Guiding the path of the Goal

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To counter your fear of attempting a goal , have some positive affirmations you say to yourself. Words that empower strength , encourage positive change,and the courage to facilitate a new habbit. A goal can be

broken down with bitesized challenges. You can face the fear with fight, strategy and execution. It is a game of mind over matter, you must allow yourself to fail, lose, time again, allow yourself to make sacrifices, to experience the sadness of not fitting in because you want something different because you are different now. You are birthing a new dream. You are layering a path for yourself with positive affirmations, a plan, and the belief that you can, and you will

Growth from Goliath

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We all learn from failure,many of us feel crucified at the time. We feel lost in the chaos of our own emotions, frustrated and at times angry. Was it not supposed to be so much more, were we not supposed to be much more, and now we’re fragmented, broken by a self we feel has chosen to deny us. Were we not enough we ask ourselves, are we but Goliaths? When the tears leak down your cheek, and the words of others hold little to no comfort, you may feel that much is lost, and yet there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Every challenge is a jigsaw with a missing piece. What is missing? How can I learn and adjust? How can I develop a stronger self, and strive towards my betterment whilst problem solving for others. How can I become David once my healing has begun.

The courage to conquer and Exhale

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Your courage will carry you to a higher level, your search for knowledge will inform your decisions, your goals, your commitment. If you can overcome the ease it takes to procrastinate, then when you take bold steps towards the vision you seek, you will find doors opening for you. Knowledge empowers those who seek it, fear can sometimes alienate us from our truth. Wether it be in enterprise or your journey on a different path, the thirst for wisdom will expose you to many things. It will give you insight, and provide prisms of light even in the shadowiest recesses of your mind. You will find that as you seek for answers, there will be others who claw at your ambitions with their fear of being left behind. I discovered from my journey and watching the journey of others becoming successful, sometimes what people speak unto you, comes from their own fears of abandonment. You may not be abandoning ship, you are just exhaling in your growth.

Evading distraction


Sometimes peoples negativity slows you down, yet here’s a bit of Usain bolt juice for you. What would happen if you reached your goals and objective in the coming week, month, year, or in half the time you set for it. There is nothing impossible under the sun when we manage our pockets of time, and we manage ourselves we become more effective leaders. Do not deny yourself a steady pace, and yet do not let others drag you down because they have unfulfilled wishes of their own. Life is up for the taking, get hungry, get passionate and do more than your time. Nothing comes easily, there are so many books on how to do things quickly, get rich, be successful, every element you apply requires you use hard work. Those who are scared of hard work miss out on the challenge and the opportunity to broaden horizons and expand themselves.


Obsession and work

I was listening to a motivational video this morning as I often do to spur me on from writers block, or any negative chi blocks in the morning. The topic was being obsessed. The argument was that as an omnipotent figure in the design of your work, you have to become obsessed with it, consumed by it, go beyond the basic hard work skeleton. You see, a story is formulating already. We are the stories we tell ourselves, the beliefs we have in our potential. If we believe we can produce 2000 more words in the night , this night, we will. The mind is as water it is a free thing, mind and brain are separate. The brain has a structure, a format an organ, the mind is an infinitive. It will take you to where eagles soar, a phoenix laid it’s first egg, man mated with sea beast to form the first mermaid, it is wizardry. To not tap into its Pandora, and allow yourself a little of the Jekyll in you, should be identified as self treason. Your life is your mind, the internal dialogue you have within yourself , a rhetoric we hold unto. Yet with the Mozart’s, and the Einstein’s, and the Marx I recommend we change a little of the conversation, tilt that gate open and let some of that river shimmer out.

