Ed balde educates us on his journey to Success

Join us for a journey of success with prolific entrepreneur,investor and business gambit Ed Balde. A fab businessman with an exceptional portfolio,network and keen eye for trends and knowledge of the market, follow his insights and be inspired by his story.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business?


> I am Ed Balde,  Founder and CEO of UK and US based LanguageTech company Yazyk.

We have been in business since 2015. At Yazyk, we translate, proofread, localize content for offline purpose but also for websites, for organic search, for paid search and for social media.

Why did you start this business?

> There was a growing need to help businesses (large and small) break the language barrier whilst facilitating cross-country communications in the corporate world. This industry has almost doubled in size since we started and it’s not bound to stop as international business and globalization is still very much here despite the global economic crisis we are in.

What is your background?

> I am a French Londoner originally from Paris who settled down in the UK a decade ago. London is where I started my company. I have a sales background and I attended the Leonardo da Vinci University in Paris then I studied e-business at the University of Montreal (HEC).

Before starting my entrepreneurial journey back in 2011 – first as a part-time freelancer – I was a sales manager working for other tech companies in Paris and London.  I have been using both French and English on a daily basis during my sales career which then proved very useful as currently half of Yazyk customers are based in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada.

What inspires you?

> I love bringing fresh ideas that will contribute to creating a new segment in the market – and fulfill a need. Opening businesses to the world (which by the way is our catchphrase) is to me a rather fascinating expression in itself. No more borders when it comes to languages in the corporate world. Contributing to reaching this goal does inspire me!

What motivates you when business gets challenging?

> Knowing that whatever happens there is always a possibility to make a way throughout, knowing that by pushing myself to the limits I will find light at the end of the tunnel, a reward, a large contract, great feedback from our customers. That.. makes me proud and keeps me motivated even when facing difficulty.

How do you keep going?

> Innovating constantly, looking for new ways to address the needs of the audience is the key. Managing a company especially in a competitive industry like language services is like a constant fight. It never gets dull. We keep on re-inventing ourselves and that’s how we keep going towards our goals.

What challenges have you faced?

> Competition is always a barrier which we manage pretty well here at Yazyk I must say through competitive pricing and great service all the way. COVID is also a challenge for many businesses these days although it had a somewhat slight impact on our business and fortunately we went through it fine being 100% online based, plus businesses still need to work globally even when there is a pandemic.

Tell us about your brand

> Alongside our multilingual translation, SEO, Pay Per Click and Social Media Optimization offering, we are launching a new software to manage all these services in one place – which we plan to roll out in early 2021.

This revolutionary SaaS language platform will be optimized for both desktop and mobile use,  in the corporate world.

It will use a combination of human interaction together with Artificial Intelligence. The Yazyk team has added a special ingredient that will make us unique in this particular marketplace. Like they say, mom’s the word 🙂  I personally cannot wait for its release as the market is currently very much demanding it!

Business Dynamo and Venture Capitalist Genius Sam Copley invites us for a seat at the table

Business elite , champion investor, and financial maverick has just joined the list of elite professionals ive added for profile. Handsome, highly intelligent and a sophisticated investor, Sam Nallen Copley has been in venture capital for many years, providing a service that is both engaging and very much in demand so have a seat as i profile this market leader, and he shares his story of enterprise.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business.

I am Sam Copley. I work in Venture capital with a focus on biotechnology (both neurotech brain to computer interface technology and age related disease prevention. I spent much of my time speaking with other family offices and private investors, discussing potential co-investment opportunities and raising capital for our portfolio companies.

Why did you start this business?

I have long had an interest in disruptive technology and supporting scientific innovation. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to move into this space after working for a couple of years in more Vanilla cap-intro.

What is your background?

I spent most of my early adulthood abroad,with notable chapters in Japan, France and Papua New Guinea working in a wide range of sectors related to intelligence,language,culture and political risk. In my late 20’s i returned to London , entangled myself briefly in banking , before moving into more specialised areas of private wealth management.

What inspires you?

High quality deal flow. I interact with a global network of founders attempting to transform every aspect of the human experience. When i start due diligence on a start up transmitting abstract information from a computer into the brain, or a mining company eyeing up asteroids , i feel hugely privileged to be able to examine technologies that may wellshape where we are heading as a species.

what challenges have you faced?

I avoided a conventional career path in my youth, which made it hugely challenging entering the rigid world of Mayfair banking in my late 20’s. After leaving Oxford in 2011, i sought adventure abroad with no concrete vision of my ultimate vocation.This culminated in spending the best part of a year living with a tribe in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea , with no access to the internet, running water or the outside world. Trading in a bow and arrow for a keyboard was one of the hardest life decisions ive ever had to make.

