The courage to conquer and Exhale

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Your courage will carry you to a higher level, your search for knowledge will inform your decisions, your goals, your commitment. If you can overcome the ease it takes to procrastinate, then when you take bold steps towards the vision you seek, you will find doors opening for you. Knowledge empowers those who seek it, fear can sometimes alienate us from our truth. Wether it be in enterprise or your journey on a different path, the thirst for wisdom will expose you to many things. It will give you insight, and provide prisms of light even in the shadowiest recesses of your mind. You will find that as you seek for answers, there will be others who claw at your ambitions with their fear of being left behind. I discovered from my journey and watching the journey of others becoming successful, sometimes what people speak unto you, comes from their own fears of abandonment. You may not be abandoning ship, you are just exhaling in your growth.

Awake in a dream

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In the cool steel of the night it wakes me up, thoughts unwinding like dancing visions before me,i see it stretched out like a canvas, a show piece of visions, future, potential. My hands itch to do the work. Words which i once said to challenge fear, challenge me. They are lodged in the back of my throat, some underneath my tongue, and my eyes are dark with longing. I have seen this vision many times before, a girl with a dream, with hope that fluttered deep in the bosom of a heart that beat like an african drum. Sweat clings to my skin, its liquid laminating my pert features, as i reach for my pen, i feel it now, the thud, the claw, the whispers of fear. Drawing close attempting to suck me in. Do i leave my dream to be unfulfilled, when my fingers twitch and ache, when new words are desperate to be born from their prison, do i sing it a lullabye and allow it to be lulled to sleep by envious fears, and spirit dancers with spears, no i must fight, for in the wake of this dream, something omnipotent is here.

Outside of E=Mc (squared)?

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There is a fiction told that certain things we want to accomplish in this life are impossible. Impossible is positioning, impossible is planning, impossible is network, impossible is investment. Oh? They usually dont think that far, it just sprouts from their lips. Its impossible. Yet the wright brothers be;lieved that they could fly and now we have aeroplanes, men walk on the moon, there are towns and cities structured and designed, from the construct of an architect and his/ her pen, ideas put together by inventors. When we come across these impossible people, politely inform them that impossible is you, not me. There are so many things that can be done under this sun, amazing things, new ideas and collaborations, people coming together from different coming together, global impact from cohesive thinking and strong leadership. Is it safer to believe in a world thats impossible or cling to the fringes, daring others to challenge your sanity. After all Einstein was seen as a madman but for anything else to be E= beyond Mc squared generations later we question this. So who is mad, those who trial and fail to learn more, or those who rot in the safety of what is comfortable.

Freedom to Fly

You have something special to accomplish and you have time to do it, it is not about who turns you down, who rejects you, whose door you knock at that wont provide you access. Its about creating opportunities for yourself, out of your vision. Using key objectives and motivating yourself when you get in a slump. There are days where things will seem dire, where life may turn you inside out, yet think to yourself one day, i will be free of these negative emotions of this toxicity. Let me find a door, that i can open myself, and i can lead others to a pride of place. You are your vision. You are your strength, you are your hope and you are the light in the darkness. Bold steps when the bone is fragile. You must believe in your ability to perform because life is set up for contenders. Whether you have a disability or not, whether you have an ailment or not, you have a path and you must arrive at the finish line no matter what foibles are in your way. It is the daily tasks, the affirmations, the sentences we say in the morning, the prayers we keep in our hearts. Others may not know your potential, but you stem from promise. You are the baby of a womb ripe with ideas, let them envelope you, and fasten your seat belt your in for the ride of your life.

Wealth mindset

Wealth is a mindset. Many have argued this, if you disempower yourself within your mind, you will not have access to the infinite possibilities life has stretched out before you. Many people think opportunity is supposed to jump out at you like jumping Jack flash, these are some of the laziest people in the world. They are often the most bitter and they die with the same story, a story of entitlement.

The world doesn’t owe you respect, it doesn’t owe you capital, it doesn’t owe you access. You are the portal, with your mouth, with your hands you are meant to engage with the universe and construct the vision you have in your mind. Successful people rarely make excuses, the truth is they hold themselves accountable. It was today I realized I wasn’t just making excuses for the second, the minute , the hour, I was excusing unfulfilment for a badly lived life. The choices I made were reflecting the individual I was becoming. On paper I sounded good, career wise, my experiences were awesome, yet the way I managed my money said a lot about the way I managed my life. Something had to change. In order to change your position in life, you need a new strategy, to position yourself next to humans and not crabs.

Crabs will claw you down and eventually destroy you, bitter people who are great at excuses, will always seek you out for empathy, yet when you ask them what actions they’ve taken. What goals have been set. Nothing. This is your life, it is only one life. Every minute is truly unique, you can tell a lot by an individual by how they manage their time. Every person is a book and every book has a chapter, what do you want the blurb on yours to say?