Soaring High

It’s easy to give up, it’s easy to quit. You have no other option, but to keep going. To just breathe, inhale, exhale and say one day , I will have my day. This day comes with the actions I take, the persistence I have, the platform I build and the focus. It is easy to let others wear you down systematically, their cruelty, their malice, their envy, yet stay in your own lane, on your own path, your focus will be your path to freedom. Excite yourself with vision , hope and take heed that you are more than potential, don’t let fear pursue you to the end of a chipped cliff. You have options, you have dreams, you have skills, utilise them. Let other people pick you apart if that’s the only way they can validate themselves, let them muse themselves with their own contempt, you are soaring and flying high, one day you will land on safe comfortable ground.

Game of life

The game of life is full of lessons, each lesson will teach you strength, discipline, build character, and further your creative courage. You must keep going, no matter the battle the scars, if this is your dream if this is your destination. A dream is a train and every person you meet is simply a passenger learning and growing within it, your dream will carry others to many destinations but you must be relentless in your pursuit of the habbits to maintain it. You will slip away at times, become inconsistent, be cloaked in other peoples fears, and the terrors of your own. Believe in what your mind sees. It is not madness, if it is positive, it was visited upon you for a reason. Yet just because a dream blesses us with its presence, does not mean it will slink into being, we must become our most dynamic selves.

 You must be willing to shift and adapt, you must be adjustible and open to learning. The richest man will always be the most abundant in knowledge. The wisest man will always seek the wisdom of mentors, and a king amongst men or honorable a scholar will not just heed the fear of advisors, but trust instinct and direction. It will carry you far.

Your Millionaire mindset

From talks about property, digital marketing, investments, there are countless ways and opportunities to build capital and acquire your first million. What you need though are to cultivate the mindset and the habits of becoming a millionaire. To think with a mind that will spot opportunities and create access. It is important to have a wealth mindset. Read more books about capital and finance, about creative ways to access more capital, and how to manage the income you have coming in. Funnily enough some people make a fortune in income but due to bad money management, their finances simply decrease and no surplus value is added. Watch videos, listen to podcasts and engage with people who know about finance, read blogs, and if you need advice…ask. Just know that this journey will be riddled with challenges.

The promise of perspective

When you change your thoughts, you change your perspective. I am there with you. Wherever you are, whether you are trudging through the snow, weeping on your way back from a bad situation, discontent in your skin, trying to figure life out like an arithmetic equation, i understand the frustration about the self you want to become and the struggle you arise from. Each morning words chisel to the bone.

Dialogue like acid tearing away at the person you are becoming, you are not alone. I was mad for so many years, why wont they let me be happy, all these others and their piggy back problems, those people who loathe the varying versions of themselves. Yet i continued to listen to their words, whispers that would plant granite in my eardrums like stones making me deaf to hearing my own potential. It is not what others tell you, it is who you know you are that counts.

This self is no fixed metal, we are liquids, shape shifting in time. Love yourself, and the person you are evolving into. Feed this soul, knowledge, wisdom, the educated words of great leaders, those who have met your challenge and walked away with their head held high and their confidence like a tattoo on their breast. Change your thoughts about yourself, write statements that build you up. I am learning, i am growing, i am seeking, i am building, i am growing, i am possibility, i am infinite, and you will access progress and a season of productive change.

Splendour in the war

There is a splendour of words used to isolate the dreamer. Others will laugh some will crucify you for daring to believe you could be more. You should want more, you could have more. It is a conversation in your head and in your heart, you are investing in your future and in the paths of the generations that come after you when you resist the decadent musings of others. The need to conform to others stereotypes and invisible rules, to be a self that suits everyone else but you. Whatever the mind can concieve, it can achieve, with plans in place. Goals a strategy, and consistency. Do not assassinate your dreams with the fear of others. Those who can’t, will tell you it’s impossible because they let fear feed them foibles from its table. Crumbs of a life, they were told would satisfy them, and when you open your mouth to speak, they find themselves wanting. ┬áTo rebirth a dream from the plain of unfamiliar things, let it command with lions gait, and sit upon a throne of jewels, you must remember that you are the captain of your ship. You must steer your ship into the right course,it’s fuel must be consistency with words and actions.

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