tear down the vision of others, after all they are just words. Words are not arrows, but yet. …a dream should be handled with such polite care, love, and affection. Be greeted with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, for one day that dream could sustain you. In life each individual is the caretaker of a vision, we nurse them into glory with our tongues, we soothe them into being. They are majestic things that come from a sacred self, they help us evolve into a more enlightened self. A dream can make you whole, a vision can make you see again. There is a power in words many of us can rarely fathom, it is beyond the law of energy, laws of attraction, bless your dream with words which speak of possibility. Go to others who will facilitate your vision and have command of your diction. For the tongue is a mystical thing.

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Wealth Ninja series How to make £3000-£5000 extra a Month Blogging

First of all what do you want to blog about? Consider hot topics that have been well researched which will create the most engagement through your audience. Remember you are not just dumping busy words on the net, you want emotive content that provokes reaction, makes audiences want to take action and come back for more.
 What is your audience looking for? What do they want to know about? The hottest topics consistently are passive income,accessing luxury lifestyles, the life of a travel blogger, how to build a business online from scratch and self development. How to monetise your creative talents, healthy lifestyles, or adding value through building a brand , or monetising a hobby. Checkout Reddit, Quora, Google trends, Twitter, and other social media sites to see what’s buzzing online. Add affiliation links to your site, and Google Adsense. The more views you get the more income. 
Design a structure for an online channel videos have more engagement than story, or written content. Create a series that will turn you into a wealth Ninja, and continue to investigate the questions your audiences are asking online. What they seek, you will have the answer too, you can also sell courses on your blog or website, approach this challenge with a fun and enthusiastic business mindset.
 Have a plan for your blog, include illustrations and info graphics for marketing campaigns to make your content interesting, use videos, you can use slideshows instead of your own face if you want anonymity. Use hashtags and be relentless with tagging via Social media, get your audience to subscribe through your email marketing list and build a newsletter. The more you post, the more engagement you’ll get, create a series.

 Post 5/6 times a day and tag in friends, add key resources that will be useful for your audience. Brand your series of posts with a hook or a headline that attracts audiences. Get as many people to subscribe to your blog as possible, build a database of connections, a newsletter series and tag relentlessly as you share your posts, become a fan of research, be a contributor to other blogs and websites. Believe in your content, make your style fluent, clear and engaging , how will this content be insightful,add knowledge, inform,become a resource, give them access to capital, connections, help them devise a clearer plan or give them a strategy, how can they minimise time and maximise profit, how can you contribute more effetively to helping them develop a better lifestyle, build confidence in the area their pursuing, ( each sentence is a sale) use numbers, statistics, examples, analytics) (key niche blogging and online business) fail your way to success, read up about personal finance, business plans, creative enterprise, how to monetise a niche, different platforms on social media you can use to engage your audience, learn negotiation, language and terminology for branding and marketing, learn sales, practice pitching your blog In the mirror summarising and adding it to directories.
 Maybe you can start a community engagement platform for creatives in your community centre and people spread the word through word of mouth. 
Create new consistent habbits, learn marketing and define select goals have a discipline and a structure. Most of all just go for it!

The six figure wealth portal and the online blogger

Okay lovely people another way to monetise your blog or website is to turn it into a wealth portal. A wealth portal is a membership site that is for community engagement, and promotes digital entrepreneurial advancement, and financial injection through paying attention to key themes. Providing hot content and topics and keeping your members thouroughly engrossed. Through your wealth portal you can create an ambassador programme, a referral scheme, and have your site commissioned by affiliate programmes and ecommerce goods. You can also have advertising space, offer profile, and  get as creative as you want, with your google adsense and other key codes linked to your site.

The wealth portal is used to attract investors, business magnates, and other steely entrepreneurs with high quality content.

What content appeals to you, what is your sites unique selling point. Build a network
Have a hook
Build engagement
Create a reason for people to want to access the info and key resources
Use search engine optimisation
Use digital marketing expertise
Get inventive,
Get creative
Tools of trade
Pay attention to analytics and reach
and enjoy!

