Top 15 ways to go viral with your ebook

Remember that content is always king. Wether it’s delicious tidbits in the privacy of our hubs, or your an adventurer enticing the world weaving stories with splendid copy all over London you want to write content that captivates your audience.
Lead in articles or posts on your blog or website that talk about your novel briefly, post a link that directs audiences to your books preorder page, increasing the traffic, the click through rate, and the conversion rate.

You want to use consistent email marketing campaigns. Those numbers, and contacts you have can be liquid contacts, you can monetise them, you just have to engage them, regularly , consistently , sending them lots of resourceful information. Info that is accessible,broken down, or bitesized in some way.

Get customer reviews, you can even get video testimonials

Have a YouTube channel

Get a book publicists
Do events

Social proof using such sites as Quora and Reddit

Spark an online debate

Become an influencer, write a book on one of your key themes and get your audience to buy your book on pre order.

Sell wealth secrets to your audience that they may not know about your niche

Become a key resource in your niche, make your website the go to site for information on that niche and sell the information you have as copy in book format.

Master the Amazon algorithm through online tutorials,courses, and workshops
Or you can do an accelerator course with enterprise nation

Pay attention to trends and what’s hot in the market

Use kdp spy or rocket to see which niche has books that sold the most,and cater to the audiences in that niche

Learn keyword optimisation for Amazon and SEO

Use fulfilment by Amazon

Do a business and marketing course along with the development of your brand.

Connect to the key distribution channels for your product,key bloggers and influencers and engage with them.

Most importantly do your market research.

A delicious read for all your divine senses: Otatade Okojie new Novel series coming out soon

Prolific author Otatade Okojie has released another spine tingling, blockbusting sensation. The Dark Sunday series has created so much buzz , the pre order list is half full, audiences are rushing to Amazon to sign up for its release. This mystery suspense thriller keeps you guessing till the very end, with captivating enchanting characters, atmospheric scenes, and hypnotic writing, this page turner hot off the printing press will engage young audiences for the most part of the year.

Meet Israel North the new teen detective everyone’s talking about, a triumph as a character, a curious quirk, with a nose for trouble like a beagle.

In Israel’s small town of Eden something is amiss, there are strange goings on in the local church, with the help of her two friends August and Ghost, Israel is determined to solve the marvels taking place in the church from water walking, to healed limbs, but a series of strange and suspicious deaths that follow. Who is behind all the pandemonium, and even more to the point do they know she knows too much about the Pandora’s box they’ve unleashed?

How to make money with your Amazon books: Monetising The Amazon madness

Books should be written in a series
Keep your audience wanting more
Do your research
What are they looking for
What is there a demand for in the market?
For example when you go to the market and you go shopping, you may see crowds gather for a particular product
Why that product
Is it the salesman’s pitch
Is it the branding?
What makes them keep sourcing for that product
Notice key things, publicity , the sales man shouts about the product.
If you make your product invisible nobody will buy it
Profile is key
What’s the hook
Why should audiences engage with your product over competitors in the other shelf
Is it positioning.
Which section will you place the product,
Is it use of colours? Design
Who is your customer, what problem are you trying to solve for them
Is it a reasonable price?
What hooks are you using?
Are you using Bogoff offers ( buy one get one free)
Half price deals
What are you offering the customer for their time, for their custom?
How are you engaging them, with your product?
Each product is an extension of your brand
Utilise SEO
Product reviews so you can rank high on the algorithms, good reviews show the ‘ machine’ as I call it that it can make money out of your product.
The more reviews, the better your sales.
The better the reviews are, the higher you rank

Pay attention to niche
The more focussed your product is the more chance it can have of competing or even dominating within the niche.
For example if someone goes to the market place selling trainers where there is a huge collection of trainers they will have masses of competition, yet what if they came selling signature Italian trainers, or a particular design brand of trainers , that there is a lack of in the market, that is a niche. That individual could make a fortune from selling international , designer trainers at low cost commercial prices to local people.

That individual would make a small fortune.

Market research is key as you engage your audience , wether on your blog or your social media sites, find out what appeals to them , what are they looking for? If you find out what their looking for, you find out what they will invest in.
What will make them part with their money?
There are wants, and there are needs?
Pay attention to Google trends what is trending at the moment? What’s hot right now within your niche, and be able to project what may be coming up in the next six months or so.

Otatade Okojie influencer joins forces with Number 10 Downing Street

I am very excited to state that i will be working with the chairman of the Youth Justice board at number 10 Downing Street. Very inspired by his works with young people and the community, and i am also developing my new book which will be published soon Dark Sunday. Exciting stuff. So guys please stay tuned, stay locked into the site as i share new updates, insights, advice and articles, and sign up to my newsletter here, also purchase my books on this site as well as amazon.

Abracadabra Snap!

