Digital marketing and it’s dynamism

Why do people learn digital marketing?
Digital marketing is being learned because of the new age of digital technology. Technology is providing access to the market, this access is keeping many businesses up to date with the Microwavable society we are part of.

Digital marketing allowed the rise of the influencer, meaning large marketing companies and agencies that used to charge a fortune for their services , yet did not provide engagement , are being over taken by influencers who have the skill ,the audience and the engagement to help big name brands generate an income.

Why are people eager to go into Marketing?
Because Marketing works in conjunction with selling and we live in a society where you are always selling. You sell yourself and your skills on your CV, we are constantly pitching and promoting ourselves. If you do not know the importance of the elevator pitch ,or the 7 minute sell you may find yourself in trouble. Opportunity meets enterprise,strengths, weaknesses, skills, and. Why your product is likely to outmatch the competitors,the use of effective language in digital marketing can be used to bring in a large demographic which helps with conversions in order to attract investors.

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How to make money on instagram

The internet is aflame with different creatives trying to monetise their skill, no more than on social media. Yet what is the hottest craze at the moment, a viral sweep that is sending computer screens flashing, and nimble fingers click clicking away. I give to you, Instagram monetisation. Instagram is not just hot for its influencers and micro influencing opportunities, for the sophisticates and the unsophisticated selfies, but lets go into deeper unchartered territory.

There’s much more going on in instagram. First of all to monetise instagram if you can get to a million followers you are looking at £250,000 per post as an influencer, not to mention the small tidbits you get here and there with smaller followings as a micro influencer from brands so why is insta so iron hot right now?

Magic E.My favourite word engagement. Brands want to see real engagement, they want to see active commentary from their demographic and know where to take their product. Instagram influencers help them create even more dynamic products, that create a shift in the market, and make them more emotive sales people. This means instinctively, they know how to prompt their audience into buying their products they know what to sell and at what level their audiences are interacting with the product, the diversity of the product, what to introduce next, new trends, access and new ways to raise capital via distribution.

There are other ways to monetise instagram from posting links to your product pages, selling tickets on your page, making people pay a fee for profile on your page and Posting Viral videos……more to come on this topic.

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How to build engagement

Okay lovely people another way to monetise your blog or website is to produce high quality content to build engagement. The articles you produce or the listicles for some can make or break your site. What are the trending topics in your niche, what is your unique angle? How can you spin it to engage and engrosse your audience. Make sure content is helpful, full of facts and busy with ideas that will help your audience, and build a loyal following.

Tell jokes, produce inspirational quotes, and insights, utilise analytics or tell your own personal experiences. Encourage your audience to share and like, Create a sense of community by mentioning regular members who visit your site and thank them for their loyalty, or mention some of the good work their doing. Offer profile to members and have an email capture form.

put in topics that open your platform, forum, website or page for discussion. Utilise your social media and actively tag or mention, use your social listening sites like Quora, reddit, twitter, and post 4-6 times daily to increase engagement via an iphone or a tablet. Post in groups, have a facebook page, use facebook live for video, do youtube videos, and instagram videos regularly.

Pay attention to search engine optimisation, key in the right hashtags and most of all enjoy and be patient.

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creative ways to sell 5000 ebooks through your blog

There are multiple ways to sell 5000 copies of your book online these include

Email marketing
Click funnels
Getting  more reviews
Having  more active video content with a link to your book sales page
Using the right hashtags
Using facebook and social media marketing consistently

Research the book your going to write, look at what audiences are searching for and write the title accordingly.

Ask a lot of questions on question and answer sites and forums.

Pay attention to popular tending books in your niche why were they bestsellers, what were their strengths

Get people online to refer your book

Add your book to a referral scheme

Have a blog solely about your book and build engagement

Develop your authority on the subject your going to write a book about. This means your sOcial media, business site, and anything you publish linked to this niche will show how much you excel in this arena. You are delivering yourself as a brand authority in this field, and you want the search engine, and the algorithms to give you notoriety for this skill. Have a facebook group or join other facebook groups, put time aside to be active online commentating on others posts, tweeting your insights, your knowledge, and your recommendations.Post on book sites, instagram pages, tumbler, bookish online, and online book clubs. Leave memorable insights and inspired quotes if tempted so you can be remembered.

Support the team
Comment on the work of other writers, inspire , encourage, build a network and actively support them. Retweeting, sharing, liking, subscribing, and recommending their work, so the love can be recycled. Sites like Twitter/facebook/linkedin/tumblr/instagram/ are great for this.

Ask bookshops to promote your book, spread the word with quirky bookmarks, offer to do readings, offer to hold workshops and creative writing classes in schools and libraries, anything to engage your audience and have them put the word out about your book.

Set up a sales commission programme for young people who are interested in sales, they can spread the word about your book, sell copies for you and get a commission

Ask influencers to share a copy of your book on their page, tag and mention.

Put out online press releases, and contact media yourself for interviews, ask to get on podcasts and youtube channels.

Have a can do attitude, watch sales seminars, and engage with your audience through your blog or website.

Missing ink

A stolen thought weeps in the cellar of a broken mans dreams, its need to belong to a changeling, escape the fiasco of a lost existence. dare i say this thought went astray, it needed a cushion it wanted to be a marvel like a dream. Jealous thought where are you now, on an island stranded missing existence, how will you find your way back somehow to reap the reward of supporting others with persistence.  It claws from its silent death, reflecting its wounds to an angry community, there i stood in the belly of change, selfish i was, i wanted immunity. For fear took me, and cast i aside, weeping like a baby dragged from its womb, i have risen from the tomb of a dull and colourless place.

Run with wolves

Run with wolves
Let your hair
Fly freely
There is a spark
Of electricity
between your fingertips
A salsa in your hips
Magic on your tongue
You are young
baptise yourself
In the warmth
Of the Sun
Love is a tastebud

The Gift Of Enterprise

instant gratification is an illusion,get centred in your gift

You’re still standing,you may wobble on your feet,your tongue slightly timid to speak out and breathe life into those new ideas.If you are like everyone else in enterprise,there’s a dragon at your has become your shadow,a beast that whispers about your failings,reminding you deep into the night about those times when you did and look what happened.Everything becomes maybe, potentially, possibly,could be,should be, you puzzle over things you should have done,worship the advice books and guides yet do little to execute.

After all remember what happened the last time.what will people say this time?what will they think? And the jokes,the comments, and what if…what if…what if…let what if be a stranger for now.The dragon,the beast at your bed is you,as entrepreneurs we must be able to challenge the voices in our head.To believe we are more than our past failures,to see so much more than the fear and others skewed and broken perceptions. Immediate gratification is an illusion,in business things take time,it is a journey,it is a process.

Because we live in such a microwavable society,there is the belief that we should be gratified immediately. No money if it’s not quick money. Yet with everything happening at lightening speed around us,are we getting the chance to enjoy and embrace the fruits of our labour.To get centred and fully engage with our gifts.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

The Gift Of Enterprise

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