How to make £40,000 a month blogging

Wow so you’ve started your new blog. Blogging takes passion, creativity, discipline, consistency, and most of all a keen eye, and you want to make money out of it…well. What can you bring to your audience, how can you engage their interests and keep them coming back for more. The marketplace is saturated with random people who start new blogs, yet dont see the idea through to the end, wont produce high quality content, and wont use their social media network to connect with their material.

Your blog should be full of nuggets of facts, tidbits of delicious insights that your niche can not find elsewhere, or if they can your delivery is more accessible. You should as ive stated earlier, pay attention to whats trending in the social media market. Strike up a dialogue with your busy audience get them to become emotionally invested and deliver updates regularly. For example a blog on how to make money with digital marketing should produce, creative ideas with headlines and hooks that draw audiences in and engage their interests straight away. I.e Monetise marketing 101,Six figure sales strategy for a digital dynamo, How to market to millions from the comfort of your bedroom, Digital aces, countering the financial dominoe effect.
Edible Engagement: When your content is delicious and so is your reach
Marketing for the new millionaire: How to monetise your mindset.
These are just a few creative nuggets ive thrown in yet there are many more. Its all about the hook , the headline, how you create that clicking frenzy, heighten that thirst for  your page.

There are a myriad of other ways you can build wealth around your blog and get your audience to engage with your products.
Create high quality video tutorial blogs consistently. What service can you offer, how can you assist your audience and help them develop their skills, increase fulfillment and maximise profit. You can do video tutorials on search engine optimisation, and algorithms. No matter the Niche audiences are always looking for ways to make money out of a skill they have, they need knowledge of Search engine optimisation. You could call your series Sexy search engines for six figure success.

A knowledge of Algorithms will help them rank higher on google, be identified as experts and garner more trade. Who doesnt want that?

Offer courses and link your funnels to your ebooks. Create ebooks with headline titles which make audiences want to invest in them, for example creative titles like
From Mindset to millionaire
Wealth in 360 days 
Pulitzer platforms: How to monetise a platform and turn it into a busy bank account
Aces with access: How to build a six figure network through social media
Bitesized branding for success
Simple strategies to becoming super rich on social media
Do it yourself: Email marketing for six figure success stories

You can also become an online coach and digital consultant, offer an introducer scheme i’ve discussed paid webinars previously. Sky is the limit. Create multiple income streams through your blog and let people gravitate to your blog and website, have affiliate links like Amazon , chitika, and other ad programs, but most of all believe in what you can do , produce high quality content and engage with your audience.

How to make money as an introducer: How one idea could potentially make you a millionaire

Ive always had a passion for creative ideas, and funnily enough some of the most inventive ones come to me when i least expect it. I’ve always had a thirst for building networks, relational communications, and social enterprise, assisting others and websites. So what do you do when you have these skills, you merge them. Let me give you an example. Maybe your a connector like myself, you’ve built quite a network on social media, you may not have the finance yet but you do have an elite network. What do you do? You upsell that network. You produce an introducer scheme for people who would like to meet a fluidity of elite contacts. What do your contacts have to gain, what do your clients have to offer? Are they investors looking for new projects to acquire a stake in and make a sizable return, are your contacts looking for key investors. Enter my an idea i came up with for an introducer scheme. Great concept, tidy idea. A contact with a database of key investor networks and elite business clientelle offers an introducer scheme for startup businesses to introduce themselves their business and their portfolio of experience over a simple business luncheon. It is a simple format. Get creative with it, get inventive, what can you add?
Have a referral link for it
Have a conference room online
Find out exactly what contacts are looking for
what makes your introducer scheme unique?
How will you setup your contacts is it online?
Is it offline? Face to face meetings
How will payments be made.
Most of all enjoy the fun and engagement of building new businesses and extending relationships further.

How to make a six figure income with a membership site (The wealth portal)

Community is the key to wealth building. Engagement, and communication. Build a wealth portal, a membership site to help advance the members of your community, provide access and resources, information and creative input to stimulate and keep them not just engrossed but empowered.

