Otatade Okojie black lives matter poem

Were still here

We’re still here
We’re still standing
All these clowns
Keep pretending
We’re not ghosts
You can see
Here stands
Black royalty
From north
To South
To east to west
Hand on chest
Hand on my Breast
These are the words
That I profess
Black lives matter
Martin Luther
Said it best
To all the king’s
And queens now passed
Who lived
Their lives
Walking on glass
I salute and celebrate
With pride
Despite the malice
You would not deny
For we are a testament
We are god’s glory
Strength and wisdom
Take pride
In our story
Wether you’ve been humbled
Or majestic
You stand
This is god’s Earth
And also our land
I celebrate culture
Beauty and sound
Africa you are more than
A noun
Let history sing
Rhythm drip off my hips
Such African beauty
Can never be eclipsed.

Sparks Of Self

Life can be chaos, carnage, yet we are all born with an inner strength. A light where the shadows are charcoal, a blanket for hollow walls. Knock twice and the infinite door of the mind shall be opened, a tomb of skeletoned ideas that can impact your world and the pursuit of your dreams. I forever am asking a former self, how I can evolve, become better, reach a brighter plateau of existence. Strength is not simply a smile where there is no chaos, sometimes we find strength when there’s mutiny within. When we’re conflicted, when we’re desperately seeking passage and accommodation in a peaceful place. Do not punish yourself for old mistakes, and if you have made an err in judgement, a real apology is from the heart. You must first apologise to your best of friends, the reflection in the looking glass. It houses the soul, and many times our souls need communication. Talk it out with someone positive to get an unbiased perspective, and when your ready to move on make a promise, take a bold step. You are exploring a different realm of the self and unloading all the negative emotions you’ve hoarded, one heartbeat at a time. You are unplugging from the fuse box, there will be sparks.

The abundant Mind

Wealth is an abundant mind, a spirit that strives beyond indecision. How you manage your time will determine what more the universe gives you access too. Abundance begins in the mind , according to the Law of attraction. It is a mentality, and a spiritual psychology, it is one of the key universal laws of success, and yet. An abundant spirit and mind does not mean spending all the money you have in your posession, it means being open to success, it means being open to more opportunities, connections and networking. When we open our minds we see with a clear perspective, we are more likely to engage with those at a higher frequency. Growth is about healthy consumption, what you allow in, is what develops your character and enables the good opportunities to access the portal of your soul.

Freedom is aflame

You are challenging a self you are yet to discover, and on this Voyage,  challenging a self you are soon to become, open your mind, open your mouth and sing unto the clouds, for you are free , and there is no prison in your soul. A bird sits on a window ledge seducing you out into the open air, the magic of the great outdoor to enchant you away from your slumber. Remove the glass from your feet, you are no icicle dancing on hot coals, melting before the eyes of the world, you are free as a flame, roar and set the world on fire.

Potential and the belief

They cannot see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, it is the magic of vision. It is the taste you have for adventure, the way the mind sculpts, and creates your route, dissolving other avenues that lead nowhere. You are not trapped as you think you are . You are not locked away in a colourless sky, you are on a path that will lead you to glory, a path that will set you free. Your strides are liquid as you release the burden of other peoples expectations, becoming a self you value and a self you love. Believe in your potential. 

Creative self

creative self is masterful, it is evolving in splendour a wonderment to all those who seek a deeper more buoyant understanding of life and its treasures. Your heart may pulse for normalcy or you have an urge to conform yet remember The creative self is an awakening. It  tunes you into an infinitum of possibilities, a new narrative of escapism not glossing over pain, yet giving new checkpoints to your life. Adding new portals of access, it is important to see what you can do with your mind, how you can channel it,how your life can evolve.

Life and a rainbow

We sever creative ties when we impose too much rigidity on self . Life is fluent, fluid, diverse, colourful, do not trap yourself in a colourless sky. Hold a moon in your hand and paint brush strokes with your smile. We gloss over old narratives, unlocking the latch ,releasing the shadow of fear into a jungle of its own Tyranny.

The self you seek

The self you see is the self i seek to fix, hinging fingers on a tight ledge, walking on a tightrope, high heels on ground zero. Fear tattooed like fear on my skin. I yearn for balance, the triumph of a dimpled smile, access to avenues of change and a road map to infinity. We are oblivious to the selves within, the moon in our hands , a star in our sight.

Vintage crown

My blood pulses with creativity, electric and aflame,
Each day is a poem
Each challenge
Besets a new game
For dare i skip and run and hop
I am not child
That i must stop
Do as im told
and be ordered around
This adult woman
Is still seeking her
Vintage crown

Oxygen Dreams

Hear the vision humm in your mind, painting crimson moons of colour for there is trouble when we wake the cyclops that sleeps. The mind is hungry for a challenge, words leave an imprint like tattoo, the weak ones are smoke dancing in and out like belly dancers, strong words become form they are commitment taking shape building stature, then evolving further.You orbit your world, leaving brush strokes of dreams, breathing oxygen like a dragons breath into a quiet corner. When you whisper, the dreams they gather, locked in a warm embrace, limbs connected, creating steps developing a path of escapism. You are the womb, the dream is the oxygen

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