How To explode your online traffic?

Hooks, keywords, yoast and the right seo, pay attention to the search terms your audience and Niche are typing in. What sites will they visit? What questions will they ask in the question and answer forums, utilise the question and answer sites, sites like Quora, reddit , there are many duplicators of these sites. what trends will your audience be looking for, What products will engage them, what are your competitors displaying as content. Model their hooks, or learn to engage the way the giants are putting out their knowledge and information. What is your sites unique selling point, what is it’s focus, get as many backlinks as possible, and as many guest posting opportunities, post links in directories, newspapers, magazines, and post minimum 5 times a day. The more you post, the more the google algorithm favours your content and ranks your site high. Use the right keywords for example a page on fashion focussed on a niche such as itallian shoes would post hooks like, italian fashions, hot trends in Italy, Buy new itallian footwear, Italy hot fashions, Italy trends. So enjoy sharing amazing content, advertise on sites you can promote on, share onyour social media. The key is to share widely, the more you share and get audiences talking the more engagement your site gets, the more traffic. You can turn content into a forum discussion, debate topics, question and answers, you can even do a podcast on hot topics, or post them within your newsletter. Have fun and enjoy sharing.

Ways to make Money online using your Social media platforms

First of all decoide what area or niche subject your going to focus on. Is it brand, marketing, fashion, itallian shoes, whatever your subject or niche, make sure your content is both lively and engaging. Mind map, have a strategy, a plan, a structure. Build effective content and utilise yoast or seo for high ranking of your site. Post to your various social media channels minimum 5 times a day, and request your audience share your post. Be consistent in your endeavours, have a routine , enjoy the process, engage with your consumers. Know the reasons they invest in the products that they do. Why are they being engaged by your competition. Boost your traffic, post regularly, Build a conversation, do not leave your website to just be a page on the internet. You want open dialogues, a forum, engagement, open debates, about topics and products, you want passionate consumers, you want hungry clients, you want an active readership with busy hands. Content is always king. Your content must be crafted with the right keywords and seo terms, utilise your backlinks, share your posts with other bloggers and websites, magazines. Use listicles, use hooks , create headlines like 100 best , countdown to the best brands, hottest products in the market, Tornado trends that will blow you away, your red carpet of deliciously dynamic business do overs, Bitesized businesses juggernaut success, Business kingpins and how they did it. You want to captivate your audience. Using articles, and hooks that are like clickbait. Remember when audiences navigate the search engines we live in such a microwavable society , consumers want things quickly, so they type in short terms. Pay attention to trends in the market, in your niche, narrow down your niche and corner the market. The smaller the niche , the easier it is for you to test your product and dominate the market.Research , analytics and data is key, data drives products, with the data you acquire this should help you test your product and see what works and what doesn’t, with your demographics. What is appealing, and what isn’t. You can test through content on your social media, what content is appealing to your audience the most, Engage them in quiz’s question and answer, short surveys, feedback forms , newsletters, and make sure their engaging with your site and navigating it in all its entirety. Ask the right questions.

Wisdom for your wealth

When I was younger my father used to sit us down and teach us business through prayer meetings, yet what I went into learn wasn’t just from the prayer meetings, it was something tattooed upon my soul,branded within me, a thirst for knowledge, wisdom and to grow. I wanted more, more information, more knowledge, more experiences,more development. I sought, and in many cases I found.i have had interesting experiences. I have been interviewed for a job for Buckingham palace, been commissioned for my photography of Prince Charles and the Fa cup, have built a billion pound network,through using social media and engaging people interactively. None of this would have happened if I didn’t have a thirst for knowledge. Books,webinars,seminars,courses,classes,at one point,I was devouring them eager to fill in the gaps in my knowledge bank. Knowledge and truth are what open doors, knowledge is what sets us all free,it empowers.

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Hooks that generate massive amounts of traffic

How well do you know your audience? How well do you know the habbits of your demographic and the way they navigate the search engines. What are they typing in? What sites are they visiting ? And most importantly what key words are they typing in? One of the most popular hooks in any niche is how to Monetise it,how to bring in a second income, how to make six figures,how to build a following for a site within that niche, how to get more customers, how to get higher engagement, how to get more conversions through things like dropshipping, affiliates, right now people want to know how to invest minimal and get maximum. Great hooks I can think of Traffic Tornado how to explode traffic within your niche, monopoly over the market, how to ensure your audience is engaged focus and fully invested. Converting leads, appointment settings, branding, another trick is to look at the kdp rocket, look at popular books within your niche and how many copies have sold,could you produce your own ebook or piece utilising knowledge of similar markets? Research , research , research. The more time you invest gathering research the more knowledge you’ll have.

