The courage to conquer and Exhale

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Your courage will carry you to a higher level, your search for knowledge will inform your decisions, your goals, your commitment. If you can overcome the ease it takes to procrastinate, then when you take bold steps towards the vision you seek, you will find doors opening for you. Knowledge empowers those who seek it, fear can sometimes alienate us from our truth. Wether it be in enterprise or your journey on a different path, the thirst for wisdom will expose you to many things. It will give you insight, and provide prisms of light even in the shadowiest recesses of your mind. You will find that as you seek for answers, there will be others who claw at your ambitions with their fear of being left behind. I discovered from my journey and watching the journey of others becoming successful, sometimes what people speak unto you, comes from their own fears of abandonment. You may not be abandoning ship, you are just exhaling in your growth.

Evading distraction


Sometimes peoples negativity slows you down, yet here’s a bit of Usain bolt juice for you. What would happen if you reached your goals and objective in the coming week, month, year, or in half the time you set for it. There is nothing impossible under the sun when we manage our pockets of time, and we manage ourselves we become more effective leaders. Do not deny yourself a steady pace, and yet do not let others drag you down because they have unfulfilled wishes of their own. Life is up for the taking, get hungry, get passionate and do more than your time. Nothing comes easily, there are so many books on how to do things quickly, get rich, be successful, every element you apply requires you use hard work. Those who are scared of hard work miss out on the challenge and the opportunity to broaden horizons and expand themselves.


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Focussing The Mind

Life is full of distractions, at no time do you allow it when you’ve rolled the dice and have figured out the game, to get inside your head. It is a keeper of souls. It claims victims, and those with baggage become casualties of life in this torrid chess game. Your next move should not be to be selfish but to focus on s higher self, on a more intuitive self, that self will guide you, that self will heal you, and remove the clutter of yesterdays pain. It is maddening to believe life claims so many casualties without goals without tasks without plans. Be a keen observer and a lit match when it is time for action. The opportunities that came to you last year may not arrive this year, the story you sold yourself last year may be dysfunctional for this year. This year the conversations may have added up, demanding that you challenge the doubt within, so challenge it. Face it off. It is one of the opponent’s blocking your path to a realised dream, doubt procrastination and the inability to focus. Channel the genius and simplicity of those who came before you, buckle down and focus.

Soaring High

It’s easy to give up, it’s easy to quit. You have no other option, but to keep going. To just breathe, inhale, exhale and say one day , I will have my day. This day comes with the actions I take, the persistence I have, the platform I build and the focus. It is easy to let others wear you down systematically, their cruelty, their malice, their envy, yet stay in your own lane, on your own path, your focus will be your path to freedom. Excite yourself with vision , hope and take heed that you are more than potential, don’t let fear pursue you to the end of a chipped cliff. You have options, you have dreams, you have skills, utilise them. Let other people pick you apart if that’s the only way they can validate themselves, let them muse themselves with their own contempt, you are soaring and flying high, one day you will land on safe comfortable ground.

The courage to be consistent

Discipline is a sturdy word. Yet i would say, go for practice, go for consistency, take a chunk out of the big dream and break it down. Shrink it in your minds eye until its nothing but a nugget. Dreams can be scary things, at times foreboding. There’s a change of habit involved, that word we detest so much sacrifice, and sometimes we even loose people. Yet what if in the long run, you gain so much more? What if that belief you had, is not just talk anymore, you can look at your reflection in the mirror with pride and say you know what if I was picking a team, id pick me. Id pick me as first draft, striker, ace, wild card, id trust me, id invest in me, my words actually mean something.

Someone once called me a hypocrite. Life makes hypocrites of us all, you find yourself contradicting decisions you make, second guessing yourselves, challenging a mind that was once glue. Yet all of a sudden each thought is banana skin, you slip in and out of it. Let me let you in on a secret, such is life. It is the evolution of the self. With every big dream we take on, we shed a little bit of our old skin, we become fragmented leaving pieces of ourselves in translation. Love yourself, don’t loose yourself in the war to be successful. My friend it is a war. You will combat with those who are familiar with the you that is part of their safe zone, you will be resented at times for stepping apart from the crowd, yet to move with distinction, you must step outside of the prison of a small mind. You must learn to forgive yourself, some of the errors you will make in the area of consistency, and you must accept that who you become tomorrow is a product of what you did today. Time is the most expensive thing to waste. It is non negotiable, and cannot be bartered.

