Guiding the path of the Goal

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To counter your fear of attempting a goal , have some positive affirmations you say to yourself. Words that empower strength , encourage positive change,and the courage to facilitate a new habbit. A goal can be

broken down with bitesized challenges. You can face the fear with fight, strategy and execution. It is a game of mind over matter, you must allow yourself to fail, lose, time again, allow yourself to make sacrifices, to experience the sadness of not fitting in because you want something different because you are different now. You are birthing a new dream. You are layering a path for yourself with positive affirmations, a plan, and the belief that you can, and you will

The Owl

The owl revels in the splendour of the night, eagle eyes, cyclops, you are observer in this skin. Watching, channeling, precision to change. Each action a dimple on the goals you set before you. We awe in wonder at a world of magic and magnificent, adventure tiptoeing to come steal you away. You are glorious where you perch, casting your vision on dancing limbs and jerking bones, paperclip men and women blowing restless in the wind.

Infinity calling

Awake in an oblivion, a master to myself, a creative compass i need little else, but to see with the eyes, that can pierce through glass, move with abundance of moses staff, a mind that transcends moon sun and sky, a mind as a weapon a tool to fly, for when the world saunters to embrace what cannot be kept, i am way beyond your common sense, whats catered in boxes , or nursed with a smile, it may take me a while, it may take me a while, but i am infinity.

Joyous Zen


Arise from the sadness,

tattoo on your smile

Let it be signature

Resurrect your style,

for the glimmer of hope

Will shine in your eyes

Like a coin

Let the world

Join your brigade

Of happy

Align with self

Others with pitchfork

Yet theres no one else

But you on your stage

This is your life

Be unafraid

Of your joyous zen


The chariot is coming

They’ll mount you up high

Empower yourself

They’ll see how you fly

Rising reaching

Climbing still

Holding untoYour blessed will

Ignoring construct

Ignoring rules

Using the gift

Of gods blessed

Postmark stranded

I promised you
Flowers by the moonlight
Something alive
Something loved
Needing Oxygen
The way i needed you
Needing water
You are cocooned
Within this soil
Lovers trudge by in dirty
working man boots
and timberlands
Just to tell stories
Journal the days of the living
To those whose
Ears have slept
I miss the laughter
that bubbled from you
before the wine would come
Filling the room
Like a ghost
claiming glares like a gossip
Your laugh was a postcard
Of where we were
Our stamp
First class
Royal air
I am deciphering
my grief
Scared to embrace it
That it will morph and become me
Such a greedy
wholesome thing
Like a baby suckling
At your breast
Claiming buds of milk
I am only 3 months
into this cycle
By the moonlight
The ghosts of other peoples
and snatches of their conversation
piercing my eardrums
It is like being at sea
With a tempest
Like an angry Horizon
It is like being on
an Island
with no boat
My eyes are wild orbs
From lack of sleep
I grow restless in my
own company
pacing the brackets
Of the limitations i set
I miss most the scent of you
Like a burning incense
Making my whole body shiver
The talks into a purple night
as my complexion would pale
For you were somewhat
Where are you now
My extraordinary love
For i am stranded here

Glitter ball


The things you miss
about the faces that claimed
Your day
people who are just passing
Scared of aging
I miss the flash of
White teeth
A polaroid of precision
gated bones
Celebrating snatches
from a postcard of Joy
Talling me how happy
You were to see me
Your warm embrace
The honey of your soft
Like the kiss of
I miss my friend
whose laugh would
like a Volcano
Turning grown men into
Bludshing yet pulsing
Spasms of conversations
Lost in the magic
of a Glimpse
Speech bubble people
Eager to be popped
Ripe for connecting
I miss your walk
Like a dance
The shimmy of Limbs
everytime you stepped
Into a room
You were like a
Dazzling Glitterball
Your eyes shone like
For there was
Something special
About you

Hope without hindrance


Never loose hope in your dream in the potential to become greater than what you are at present, yet don’t stand on the sidelines being entitled expecting the world to save you because somehow only your dream is valid. There are liars out there, tricksters who will try and steal both vision and energy, people who refuse to stand up and be counted in life but when you rise they say how dare you. How dare you come at me with such bold dreams, they’ll tell you your arrogant, because they lack the confidence to even try. People who could have dug deep into their potential and now despite showing you so much initial disrespect, they think they can harass, bully and wear you down to steal just a little of your light. When you were building your city, they were trying to tear it down with their poisonous action and words. Yet when you survive these enemies of progress want to block your path with a hand out and disgrace themselves. I have come across many characters as I have built my network, and continue to connect to people who inspire me. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and through their energy they elevate others. Not toxic people who their biggest failure is being themselves. Be a supporter of progress and endorse those who try, the universe celebrates those who have vision and will gather people to you like bees to honey.

Warriors of success


Where do I start? Start with this. Success is a process. Instant gratification 99 percent of the time is a fiction. The easy answer is passion, determination, faith, belief. Success takes action and completion. There should be no dream without the hunger to activate it. Talk isn’t cheap. It’s expensive. Manage your time wisely, make good connections and continue to develop yourself. Have a strategy, have a plan and execute it a bit at a time. The thought of doing it all in one go will lead you to procrastinate, you will become anxious, yet if you break it down, you can face it a little at a time.

Masters of success


Self belief is the master of success. You have to believe in not just what you can do now, but that you can push the boundaries and meet your targets exposing your potential. It is you and yourself, your in a race with yourself, allowing neither demons or the insecurities of others to corrupt you. The more you try and succeed the more people will talk, and try and pull you down, you have to keep your head up because the path to success is riddled with curious obstacles which choose to come alive. It is your discipline that will get you there, it is your focus, but most of all it is your mentality. Believe in who you can become, let your actions speak your truth.

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