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New wealth concepts and ideas

These are some of my new ideas and concepts for business, be inspired and engaged. Great titles, hooks, what can become of these titles, can you formulate something? Lets see what you can do?

Trade and ecommerce portal and data hub

Network marketing and financial education portal

Wealth Monetisation portal

Info bytes nuggets

Financial education streaming platform and channel

Interactive engagement community and hub

Networking and speed monetisation hub

Community engagement platform

Global trade and information technology influencer app

Speed engagement hub app

Influencer discipleship app

Investment education app

Social feed news trend app

Trends and global economics apps

Networks and influencer marketing

Wealth hub and community profile app

Ecommerce and investment social app

Markets and trade app

Global e wealth development app

Chingy: The banking app

Social proof platforms

Investment buddy app: Educational investment tool

Nuggets of gold: Wealth education game

Idea jukebox :Creative concepts to monetise

Worksquad: coaching and development membership site

Online dating and messaging site

Global business community app

Intro app: speed dating and networking app

Microme: microwavable tasks and freelancer site, where you set up tasks for freelancers to do

Business consultation app

Networking app

Tech social: the social networking app for geeks who want to show case their products and bring them to market

Speed pitches app


Create a new concept,blog about it and promote it on brandzar, the more the audience likes it , the more applauses you get. If you get 50,000 to 100,000 applauses, the brandzar genie pencils you in for a zoom meeting with an investor, coach, consultant.

Pixel8: pixel 8 Is the advertising platform that allows you to sell advertising space one square at a time, inspired by the million dollar home page.

Viral hub: viral hub is the share for share platform, where you connect to influencers and you pay them a fee to share content. To be part of viral hubs upper tier membership network you’d have to pay a fee as an influencer.

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Wealth wizard: Creative ways to monetise

Wealth audiobook library
Wealth podcast
Wealth channel
Incubator programs
Live stream
Have advertising on all platforms
Resource toolkit
Article writing
Music platform
Video platform
Ebook library
News reel
Financial education platforms
Digital marketing services
Branding services
Sales services
Premium marketing services
Wealth encyclopedia
Money management toolkit.

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Wealth Wizard: Creative ways to bring in an extra income

Be a leading sales agent

Be a sales referral agent

Build a leading network

Have a killer blackbook

Be a notorious influencer

Be a niche and well known introducer for certain key markets

Be a fintech influencer

Master Financial markets and investments

Understand trends in the stockmarket

Write an ebook

Be a sales consultant

Be a master blog and website flipper

Be an advertising specialist

Be a lead media sales consultant

Be a global innovator and know how to apply for grants and funding

Have a database of international grants and a resource for accessing them

Have a network of investors who are interested in investing in startups at mvp, make startups pay you a fee to be introduced.

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Monetising the Madness: Wealth creative ways to bring in an income

Start an online Coupon portal: People pay a membership fee to access the higher level coupons, get your savings advice, access your database of wealth and development resources.

Affiliate marketing database: A list of affiliate marketing for different industries

Referral agent :

You set up as an introducer or a referral contact, referring businesses to one another and getting a fee for each referral. Cross engagement, cross business

Create a Cryptocurrency Mortgage platform

There are numerous audiences trying to find out ways they can purchse property and goods through using bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Provide an affiliate marketing online resource a database or a network of affiliate marketing links

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Hot List Of Article ideas for Engagement and to build a Following

Here at Alchemii we are aware that content remains king, that for audiences to engage with your content you need to provide creativity that is show stopping, engaging, hot off the press, delicious, and of course intellectually stimulating….or maybe just fun. Here are a list of great content concepts that will keep audiences coming back for more, and when they do come, make sure theres a seat at your table, so they can enjoy all the treats and all the delicacies your site has to give. Go premium with your passive potential.

List  Articles
Viral content too hot to keep to yourself
How to become rich using social media in
How to become rich in 3 years
How to monetise a blog
Hall of fame top fifteen blog millionaires
The article posts that just kept giving and giving
Viral content that made them rich
How to monetise your app
How to capitalise on a theme on your blog
How these 5 billionaire bloggers live
Keep the theme bloggers, social media, authors, creative people, self employment
The top fifteen self employed opportunities that made people rich

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