A motive for motivation

 I didn’t see the devil coming until he shook my hand. I was thick in my own fears, nestled in quick sand, too terrified to live. I was a fragmented self, and my vision was skewed. It is easy to be lost in the confusion of pain, trapping yourself in your minds confusion.

Yet you must arise from this slumber and awaken yourself to a life that wants to claim you. Otherwise you will not spot the Jekyl that comes at you, dressed in disguise. A wolf covered in wool, smiling with a narrative of lies, convincing you that you are loosing a fight, when you haven’t even stepped into the ring. You must trick the mind and shame the devil, with truth, action, courage, and self belief. Some people grimace through pain so much, they convince the world they are smiling. You must mentally go to war, with any Jekyl that tries to steal your strength, your motivation, your self belief. Do not embrace toxicity with a smile, create a hub of warmth for your mind, learning is the bridge to many things, faith helps give access, it is not your lot to simply give up.

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is the biggest lie under the sun. From the cars, the homes, the architecture, the workplace, and even the lifestyle. Once upon man would merely hunt for food after stepping beyond the sanctuary of his cave, now there is a structure to our days. Now there is capital, transactions, bankers, the digital world, and a constantly shifting and evolving society. No two seconds are the same. We barely ponder this as we disappear into routine after routine, for some schedules that define the future that we will have.

What is my statement here? That there will be a time where the things you want to accomplish appear so formidable, they appear to be opposing structures in your mind, you must take heart. Rome was not built in a day. Every journey begins with a nervous step. For the swimmer who basks languidly in a pool of blue, once upon they would paddle flapping their arms with both agitation and fear scared of drowning. There will be risks with every journey, whispers so loud they could make the world deaf, yet you must remember why you started. Who you are, and why you will finish. List your reasons for accomplishing your goals, visualise what it will feel like when you accomplish your goal, and invest your time in putting the work in.

Soul as compass

They told you it would never happen for you. Access denied, with words, lashed at you, licking you clean with their own failed attempts. How dare you construct your own reality, for they have seen everything, they have lived through everything, been everything, everyone, everywhere, or have they? Listen, for spirit is always wise, you must fail first, then weep later. If you dare not take the risk, you will be stuck on an island, spinning a web of stories as to why the world is flat too scared to be an explorer. Welcome to a new era, traveller, adventurer, explorer, visionary, and dreamer, we do not build castles in the sky, without their stairs giving us access from the ground. Find opportunities, there is a wealth of them, playing pica boo games, hiding in plain sight, waiting for you to expose them. An opportunity lurks in a conversation, an opportunity lurks in a school, lurks at the side of a friend, or stepping outside of your comfort zone unmasking the truth behind the outsiders aloof behaviour. Find your truth, and it will reveal a well of opportunities. The soul is a compass let it guide you.

Splendour in the war

There is a splendour of words used to isolate the dreamer. Others will laugh some will crucify you for daring to believe you could be more. You should want more, you could have more. It is a conversation in your head and in your heart, you are investing in your future and in the paths of the generations that come after you when you resist the decadent musings of others. The need to conform to others stereotypes and invisible rules, to be a self that suits everyone else but you. Whatever the mind can concieve, it can achieve, with plans in place. Goals a strategy, and consistency. Do not assassinate your dreams with the fear of others. Those who can’t, will tell you it’s impossible because they let fear feed them foibles from its table. Crumbs of a life, they were told would satisfy them, and when you open your mouth to speak, they find themselves wanting. ┬áTo rebirth a dream from the plain of unfamiliar things, let it command with lions gait, and sit upon a throne of jewels, you must remember that you are the captain of your ship. You must steer your ship into the right course,it’s fuel must be consistency with words and actions.

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