Action to change

Vision. A voice, an idea, many of us set goals for ourselves yet are too afraid to put them into action. We are on the edge of a precipice consistently generating a similar self, talking change in cycles, desperate to be a chameleon hungry to evolve yet trapped in an unfamiliar place. Between fear and inaction. I have been there so many times, discussing, new and varied ideas, producing charts and ways i will put them into practice and yet when the time came, i was frozen with my own indecision. You have to break it down a piece at a time, challenge it with a list of what you have accomplished what you are capable of, the visual of what you believe you can become. do this daily like a regiment, and do not let others disuade you. For this is your dream, and you see yourself slipping into this seductive skin. Have a  journal, write down your thoughts daily read and listen to things that will empower you , surround yourself with positive influences, and take action. Even in the most microscopic of ways you are challenging your psychology.

Of Loving and Living

Come on i encouraged, i was lost in a distant oblivion trying to build myself up torn between old fears and a thirst for a new reality. It can happen to anyone that is caught between old pain and a thirst for a new reality , a new beginning. We find ourselves eager to find our victories so quickly , and by god you will find your victory, in so many strengths. So many of your glories. I have a saying, walk into your glory. It is a saying i have which translates to learn to love yourself, we are consistently growing as a self, evolving as a self, and we become abundant within ourselves. Whatever you accomplish, you succeed by accomplishing it with all the different layers of self, and a deeper understanding of love.

win or lose

It was madness i thought, fear had wrapped itself like silk around my neck, coiling such beautiful limbs, whispering its idol song. How do we do it to ourselves, allow the sweet honeyed dew of fear to catastrophize our lives no matter how sweet our success would be. It is easy to allow others to plant their doubts in your mind, to contaminate you with their issues, and to strangulate you with what their insecurities amount them too in their minds. Yet this is your journey, this is your field, you must be more than a ball without a strategy, without a team, without a net, you must be a game that has been well thought out, organised, strategised and set to score. With a winning mentality, we begin to win at life. With a loosing mentality we might as well be benched.

The abundant Mind

Wealth is an abundant mind, a spirit that strives beyond indecision. How you manage your time will determine what more the universe gives you access too. Abundance begins in the mind , according to the Law of attraction. It is a mentality, and a spiritual psychology, it is one of the key universal laws of success, and yet. An abundant spirit and mind does not mean spending all the money you have in your posession, it means being open to success, it means being open to more opportunities, connections and networking. When we open our minds we see with a clear perspective, we are more likely to engage with those at a higher frequency. Growth is about healthy consumption, what you allow in, is what develops your character and enables the good opportunities to access the portal of your soul.


Smoke filled the air, the sting of heat behind my eyes, yet i moved with the stealth of a Ninja. I danced with the grace of an angel inbetween objects, my wings flapping before me, holding a moon in my hand. Fear  tapped an angry stampede its husky tone trying to seduce my eardrums, its shriek vibrating through me, yet even i could feel the splendour of the freedom it was to dance before Kings, my limbs moving like liquid, fluid like strands, a poem in existence. To breathe in the joy of facing a dream, i was lit like a firework.

Creative self

creative self is masterful, it is evolving in splendour a wonderment to all those who seek a deeper more buoyant understanding of life and its treasures. Your heart may pulse for normalcy or you have an urge to conform yet remember The creative self is an awakening. It  tunes you into an infinitum of possibilities, a new narrative of escapism not glossing over pain, yet giving new checkpoints to your life. Adding new portals of access, it is important to see what you can do with your mind, how you can channel it,how your life can evolve.

The self you seek

The self you see is the self i seek to fix, hinging fingers on a tight ledge, walking on a tightrope, high heels on ground zero. Fear tattooed like fear on my skin. I yearn for balance, the triumph of a dimpled smile, access to avenues of change and a road map to infinity. We are oblivious to the selves within, the moon in our hands , a star in our sight.

Vintage crown

My blood pulses with creativity, electric and aflame,
Each day is a poem
Each challenge
Besets a new game
For dare i skip and run and hop
I am not child
That i must stop
Do as im told
and be ordered around
This adult woman
Is still seeking her
Vintage crown


Focus on the possibility, and brush aside the rejections. Rejections can be tough,  disappointing, fill us with fear, stop us from wanting to face or conquer the challenges that bring us closer to our dreams. Yet the reality is, you will recieve rejections, you wont be everybody’s cup of tea, your vision wont be accessible to everyone. Yet look at how your vision will help you solve a problem, help you deliver a solution to the masses, strengthen a positive mindset in others, help them monetise, and provide them with more free time. Flexibility, and access.

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