Believe in Possibilities

It is madness to believe that in a world full of possibilities your dream is so insurmountable it cant be made real. It is with a passionate and proactive heart i tell you not to waver, not on a dream, not on a goal. Goals make dreams accessible. A dream is a splendid thing, a goal creates a pathway for a dream to enter. It is the engineer, the facilitator, your goals are the checkpoints to a brighter future. The experiences of the past are nuggets you can use to propel yourself forward. We fail at so many things, at points we lack the luster to get back up again. Yet you must commit yourself to rise, drag yourself to season, and take bold steps forward. For example i am an epilepsy sufferer. I used to suffer with disturbing grand mal fits, when my body would shut down, it was my mind i would have to plead upon to beg my limbs to drag me to safety. The seizures would happen everywhere and anywhere, on the street by the side of the road, at the stairs, near dangerous objects, so i had to navigate myself to safe positioning so if i was having a seizure i could have access to something to cushion my head from any trauma to the head which could cause brain damage, or any permanent scarring. Yet despite my trials i have created triumphs for myself, been commissioned for work with Prince Charles, the Fa cup, the red pr company, the Princes trust, i have an agent for my book Lunchbox millionaire and i am being mentored by Janice Varney Hamlyn of marketing immersion.  I came together piece by piece, and despite those who try to sabotage, hurt or damage, we are as phoenix and we rise aflame. Keep being active with your goals, do not measure your success by social validation. Deem yourself worthy.

Unlocking The Path to change

There is a myth , a dialogue nursed by surrounding yourself with the wrong audience of people. There is a lack of opportunity. People pick at opportunities like welts on their skin, ripping them aside like flesh then casting them away, they let the chaos bubble to the surface then weep to anyone who will listen…..we have no opportunities, they proclaim. These are not the people you want to be, neither are these the people you want to surround yourself with, for excuses have claimed them, and lack of prosperity eats into their time. It is easy to throw our hands up and proclaim, there is a lack of. Yet we must open up a stealthy mind. The more you programme your mind to spot opportunity, and consistently cultivate habbits that commandeer productive change, the more you will line up with a higher calling. You must do more than just believe, it is in your work ethic, it is in your dialogue with friends, it is in your social and cultural stratification, and your networking, it becomes more than a way of life and a methodology, it is an enhanced mindset. Change comes from within. All portals to navigate a greater change stem from the mind, every story you tell yourself is the fiction you will live and die by. There is no morse code, just your mental programming that unlocks your pathway to life.

Goals with Distinction

Have clear defined goals and a strategy to alienate fear and succumb to success. With each goal you conquer you are building self esteem, building faith, extending a path for yourself and dipping your mind into a baptism of new energy. It is key to nurture each goal with literature,maybe first thing in the morning read a verse from a mentor who inspires you, talk to someone who has changed their lives, watch a video that gets your juices going and reaffirm to yourself that these practices with productivity can be done. Success is a system of things, it is a play that you must rehearse in your mind, before it becomes real in the physical world. Tap into your infinite potential by tuning into source, and believing you can change the course of destiny with active practice. It is with discipline we redefine ourselves. It is with focus we become an instrument of success and victorious in our pursuits.

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