 When they sign up to your site, they get more than someone trying to sell them something, they get a leader and an influencer who is invested in their wellbeing and the state of their finances.

Wealth comes through learning, engagement, communication, and relationships.

Building a network is core and key to accelerating growth, your wealth access portal should look at key areas.

What are you offering your audience?
What are your strengths
How will the information you provide prompt them to take action
How will it inspire them?
What are their necessary needs?
What are their wants?
What are they typing in on the internet to end up on your page ?
How are they using search engines to assist them?
How can you bring them more business?
How can you bring them more contacts?
How can you feed their vision for success?
How can you encourage them to hit new targets?
How can you create a system that helps them drive trafffic and helps them take care of the core areas of their lives?
How will you help them maintain effective successful habbits?
How will you act as a mentor as a guide?
What resources can you provide to them, can you offer books, quotes, interviews, podcasts, webinars, build engagement with games and puzzles like having interactive wordsearch solely about enterprise.
And putting online games which encourage them to want to master their minds. How will your wealth portal satisfy a need they have.

Build up your wealth portal by building up your connections on linkedin and other social media and linking them to your wordpress memberpress site. You can choose to go to a designer who will charge you a fortune to design a membership site, or you can have fun designing one yourself on memberpress and buddy press for only…. £200! For a whole year. Build an email subscription list, link your social media to it, and begin the sturdy climb towards being ranked online with the assistance of seo… Have fun, and come to redebony for more great ideas!

how to make money on instagram

The internet is aflame with different creatives trying to monetise their skill, no more than on social media. Yet what is the hottest craze at the moment, a viral sweep that is sending computer screens flashing, and nimble fingers click clicking away. I give to you, Instagram monetisation. Instagram is not just hot for its influencers and micro influencing opportunities, for the sophisticates and the unsophisticated selfies, but lets go into deeper unchartered territory.

There’s much more going on in instagram. First of all to monetise instagram if you can get to a million followers you are looking at £250,000 per post as an influencer, not to mention the small tidbits you get here and there with smaller followings as a micro influencer from brands so why is insta so iron hot right now?

Magic E.My favourite word engagement. Brands want to see real engagement, they want to see active commentary from their demographic and know where to take their product. Instagram influencers help them create even more dynamic products, that create a shift in the market, and make them more emotive sales people. This means instinctively, they know how to prompt their audience into buying their products they know what to sell and at what level their audiences are interacting with the product, the diversity of the product, what to introduce next, new trends, access and new ways to raise capital via distribution.

There are other ways to monetise instagram from posting links to your product pages, selling tickets on your page, making people pay a fee for profile on your page and Posting Viral videos……more to come on this topic.

A moment

With each prick of laughter, you turn your head away. Your attention has shifted now. The thorns have pricked you, like an electric current, have jerked and Spasmed jolting you into an unfamiliar reality. You do not like this terrain. You do not like those words which slide into bloodied sentences looking for casualty. You search my eyes, with your jewelled salt brown Gaze, it is an uneasy smile you prescribe, doctoring the rejection i feel. You tilt my chin up with your fingertip, and say in a baritone like warm chocolate steaming from mug, “i like different, different is good. You were enough.”

Pinterest success: Great scheduling Apps

Pinterest has exploded onto your screens ,you hashtag love it!

Those pretty pictures, delightful delicacies, and the catalogue of online goodies rolled out like a red carpet to indulge your imagination. Click, click and click some more,your fingers are at fever pitch, yet hopefully

You are aware that not only can pinning help you raise profile, it can also help you bring in a stellar income. How do you bring in that income? With the assist of some amazing scheduling apps.

Why not be a super Pinner and pin for that holiday, dream house, or car you’ve always talked about, with the right strategy, your hobby can become your wealth wonderland

Below are a list of the best apps for Pinterest…..enjoy!

  • HootSuite.
  • Buffer.
  • Tailwind.
  • Viraltag.
  • eClincher.
  • Social Pilot.
  • Sprout Social.
  • AgoraPulse.

Have fun pinning guys.

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