Wealth Ninja series How to make £3000-£5000 extra a Month Blogging

First of all what do you want to blog about? Consider hot topics that have been well researched which will create the most engagement through your audience. Remember you are not just dumping busy words on the net, you want emotive content that provokes reaction, makes audiences want to take action and come back for more.
 What is your audience looking for? What do they want to know about? The hottest topics consistently are passive income,accessing luxury lifestyles, the life of a travel blogger, how to build a business online from scratch and self development. How to monetise your creative talents, healthy lifestyles, or adding value through building a brand , or monetising a hobby. Checkout Reddit, Quora, Google trends, Twitter, and other social media sites to see what’s buzzing online. Add affiliation links to your site, and Google Adsense. The more views you get the more income. 
Design a structure for an online channel videos have more engagement than story, or written content. Create a series that will turn you into a wealth Ninja, and continue to investigate the questions your audiences are asking online. What they seek, you will have the answer too, you can also sell courses on your blog or website, approach this challenge with a fun and enthusiastic business mindset.
 Have a plan for your blog, include illustrations and info graphics for marketing campaigns to make your content interesting, use videos, you can use slideshows instead of your own face if you want anonymity. Use hashtags and be relentless with tagging via Social media, get your audience to subscribe through your email marketing list and build a newsletter. The more you post, the more engagement you’ll get, create a series.

 Post 5/6 times a day and tag in friends, add key resources that will be useful for your audience. Brand your series of posts with a hook or a headline that attracts audiences. Get as many people to subscribe to your blog as possible, build a database of connections, a newsletter series and tag relentlessly as you share your posts, become a fan of research, be a contributor to other blogs and websites. Believe in your content, make your style fluent, clear and engaging , how will this content be insightful,add knowledge, inform,become a resource, give them access to capital, connections, help them devise a clearer plan or give them a strategy, how can they minimise time and maximise profit, how can you contribute more effetively to helping them develop a better lifestyle, build confidence in the area their pursuing, ( each sentence is a sale) use numbers, statistics, examples, analytics) (key niche blogging and online business) fail your way to success, read up about personal finance, business plans, creative enterprise, how to monetise a niche, different platforms on social media you can use to engage your audience, learn negotiation, language and terminology for branding and marketing, learn sales, practice pitching your blog In the mirror summarising and adding it to directories.
 Maybe you can start a community engagement platform for creatives in your community centre and people spread the word through word of mouth. 
Create new consistent habbits, learn marketing and define select goals have a discipline and a structure. Most of all just go for it!

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The six figure wealth portal and the online blogger

Okay lovely people another way to monetise your blog or website is to turn it into a wealth portal. A wealth portal is a membership site that is for community engagement, and promotes digital entrepreneurial advancement, and financial injection through paying attention to key themes. Providing hot content and topics and keeping your members thouroughly engrossed. Through your wealth portal you can create an ambassador programme, a referral scheme, and have your site commissioned by affiliate programmes and ecommerce goods. You can also have advertising space, offer profile, and  get as creative as you want, with your google adsense and other key codes linked to your site.

The wealth portal is used to attract investors, business magnates, and other steely entrepreneurs with high quality content.

What content appeals to you, what is your sites unique selling point. Build a network
Have a hook
Build engagement
Create a reason for people to want to access the info and key resources
Use search engine optimisation
Use digital marketing expertise
Get inventive,
Get creative
Tools of trade
Pay attention to analytics and reach
and enjoy!

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creative ways to sell 5000 ebooks through your blog

There are multiple ways to sell 5000 copies of your book online these include

Email marketing
Click funnels
Getting  more reviews
Having  more active video content with a link to your book sales page
Using the right hashtags
Using facebook and social media marketing consistently

Research the book your going to write, look at what audiences are searching for and write the title accordingly.

Ask a lot of questions on question and answer sites and forums.

Pay attention to popular tending books in your niche why were they bestsellers, what were their strengths

Get people online to refer your book

Add your book to a referral scheme

Have a blog solely about your book and build engagement

Develop your authority on the subject your going to write a book about. This means your sOcial media, business site, and anything you publish linked to this niche will show how much you excel in this arena. You are delivering yourself as a brand authority in this field, and you want the search engine, and the algorithms to give you notoriety for this skill. Have a facebook group or join other facebook groups, put time aside to be active online commentating on others posts, tweeting your insights, your knowledge, and your recommendations.Post on book sites, instagram pages, tumbler, bookish online, and online book clubs. Leave memorable insights and inspired quotes if tempted so you can be remembered.

Support the team
Comment on the work of other writers, inspire , encourage, build a network and actively support them. Retweeting, sharing, liking, subscribing, and recommending their work, so the love can be recycled. Sites like Twitter/facebook/linkedin/tumblr/instagram/ are great for this.

Ask bookshops to promote your book, spread the word with quirky bookmarks, offer to do readings, offer to hold workshops and creative writing classes in schools and libraries, anything to engage your audience and have them put the word out about your book.

Set up a sales commission programme for young people who are interested in sales, they can spread the word about your book, sell copies for you and get a commission

Ask influencers to share a copy of your book on their page, tag and mention.

Put out online press releases, and contact media yourself for interviews, ask to get on podcasts and youtube channels.

Have a can do attitude, watch sales seminars, and engage with your audience through your blog or website.

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How to make six Figures on A course Platform like Udemy

Education has become the millenial entrepreneurs new enterprise. With courses all over the internet turning  six figure success stories. Webinars and online tutorials the new must, many of us know there is something we could teach to a prospective audience. From recipes, to quirky knitting, Website design, to app making, everybody has their own unique skill whats yours and how do you monetise it on Udemy. How do you make a six figure income through your udemy course and create a following that is not just eager to learn from you, but fully engrossed in your videos.

First of all make sure you plan out your videos. Ensure the narrative is clear, the content is accessible and engaging, delivery is rich and you are using a clear format.

Have a list of hot topics you have entered into search forums and answer sites and seen there is a demand for. For example Xmas is coming up you may be a master at baking the quint essential gingerbread man, and may be able to deliver interesting baking tutorials on how to create quirky gingerbread characters for christmas. Or quirky characters in general for christmas be it christmas cakes. Maybe you’ve spotted a gap in the market for a gothic christmas card, i haven’t seen many, or an unconventional design for your very own brand of christmas advent calendar.

Keep your spin unique and interesting. Have a taste for what is trending and try and find an angle. Research thouroughly and extensively.

Build yourself up as an expert both on your social media your website and post key links to your udemy page.

On your Youtube post regular tutorials high quality content that will attract and increase your subscribers. Offer discounts such as two for one deals, or half price deals if they buy more than one course.

Have an email marketing list. An email marketing list is key when you want to build any type of following. It makes your work accessible to your audience, and heightens the likelihood of you getting profile.

Continue to post your expertise on social listening sites and assist people on sites like quora and reddit referring them to your course on udemy.

Sell your courses on your website using a clickfunnel attached to it, and consciously ask for referrals.
Do instagram videos promoting and selling your expertise do snapchat, and pay attention to the hashtags your using.

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