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The abundant mind

In my life, in your lifetime…people will doubt you, people will celebrate you, and some will come out to destroy. You must build for yourself a second skin, you must celebrate the triumph of rising every morning from the slumber of negativity, the hindrances of the past, glaring at your reflection in the mirror and saying with pride… I am still here. From Goliath i am a David. Agile, tactical, able to predict the chaos of a tempest that arises before you, flexible and distinct, wise from past experiences and adaptable. There will be days where you will feel like a crushed beetle in sand, and others where you will be a panther in a jungle, life is full of contrasts. You are a complex self, always no matter what stresses arise keep your goals in your pocket. Taste the vision on your tongue, rebirth it with your lips everyday as you face your reflection, for this is your life and from what you can remember, you have but one. Make it special, prove beyond a doubt to the self that has been denied so much, that it will have access to a splendour of magnificence.Abundant spirit, abundant mind, abundant life.

Goals and Gravitas

Breathe.just.Breathe I mentally pace myself each morning before I face a goal, knowing that nuggets of fear turn into procrastination. I am my own worst enemy at times, yet I am also my greatest strength. During times of dire need, you must remember the words you used to propel yourself forward before. Pace yourself, understanding that although every action has a ripple of consequences, the right choices consistently will carry you upon a tide of glory. Believe that when you fail, you are learning, allow yourself the chance to be taught by Life.

Life is a ruthless teacher, she is stubborn in her classroom, diligent, and thorough. Although the strife may slice through you like a blade, comb through you as though you are strands of loose hair, you must understand that every lesson comes with trials. Tests of your character. How much are you willing to invest in yourself, how much gravitas do your words have?

Magnificence of Motivation

We watch them light up our screens awe at their magnificence, marvel at their successes from Jada Pinkett Smith,Meryl Streep, yet not many of us are aware of the journey, or focus on the systemic sacrifice. It is easy to say i want, i need yet how many of us are willing to commit and say i will risk. As the Oscars and the Academy awards reveal the brilliance of method actors and actresses, their stories, their successes, and their trials and triumphs on screen, some of us are envious yet we are conflicted, because we are so desperate to be normal and yet we try and imitate whats different, when there is success. On their way up, those individuals would have been ridiculed for standing against the grain, questioned for not becoming one of the masses but striking a path with their own individualism. Theres an old saying, look where the masses are going , and go the opposite way your chances are better, ‘so  long as your not a serial killer or a convict.’

You will fail many times, be judged, be humiliated, some of you may even end up the local laughing stock. ” Who wants to be a millionaire?” I started this blog back when i had just left my old work place, i got fed up with the office politics and i needed something to inspire me and those around me. Years later im in talks with an investor about turning redebonyhotspot into an app! Who would have thought that what started as my side project, could literally change my life. My recommendation, go for it, give it all you have, you never know who is paying attention.

Goals with Distinction

Have clear defined goals and a strategy to alienate fear and succumb to success. With each goal you conquer you are building self esteem, building faith, extending a path for yourself and dipping your mind into a baptism of new energy. It is key to nurture each goal with literature,maybe first thing in the morning read a verse from a mentor who inspires you, talk to someone who has changed their lives, watch a video that gets your juices going and reaffirm to yourself that these practices with productivity can be done. Success is a system of things, it is a play that you must rehearse in your mind, before it becomes real in the physical world. Tap into your infinite potential by tuning into source, and believing you can change the course of destiny with active practice. It is with discipline we redefine ourselves. It is with focus we become an instrument of success and victorious in our pursuits.

Minefield of the mind

They whisper deep in your mind such delicious fears, tainting your life with tiptoe. Suddenly you are walking on a minefield too scared that your vision will obliterate you, for everything hangs in the balance. Your tongue is limp from the acid of challenging other peoples toxic words, your neck is sore from being poised so stern out of pride, for fear you would slink into your shadow. For the belief that the doubt of others could crucify your soul. It is real out here, in this tempest of the mind. You must climb every step upon this ladder to reign yourself to the height of your everest and stare at a busy sky, for there is chalk beneath you, and paperclip people cling to you for their own sanity. It is madness to let others puppet you with their broken dreams, tell you what is possible, when they come from a place of impossibility thinking. The mind was made to be a portal for access, it’s objective is to canvas every challenge to find a route, a strategy, an option, or a plan. How are you facilitating your mind? How are you equipping it? How are you learning and developing your path extending yourself beyond your comfort zone? Let fear whisper, it will be silenced then be dulled mute. You are not walking on a minefield, you are a dancer, gliding on a surface, it is neither polished or decadent, rough with granite or decaying, it is whatever you want it to be, for how you tread is about how you engineer your mind.

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