The stiff march of the conqueror

They came for you and yet here you stand venturing into the new year with a smile on your face and you may not be gliding yet. It is a stiff march, but this walk of yours, this gait, has potential to ease into a silky glide. Many of us have been destroyed and reconstructed during the year, fragments of an old self, lying in clusters in old clothes before the mirror. We prepare the sheen of our new self, a uniform smile to face the world, a mental check, we are still here, after the breakup, the jealous friends tried to tear you down, the hierarchical games at work, the put down from strangers or just not feeling good enough in our skin. Believe you are worthy of love in 2018, believe this new year will bless you with change, access, and progress. You are what you believe in, believe in yourself.

How to become a super influencer and supercharge your network

Building a network? Do you have great interpersonal communication skills both online and offline, use this as your strength. This is the age of the influencer, the digital network, the social butterfly, where community is capital, and communication is not just social access but monetary gain. Here are some tips to supercharge your network, for those of you who have a passion for people and who are eager to become a social ace.

Reach out
Reach seems to be the magic word when actually the word were looking for is actually engagement. For all the terrified men out there…hold your horses, and your wallet. Im talking about getting interactive with your connections, and there are many creative ways to do this. Start a podcast, and offer them profile, start a magazine on issuu and offer them profile, offer an interview an opportunity to snap up gems of their time.

Connect via social media
We’ve all got social media friends. Why stop there, Send intro emails ” Hi it’s great to connect, i loved your article on… great feed on social change, and the impact of artificial intelligence on modern employment…’just an example.’

Use event kingdom to send animated invite cards to events

Have a newsletter and keep your network updated

Keep your network well informed and switched on to opportunities. Everybody loves ‘that guy’. I call him/ her the nugget. This is the person or socialite that always gets invited to the party not because their the most liked person on Earth but simply because their a hotbed of information, very savvy and clued in.

Make sure your tuned in to the hottest trends and stay informed

Keep connecting word of mouth is a powerful tool,

The more profile you get, the more profile your network will get

Build a database of key events they can attend not just for you but for your network, pay attention to Eventbrite, meetup sites, funding websites,

Have info about funding, ventre capitalists, angel investors, government schemes that can help them

Provide nuggets of information and insight to assist

Have weekly dialogue and catchups with them where you can, whether you develop your own social community hub online, portal, pod,

Organise Luncheons

Invite them out for tea

Have a video podcast where you offer free profile to lucky members of your community

Do the same with a video channel

Continue the conversation: Tell them to keep you updated

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