Fifty Shades Of Digitisation

I read somewhere that first drafts are like scooping sand into a bucket, so later on you can build sand castles. Thank-you Instagram. That helped so much. Many of you know I have been working on my series of novels for #deliciousDecember which I am extremely excited about. It’s my opportunity to challenge that creative part of myself which sees the blank page and is absolutely horrified. There’s nothing more frustrating than a barren page, or for me a pen which bears no fruit. This morning I endured another dose of #fiftyshadesofgrey, wow that film is sinfully hot. Would have liked to watch it with some butterscotch popcorn and some Bailey’s😇,but enjoyed it none the less. I love the sexual tension and the chemistry between the two characters. What I love more though is the marketing behind fifty shades, how it was publicised and the fact that it was vanity publishing. I believe in this new age of evolving digital technology and independent authors there is much to learn.

Pinterest success: Great scheduling Apps

Pinterest has exploded onto your screens ,you hashtag love it!

Those pretty pictures, delightful delicacies, and the catalogue of online goodies rolled out like a red carpet to indulge your imagination. Click, click and click some more,your fingers are at fever pitch, yet hopefully

You are aware that not only can pinning help you raise profile, it can also help you bring in a stellar income. How do you bring in that income? With the assist of some amazing scheduling apps.

Why not be a super Pinner and pin for that holiday, dream house, or car you’ve always talked about, with the right strategy, your hobby can become your wealth wonderland

Below are a list of the best apps for Pinterest…..enjoy!

  • HootSuite.
  • Buffer.
  • Tailwind.
  • Viraltag.
  • eClincher.
  • Social Pilot.
  • Sprout Social.
  • AgoraPulse.

Have fun pinning guys.

Passengers in Enterprise?

'It needs you to engage your creative source energy.'

People and their talk of casualties in business, the more you listen the more alarmed you become. Did you know that what you listen too, defines who you ultimately become? Who you model defines who you evolve into? Its easy to be a passenger in life. Everybody has a sweet perspective, they give you details their omnipotent thoughts on enterprise. Your business, your challenges, your failures, your trials, and ultimately the glimmer of success that slants through the curtain.

Not everyone has good intentions, but the reality is if you dont fail, and learn, you will never get the information, the wisdom and knowledge you need. You may not know this yet, but we are walking failures, but were winners also. We have failed at many things, and its thought us to be triumphant at others. With the challenge of Covid were even more afraid to put our businesses in jeopardy, yet here’s a wakeup call for you. Your business needs it. It needs you to engage your creative source energy, challenge your mind, reconnect with contacts and setup those zoom meetings, liase with your info network about current trends in your market, and start negotiating not just for today, but for tomorrow that still on the cards. Its easy to be a passenger in enterprise, everyone has an opinion, yet the wrong perspective could sabotage. Be informed, read as much as you can, gather as many resources as you have available to you, find the support out there on the web and be dogged. Our businesses are often an extension of ourselves, would you let yourself out in the water to drown? Give yourself a float, hold unto a lifeboat and get informed by tuning into whats in your community, network, and social hubs.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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