Warriors of success 2

Use your pain , disappointment, anger , trauma, to fuel your passion. No matter what do not allow yourself to be swallowed up in otherpeoples excuses and your own, because its easy to be caught up in the mesh. In the chaos of i could have been, i could have done, i could have seen. Fail and learn from those failures. Get active on the strategies and implement them, do not let the sun set on another day without a fight for the future you want. Remember it is not about money anymore, it becomes more than that. It becomes more tha  just a fight for cash and display, you are no dreamer, these castles you will not build them in the sky, they have a foundation, therefore you must fight. It is easy to give into the negativity, cruelty and malice of others, it is easy for self destruction to overwhelm you. Yet i am someone who battled with finishing my whole life, partly because of ill health, partly because i accepted the excuses that were made for me. Let us fight to finish together, to reach the end of that finish line, because in the end when the chapters close you always had time, time to fight for you, though your thoughts and emotions were caught in the tidal wave of situation, a dystopian mess of hopes, and at times faith felt more like punishment, anger being the only prescription. Believe that you have the fight to see it through, so when you turn the blurb on a finished book you know beginning middle and end. There will be more challenges to come, steel yourself we were not put on this Earth not to be schooled.

Passion for your promise


People tell you to be passionate and it’s so general. Be passionate about the goal, Be passionate about the objective.Take this journey one step at a time. It will be difficult the world will come at you like a whirlwind, you will find yourself on many occasions caught up in other people’s stuff, treading on an emotional minefield as the world tilts you upside down. Do not become a spectator.


Keep going ,even when you fail, get back up again, Have a bounce back mentality, you will have days that challenge you, people who don’t support or endorse your vision.

Keep going let those who talk, talk and make sure you have a daily practice.

Disciples of discipline

Discipline is a sturdy word. Yet i would say, go for practice, go for consistency, take a chunk out of the big dream and break it down. Shrink it in your minds eye until its nothing but a nugget.


Dreams can be scary things, at times foreboding. There’s a change of habit involved, that word we detest so much sacrifice, and sometimes we even loose people. Yet what if in the long run, you gain so much more? What if that belief you had, is not just talk anymore, you can look at your reflection in the mirror with pride and say you know what if I was picking a team, id pick me. Id pick me as first draft, striker, ace, wild card, id trust me, id invest in me, my words actually mean something.

The dream and The passenger

There is no avoiding the challenges and obstacles through the journey of business, be it Fintech or fashion.

The illusion that one remains rigid does not create room to grow, knowledge and wisdom or expertise in any area is about being open to that abundance. Failure will come and so will times of loneliness, there will be times where you reach the top of your climb and realise where are the people that were coming up with you? The faces that were so familiar some were distorted by envy,others just could not manage the climb. People assume that where there is a person of influence they are abundant in all aspects of life. Yet I have been there when the phone call comes to a close, and the friends you thought you’d be sharing the good news with are absent. We must find that inner abundance, become the magnetism we seek by celebrating the little goals and objectives we accomplish and learn to love ourselves.

its easy to challenge a self you have grown to love, I have been there many times,lost in the confusion, where suddenly your good news makes people awkward, uncomfortable,even cautious perhaps. You start to worry that you will be the one on the outskirts, whilst those who conform to certain ‘ toxicities’ tiptoe around each other and you learn to keep quiet about certain news so as not to upset the balance. You are not the passenger here, you were the one in the driver’s seat with this dream of yours you carried close to your heart and patted inside your pocket. it became friend and foe, the relationship was tumultuous,but now you can stand and say ” dammit I have news!” Celebrate that news.Those moments should never be taken away from you, for when a dream bends, and adjust entry,even just a little, it is the universe saying, your character has confirmed to us.” You deserve this grace.”

Infinite possibilities of the abundant self

There is an argument that you can negotiate your reality. Create access for yourself with the right mindset, this is a possibility, yet it is more than mindset, it is planning, strategy, activity and goals. Find yourself a mentor, an advisor and a guide. Start networking, sharing your ideas with supporters, those who can assist you and develop your talent, surround yourself with positive people. Have a journal document your successes and look at how you can adjust and learn from your failures. write down your affirmations for the day, and speak your dreams into existence.

Set up daily tasks and objectives.Complete them. My older brother always says it’s not how you start,but how you finish.set your mind on finishing each task,and be ready…. because there will be a storm coming your way when you submit to any dream.

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