Monetising the Madness: Wealth creative ways to bring in an income

Start an online Coupon portal: People pay a membership fee to access the higher level coupons, get your savings advice, access your database of wealth and development resources.

Affiliate marketing database: A list of affiliate marketing for different industries

Referral agent :

You set up as an introducer or a referral contact, referring businesses to one another and getting a fee for each referral. Cross engagement, cross business

Create a Cryptocurrency Mortgage platform

There are numerous audiences trying to find out ways they can purchse property and goods through using bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Provide an affiliate marketing online resource a database or a network of affiliate marketing links

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Plays Of the Mind

The mind is the ultimate player, it will tax you for your dreams, and it will tax you for your fears, you must play a stealthy game yourself, and have your own deck of cards to counter its influx of weighted    Commentary and visuals. Many of us find ourselves locked in the past, not because we are weak, but because the mind keeps returning us to our cryptonite moments where we were vulnerable, afraid, had a belief violated in some way. That is the negative.

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In order to propel yourself forward you must focus on the positive aspects of your past, your journey, your existence, and provide your successes as ammunition. You are not boasting or being a braggart, you are providing a portfolio of experience a deck of cards which showcase your strengths as a leader and your ability to take on challenges and steer your own battleship. This battleship is called the mind. If you don’t commandeer your mind, your thoughts will run away with themselves, governing you, and you will find it hard to meet goals and objectives. Yet not everything in life should be about complete control, we argue at times, I want to be free, express myself without the fear of others staining my conscience, a free mind is supported by a fruitful and well organised life.

Vision with voice

It is easy to tear down the vision of others, after all they are just words. Words are not arrows, but yet. …a dream should be handled with such polite care, love, and affection. Be greeted with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, for one day that dream could sustain you. In life each individual is the caretaker of a vision, we nurse them into glory with our tongues, we soothe them into being. They are majestic things that come from a sacred self, they help us evolve into a more enlightened self. A dream can make you whole, a vision can make you see again. There is a power in words many of us can rarely fathom, it is beyond the law of energy, laws of attraction, bless your dream with words which speak of possibility. Go to others who will facilitate your vision and have command of your diction. For the tongue is a mystical thing.

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habbits of the superwealthy: millionaire checklist

We watch their lives in awe, they are dynamic individuals. Whether its a video, they animate our tv screens , we listen  to their interviews on podcasts, read their success stories in magazines. Entrepreneurs engage us. we are fascinated by their habbits their lifestyles and their personality traits. So what does it take to be a sibling of success? How do you waltz in such glory? When i was doing my podcast lunchbox millionaires pushbutton radio i was interviewing entrepreneurs , millionaires, ceos, and founders, their habbits and patterns were fascinating to me.First of all entrepreneurs extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, they are cautious of what the masses are doing and rather than follow, they lead. Whether its by producing new products, creating new digital trends, they cultivate financial access by creating their own spin on movements in the market.Entrepreneurs extend their wealth of self belief, they dont just believe in their potential , they actively challenge it.A millionaire in comparison to an ordinary person will use failure as a tool to access wealth. They will use it to motibvate and propel themselves forward, learning from the mistakes of yesterday and negotiating a new path.

They are superfocussed on hitting the immediate target and goal. Although there is the vision up ahead, they keep themselves en route by meeting targets and goals.

Entrepreneurs are excellent communicators and believe in building networks, some of them extend well beyond their social reach, creating schemes, and new outcomes for people of varying class structures, so they have a  portfolio of different types of connections.

They know the importance of time management, and managing other people effectively.

They may not be in the creative field  but are creative thinkers

They are super readers and big on self development.

They are highly disciplined and have a structure to their day

They are eager to learn from others

They are super observant
They pay attention to mentors, and have good advisors

They watch out for trends and put a unique spin on things

They believe in facilitating others

They think outside the box

They look at things rationally and objectively

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