Countdown millionaire idea number 4

It was a dream that woke you, a vision that shadowed you, and now it consumes you. Your hunger to be so much greater than what you were yesterday, this vision has made you embark on a journey. This journey is about to change your life. When I started writing my book Lunchbox Millionaire I had no idea I would create such a powerful network, and become such a pronounced digital influencer. My aim was to learn certain skills, and to become a more consistent blogger and entrepreneur. I had a myriad of ideas some were catastrophic,others I felt evangelised me. I learned many things along the way, one of them was the importance of consistency. I have a habit of liking new things, the fresh zeal of abandoning an old idea for something fresh, pronounced, with the prospect of helping me arrive at my destination so much quicker. I’ve always had the tenacity but lacked the sustained momentum, yet in business I learned these key traits and in life. It is more than the initial excitement. The burst and the new zeal. For example they always say a puppy is not just for Christmas, it is a living , breathing thing, it requires feeding. A dream is the same. It is its own animal, it requires fuel, tenacity, and more than glorious leaps, consistent steps, and action. Yesterday’s talk must become tomorrow’s action, your processes are a symptom of your belief. To raise the capital, to be financially independent, when you reach the experience of mental drought, you must be willing to push beyond it and find a well of resources, and nuggets of information that remain untapped. A whole reservoir now for idea number three

A community trade enterprise. Thats right people there is money in the word community, whether its an online portal or a network of people sharing ideas you can use buddy press to create your own social network on wordpress, and commit to selling trade to your network of friends , family, and prospects. The key is as follows, inform friends, family, neighbors that you are building a community trade portal, which will give them a platform to showcase and sell their services to make more money. There is a small membership fee, and they give you a percent of the revenue they make. Why will this work because ebay, and sites like amazon, even etsy are very commercial, and very competitive. It is a great side income, and when your ready it would be great to expand it. Inform your local community centre, youth centre, and business centres of what your doing, there is government funding available, it will make you an intricate fabric within the community, and make you a key point of contact for many businesses.

Million Dollar countdown idea 3

Ever heard of slicing the nugget open? Well here at Redebony the hotspot team are determined to help you do just that. Wether you’ve quit your job and are being given the heave ho in the benefit line, put down by office politics and looking for an alternative to maintain a bit of self belief, eager to cash in those blank cheques and bring in a wallet of smiling royals. I have just the ticket. Your mental ATM, wether your tired of circling unemployed in the job advertisement ads, fed up with buying everything on a budget, here’s to sunning yourself on the beach.

Profile of idea one. Your advertising platform. Many of us have heard about the million dollar homepage by Alex Tewy, yet here’s the Million dollar home page with a kick. It consistently generates revenue with people advertising £2.50 per pixel for each square on the platform, there are a million pixels, a blog for discussions and a community forum for trade. It will also have a job board. The aim of this product is to build an e community of entrepreneurs, who market and promote their brand, whilst paying a fee. If one wants they can add video, this will be a premium charge, and each individual will have their own contacts within a network to trade in. All other features they want to add will come with the premium upgrade. As you build up the blog, and you attend networking events and marketing or enterprise events, you create a very interactive service.

Million Dollar countdown idea 2

The online Portfolio. Whether your a graphics nerd, or a creative with a passion for enterprise articles, what you need is to step out of the me zone and think of the we zone. There are millions of creatives out there looking for great sites to load premium content, why not start one in a unique niche. For example i specialise in writing business and digital marketing articles, or brand specific journalism. What would be great if when i started i found a site that offered me the opportunity to showcase my articles, or have companies purchase my articles, and buy pieces of my work or pay me for my labour. Online you find a lot of companies offering you this service yet your always supposed to do it for free. Or you spend monumental time doing a series of articles for .20 p. A premium site specialised specifically for commisioning portfolios would bring in a shed load of revenue, and opportunity for freelance writers. Link it to adsense and an advertising network, introduce some affiliates and your laughing.

Million Dollar countdown idea number 1

For those of us who enjoy flicking across the pages of a magazine why not start your own magazine in your own Niche. Guess where the money’s in? Subscriptions and advertising, that’s right, not to mention sales. You build your own online magazine and sell a specialised product from it, it could be Auntie Sue’s Chamomile tea brand, your very own carrot Cake recipe or even better maybe your offering membership for an elite business advice forum. Whatever it is, build a large following, and make sure the people you love, love you enough to sign up and spread the word. From making chomp change, with a mailing list of up to 500 people alone you could go to bed with a smile on your face.