Tell us about your brand

I pride myself on maintaining a network of highly driven and intelligent individuals globally. My brand relies on the understanding that members of my circle give and take: I am always excited when i can introduce an investor to a budding entrepreneur looking to solve a particular problem , in need of seed funding. I am extremely proud of the company i keep and i believe i have one of the most colourful black books in London.

Once Upon:Short story excerpt by Otatade Okojie

It was an ancient thought which arose him from a dusky sleep, the fear of living a life less satisfied, unfulfilled, dreamer with itching Bones. As Alex Rossi glared at the blue scape of Ocean his eyes dotting the fish which jumped out like ballerina’s a thought crossed his mind. Once upon a time, he had been a beast of a man, a flyer who made life itself afraid. He had been a champion of a man who set sturdy goals leaving not even the spine of them to Marvel at, yet the loss of his dearest had deconstructed it all. What makes up the foundations of a fortress of a man, this lion, this Kingsman, when his heart is in the other realm. It was that doctor and her lazy tone, the one with the Midnight hair, and the chestnut brown eyes framed by astute bookish glasses. “Suicide,” she had said, the word he wished was smoke in the air. There were days where the ache of longing made him glare at the cocktail of medicines on his desk, when he’d lay in bed for hours wishing he was curled up to her long aristocratic frame. Wishing he could watch her move like a shadow cat across the room once again, her thick Afro hair, her dimpled brown eyes, and the calm of her smile. When had she stopped smiling, when had he stopped listening, and how did she keep that secret for so long? He would take care of it, he would take care of all Sylvia’s messes, he shook himself out of the stupor, he would be great in memory of her and turn her foundation into something spectacular. The guilt had eaten him for years, of his affairs, her affairs, the projects they should have been fixing but when two broken glass people come together it can be a puzzle with missing pieces. Alex pulled the hood over his head from the white sweatshirt. Opened his yellow flask and just as he reached to take a sip of the iced tea he’d packed, he felt it then. The frame of a gun, pressing against the back of his head, and a silky voice transport him back to another reality. “Hello Alex,” she spoke , her Russian accent polished, the quiver in her voice barely audible,”Remember me?”

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The stiff march of the conqueror

They came for you and yet here you stand venturing into the new year with a smile on your face and you may not be gliding yet. It is a stiff march, but this walk of yours, this gait, has potential to ease into a silky glide. Many of us have been destroyed and reconstructed during the year, fragments of an old self, lying in clusters in old clothes before the mirror. We prepare the sheen of our new self, a uniform smile to face the world, a mental check, we are still here, after the breakup, the jealous friends tried to tear you down, the hierarchical games at work, the put down from strangers or just not feeling good enough in our skin. Believe you are worthy of love in 2018, believe this new year will bless you with change, access, and progress. You are what you believe in, believe in yourself.

Spearheading super change

We are often told with fear that possibility is beyond our reach. We hear voices chime into our eardrums,leading our defeat, hoping that we are less than what we are. For all the change agents, visionaries, leaders, and hopefuls, the mind needs a wealth of food to empower itself. It is important to cultivate a conversation with the mind, to shape your future, you must develop a path of access for yourself and those who tread after you. We walk, a path littered with obstacles, it is a narrow road, skittered with objects, eager to challenge social fugitives that escape the trademark of a standard norm. We are elevating ourselves beyond the ordinary,evolving to what’s extraordinary, connecting to a self that is illuminated and transcends both pain and small definition. You are more than the minuscule conversations of yester year, greater than fear, other people’s put downs, ridicules, laughter, humiliation, because to make an impact, to create change you must tap into your infinite self.
This is beyond the simplicity of your needs, you are changing the perspective of others. Heightening their ambitions and bringing them further in the realm of possibilities. It was a dream, then it became a vision, now you must tread it, now you must March it, now you must glorify your own independence, by celebrating the power of your mind. The mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal, it helps us become instigators of great social change, manoeuvre, and negotiate, our way to our own financial freedom. We walk in the paths of change agents that came before us, shifting, dancing through time.

Overiding The program

There is an eagerness to quit when things get really dificult. When fear overides the programming and the habbits we’ve developed, you must challenge it. You must seek to conquer it, by creating a system, tapping into resources, and becoming masterful with knowledge. There is wisdom in our failures. Is it fear of failure that is stopping you from progressing further, you must slip and fall then rise again, with a more intricate knowledge of the architecture, your demographic and who you are catering too.

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