Otatade Okojie influencer joins forces with Number 10 Downing Street

I am very excited to state that i will be working with the chairman of the Youth Justice board at number 10 Downing Street. Very inspired by his works with young people and the community, and i am also developing my new book which will be published soon Dark Sunday. Exciting stuff. So guys please stay tuned, stay locked into the site as i share new updates, insights, advice and articles, and sign up to my newsletter here, also purchase my books on this site as well as amazon.

Inside his head

I thought about the perfect things to say. Sharp, polite , precise sentences, that roll in our heads. I see you in my minds eye, perfect as you are, a vision to escape to. The man with the heavy voice and the soft brown eyes. Capture me in the moistness of all your selves,an identity sandwiched, secreted in layers of fear. I am lost in you, yet searching me. We wake up in separate places.https://cntr.click/5JMPr2L

Spearheading super change

We are often told with fear that possibility is beyond our reach. We hear voices chime into our eardrums,leading our defeat, hoping that we are less than what we are. For all the change agents, visionaries, leaders, and hopefuls, the mind needs a wealth of food to empower itself. It is important to cultivate a conversation with the mind, to shape your future, you must develop a path of access for yourself and those who tread after you. We walk, a path littered with obstacles, it is a narrow road, skittered with objects, eager to challenge social fugitives that escape the trademark of a standard norm. We are elevating ourselves beyond the ordinary,evolving to what’s extraordinary, connecting to a self that is illuminated and transcends both pain and small definition. You are more than the minuscule conversations of yester year, greater than fear, other people’s put downs, ridicules, laughter, humiliation, because to make an impact, to create change you must tap into your infinite self.
This is beyond the simplicity of your needs, you are changing the perspective of others. Heightening their ambitions and bringing them further in the realm of possibilities. It was a dream, then it became a vision, now you must tread it, now you must March it, now you must glorify your own independence, by celebrating the power of your mind. The mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal, it helps us become instigators of great social change, manoeuvre, and negotiate, our way to our own financial freedom. We walk in the paths of change agents that came before us, shifting, dancing through time.

How to beat limitations

It was impossible, they said. They eyed you with a view that this challenge could over whelm, could overtake and could defeat you. This challenge will be the making of you. In our infinite wisdom, we seek spools of gratification from those who are to focussed on what’s real and accessible, now, on what others have said is doable. What we should really seek is proving beyond a doubt that the challenges we face with grit and with determination are achievable. We see great leaders achieve great things beyond the borders of fear,distribute their creativity, access their most productive self. To push into the realm of possibilities, you must seek wisdom at all times. You must acquire the teachings from those who have come before you, walked down your path, beaten these odds, and challenged these obstacles. It is more than other people’s passing remarks of seen and heard, this is your future, this is your life. Moment to moment we find ourselves eclipsed by the fear of other people who were overshadowed by Giants, we quickly forget about those who stood on the shoulders of giants so they could be observers, and learn to be more than spectators. With each view they gained perception,foresight, strategy to navigate, and look at ways around some of the confinements of other people’s realities. With our words we create our reality, with our literature, we access a prism of worlds, with our eyes we can be selective and our ears can be over indulged by a mass of other people’s thoughts and ideas. Pick your standing. You are the leader of your own tribe of thoughts, fuel them with passion, direct them with activity, ensure they are productive, and encompass your world in a hub of literature and the impact of great influencers. You can make the change if you just believe and take action. It is gradual, and it is becoming. But with every inch you are creating a ripple.

Missing ink

A stolen thought weeps in the cellar of a broken mans dreams, its need to belong to a changeling, escape the fiasco of a lost existence. dare i say this thought went astray, it needed a cushion it wanted to be a marvel like a dream. Jealous thought where are you now, on an island stranded missing existence, how will you find your way back somehow to reap the reward of supporting others with persistence.  It claws from its silent death, reflecting its wounds to an angry community, there i stood in the belly of change, selfish i was, i wanted immunity. For fear took me, and cast i aside, weeping like a baby dragged from its womb, i have risen from the tomb of a dull and colourless place.

Infinity calling

Awake in an oblivion, a master to myself, a creative compass i need little else, but to see with the eyes, that can pierce through glass, move with abundance of moses staff, a mind that transcends moon sun and sky, a mind as a weapon a tool to fly, for when the world saunters to embrace what cannot be kept, i am way beyond your common sense, whats catered in boxes , or nursed with a smile, it may take me a while, it may take me a while, but i am infinity.

Knowledge and all its compartment

Splinters, crackled glass, making shapes, im running fast, from shadows of fear that trickle like ink on a pallette, a canvas that is eager for the brush strokes of my creative mind. Creative mind come to me, come to me, so i can see, all the things hidden , beyond contempt, those eager boxes that dont make sense, unlock all the padlocks, with iron clad keys, slide open compartments, have knowledge on knees, for a bite of the apple,so tender and sweet, something delicious, to be trapped in my teeth.



Changing fiction,

stripping bare,

old thoughts that wear down,

tired hare.

Do i attempt to sprint , and run and hop, leap into my springtime, a buoyant bop

For winter can crucify the soul, each spear can pierce beyond control, the elixir of courage a fervent wine, delicious and heated around the limbs entwine.

As i strive for my higher self, embracing healing and nothing else, soon enough i will run and skip and hop, for this dream i will never stop.

The Divine


Divine timing, ecclesiastical faith , dare i wait,and summon with bait, calling with my creative song, those changes i required all along, a dream that never slumbers never sleeps, when i look at my reflection it sends me weak, for i am blessed in this skin, yet i still champion this need to win, a hungry lioness, with a bowl full of flesh not rotten morsels, that were hinged on a bet.

Charcoal Fear

I see each fear, charcoal, dust, ash in the wind, i blew it away from my universe. My breath is speckled with skittles, my tongue is oppulent with power. There is a buoyancy to my stride, as i move closer as the shadow disintegrates its mask fading. Fear you have watched me for so long, hawk eye in a night with no moons, twirling in your song of glory, now the angels stampede at my side, a samba as your eyes become poignant with tears.

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