Hunger. we all crave a positive change. An elevation of such. Our mouths foam and clot for different days, for the hope that someday soon, those old habbits that lead to our ruin, will be replaced with new formations. A stronger and a firmer self. It is important to keep in mind that different days will come, yet you must do the work. You must persist. It is less about the talk and more about the planning, action, goal setting, and persistence, when you find a vision that you want to pin to the frame. Small minded people may challenge your concept, do not let the vision be dulled, if it is something you are willing to commit to doing the work for. Opportunity does not seek out the whiner, it is often cloaked and disguised, yet he or she with a keen eye, and the ability to engage their senses will find where a door is closed, the universe puts a path for a window. Wether its your manuscript, the search for creative opportunities, partnerships, or collaborations, be willing to do the work, dont be a blind man expecting you’ll see a block of gold. It doesnt work like that. There are laws of the universe, Karmic laws. You must engage your higher self. Plant the seed, and water it, when your season comes there will be harvest. The problem is at times we have people who expect harvest without seeds, Abracadabra what are you thinking?

Peeling back the covers

Why not try and fail and keep going to learn. Knowledge applied is wisdom, wisdom gives us the advantage in the field of life. Growth comes through the challenges we navigate through around and the lessons we have access to.You must steer, you must drive, you must propel yourself forward with a plan. Bitesized actions and learn from the mistakes you make. So maybe in the past you had a challenge of not being consistent, so you challenge yourself and write the goal down. Design the specifications. What will it take? Who do i need to become? Who do i need to connect to , to make it happen? There is a difference between the story you tell yourself to keep yourself safe, and the lies you tell to hold yourself hostage. There are people who lie so easily to live a lie to themselves is nothing. In peeling back the covers and jumping unto the mattress, who will you find in your bed of life? Will you find that the bed has no springs and it simply collapses? Is there a wolf in your bed like the story of little red riding hood, who is in your bed? When you peel back the layering who will you face?

Clear waters of the Mind

Let courage meet the objective, because it takes boldness to fail or to succeed , but it simply takes boldness to try. To step out of your comfortable skin, your safe zone and apply yourself. People will try and rain their words and project their insecurities and their inferiority complexes on you, but if their lives were so perfect, why do they need to be judging yours. When did you say your life was a postcard for success. When did you say you were the advert to define success, no people who feel themselves lacking, will often compare themselves to you, look at your insecurities try and promote themselves as superior but simply ask them, when was the last time you conquered without me as the subject? Can you validate your own identity without trying to drag me into your confidence issues and your lack of esteem, do you feel you have failed, can you put your binoculars away and watch your boat? The passengers on your ship are drowning, because as a captain, you are not steering. So when people come for you, people who have not taken bold steps with their own lives and their own happiness, ask yourself, is this about me, or is this about you? Is this about all your failures turning into self contempt, because im watching my ship, and although your trying to drag us down, we’ll sail clear into clean and clear waters. Let your courage meet your objective, and believe no matter what someone who is bitter , jealous , and thoroughly inadequate feels, your mind is golden.

Navigating in the literary markets

Hope floats but effort propels.” ― Rob Liano

We speak of hope often,believe with faith we can get there. Yet when we experience rejection for our talents, we condemn ourselves and our misfortune.

No, what are you learning, what have you learned. What is missing, what can you add. The more you fail, the more you’ll learn. It is not wise to set up a tent in hot water, neither is it wise to set up to fail. Yet ask for the whys? What’s missing in your book as a product? Why are they denying you access,look for responses on things like sales, market, then research trends in your genre, utilise kindle spy, or rocket to check out the sales of your competitors. Look at the headlines and the hooks of books that are trending in your niche, who is playing captain in your market place, which authors are selling best, why?what reads, what hooks, look at the promotion for their books, this will both inspire and challenge you.

Dream Track

“It is often when night looks darkest, it is often before the fever breaks that one senses the gathering momentum for change, when one feels that resurrection of hope in the midst of despair and apathy.”  — Hillary Clinton

Night terrors,we all know them so well. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not measuring up,the fear of imposter syndrome. Sometimes we imagine it’s a big label on the tops of our forehead, and often people can see the madness in our eyes. A different madness, when life has spun the recorder too quickly and all the tape is now squashed. Yet , you must remember as you run in your lane,you are not the only one on the track. You cannot run everybody else’s race for them otherwise you will not qualify, but as you run, as you execute what you have practice d over again in your mind just remember, that you are not on your own. You are not alone in life’s track, you must keep going. No matter how many races you’ve run unfinished, remember that if this is the one,you want,this is the dream you want. You must see it, touch it, taste it,feel it, and try your best not to listen to the heckles from the crowd. It is difficult I know. Sticks and stones right? No. Words can corrupt,erode, disrupt,words are powerful and dangerous weapons, so as you use your words and language to build yourself up, and you face life with steely determination, just remember that the vision may tarry, but it will surely come to pass. But what about you, do you plan to help it, or will you listen to the crowd that are talking the talk, but are not on the field running the race.

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