Engaging with enterprise :How to level up

Most Professionals talk about levelling up, the point where your mind acts as a portal to create access for you. Driving your habbits and fueling your hunger for achievements.

To level up you must pay attention to those you want to become like, observe their habbits, strategy and gameplan. What can you learn from it? What is missing in your strategy and action plan? What were their strategic plays, what are yours? How do you build momentum?

Success is a mental game of chess, as much as it is a grind for some. You must exercise your mind, for example you have a concept in mind , a vision , you need a goal to get there. What habbits do you need to form in order to get there , who can you link too, that will engage you to people with a higher network. Do you have a journal to document your trials and successes, what are you learning and how are you implementing it. The right questions will lead you on a path to the right answers, the right answers with consistency will get you results. Know your call to action is it capital, do you want people to sign up to your website, whatever you want, draw up a strategy today. Have a plan of action and make decisive goals.

This blog has over a billion hits because I made the decisive decision to be consistent, I didn’t focus on conpetitors, I focussed on remaining in the process, and taking this journey a goal at a time once I had structured a strategic plan. Redebony is now in talks to be turned into an app for a six figure sum, this is not me boasting, this is me saying there are six key structures to your success.

Having a specific definitive clear and focussed goal, creating access for yourself and others, teaching them how to monetise that access, building a platform and a following, becoming a mentor or a coach, making sure the online market identifies you as an expert.

In my next post I will discuss each of these in key details, how you can have these as a strength and build engagement with your audience.

Secrets of success

Its easy to let other people give you their formula for success. Tell you what it’s supposed to look like feel like, be like, what your experience of it is and how to reach it. Success is happiness. It is the prescription for pain, for great suffering, for illness, for disability, finding that joy within yourself even if it’s just in a small nook curling up inside it and claiming it as yours. Your island , your victory path to enlightenment, believe in your potential and access greatness free your mind daily and break old habbits of fear. You don’t need the world to validate your existence, some of us may never get that pat on the back from those we seek it from telling us we are valid, telling us that we are love dfor adding value, for our skillset.

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 You must be your own compass, and you must navigate with wisdom with determination, with passion know your own potential and see your vision as though it were right in front of you.  Success has multiple formats, you are in an arena with fear and old pain, the tracks of your mind regurgitate the past like old vomit, they fling your mistakes at you like spit launched by an attacker. The mind is a gambit, and if you don’t command it, it can play great tricks on you. List your strengths daily in a gratitude diary, your accomplishments, and your achievements. If you keep meditating upon an old failure, what have you learned from it and how can you ensure that if you were met with the same challenges the next time you can respond differently. How can you ensure you are meeting little objectives you set yourself? It starts with the small objectives we conquer that help us propel ourselves closer to the grand goals and help us build momentum. Have a vision board, or a notepad full of clippings of what success looks like to you, what would it mean? How would it feel and work your way towards it.

Wealth mindset

Wealth is a mindset. Many have argued this, if you disempower yourself within your mind, you will not have access to the infinite possibilities life has stretched out before you. Many people think opportunity is supposed to jump out at you like jumping Jack flash, these are some of the laziest people in the world. They are often the most bitter and they die with the same story, a story of entitlement. The world doesn’t owe you respect, it doesn’t owe you capital, it doesn’t owe you access. You are the portal, with your mouth, with your hands you are meant to engage with the universe and construct the vision you have in your mind. Successful people rarely make excuses, the truth is they hold themselves accountable. It was today I realized I wasn’t just making excuses for the second, the minute , the hour, I was excusing unfulfilment for a badly lived life. The choices I made were reflecting the individual I was becoming. On paper I sounded good, career wise, my experiences were awesome, yet the way I managed my money said a lot about the way I managed my life. Something had to change. In order to change your position in life, you need a new strategy, to position yourself next to humans and not crabs. Crabs will claw you down and eventually destroy you, bitter people who are great at excuses, will always seek you out for empathy, yet when you ask them what actions they’ve taken. What goals have been set. Nothing. This is your life, it is only one life. Every minute is truly unique, you can tell a lot by an individual by how they manage their time. Every person is a book and every book has a chapter, what do you want the blurb on yours to say?

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