Guiding the path of the Goal

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To counter your fear of attempting a goal , have some positive affirmations you say to yourself. Words that empower strength , encourage positive change,and the courage to facilitate a new habbit. A goal can be

broken down with bitesized challenges. You can face the fear with fight, strategy and execution. It is a game of mind over matter, you must allow yourself to fail, lose, time again, allow yourself to make sacrifices, to experience the sadness of not fitting in because you want something different because you are different now. You are birthing a new dream. You are layering a path for yourself with positive affirmations, a plan, and the belief that you can, and you will

Growth from Goliath

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We all learn from failure,many of us feel crucified at the time. We feel lost in the chaos of our own emotions, frustrated and at times angry. Was it not supposed to be so much more, were we not supposed to be much more, and now we’re fragmented, broken by a self we feel has chosen to deny us. Were we not enough we ask ourselves, are we but Goliaths? When the tears leak down your cheek, and the words of others hold little to no comfort, you may feel that much is lost, and yet there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Every challenge is a jigsaw with a missing piece. What is missing? How can I learn and adjust? How can I develop a stronger self, and strive towards my betterment whilst problem solving for others. How can I become David once my healing has begun.

Evading distraction


Sometimes peoples negativity slows you down, yet here’s a bit of Usain bolt juice for you. What would happen if you reached your goals and objective in the coming week, month, year, or in half the time you set for it. There is nothing impossible under the sun when we manage our pockets of time, and we manage ourselves we become more effective leaders. Do not deny yourself a steady pace, and yet do not let others drag you down because they have unfulfilled wishes of their own. Life is up for the taking, get hungry, get passionate and do more than your time. Nothing comes easily, there are so many books on how to do things quickly, get rich, be successful, every element you apply requires you use hard work. Those who are scared of hard work miss out on the challenge and the opportunity to broaden horizons and expand themselves.


The obstacle is the way

I’m currently reading the obstacle is the way, and I find it is great literature to get yourself out of a piteous slump. As a writer there are days when depression slopes into your skin, tiptoeing along your bones and turning them to sand. You want to, but sometimes you think to yourself man I can’t. The obstacle is often ourselves. We may not be content but we haven’t experienced enough pain to propel us forward, I’ve said this many a time. Use something to push you, to propel you forward. Maybe your work lacks excitement, or you simply hate the job, maybe it’s too systematic for you, or your dealing with something as complex as a broken heart. Or even better you can visualise your arch nemesis grinning as you fail, so maybe you just want to wipe the smirk off their face. So wipe it off, imagine the look on their faces when you do accomplish your goal, imagine how disheartened they’ll be, they did everything to sabotage you, and now here you are, tasks completed, goal accomplished, message announced, don’t come for this one. Just visualise it , I promise you it will feel real good.

Countdown millionaire idea number 4

It was a dream that woke you, a vision that shadowed you, and now it consumes you. Your hunger to be so much greater than what you were yesterday, this vision has made you embark on a journey. This journey is about to change your life. When I started writing my book Lunchbox Millionaire I had no idea I would create such a powerful network, and become such a pronounced digital influencer. My aim was to learn certain skills, and to become a more consistent blogger and entrepreneur. I had a myriad of ideas some were catastrophic,others I felt evangelised me. I learned many things along the way, one of them was the importance of consistency. I have a habit of liking new things, the fresh zeal of abandoning an old idea for something fresh, pronounced, with the prospect of helping me arrive at my destination so much quicker. I’ve always had the tenacity but lacked the sustained momentum, yet in business I learned these key traits and in life. It is more than the initial excitement. The burst and the new zeal. For example they always say a puppy is not just for Christmas, it is a living , breathing thing, it requires feeding. A dream is the same. It is its own animal, it requires fuel, tenacity, and more than glorious leaps, consistent steps, and action. Yesterday’s talk must become tomorrow’s action, your processes are a symptom of your belief. To raise the capital, to be financially independent, when you reach the experience of mental drought, you must be willing to push beyond it and find a well of resources, and nuggets of information that remain untapped. A whole reservoir now for idea number three

A community trade enterprise. Thats right people there is money in the word community, whether its an online portal or a network of people sharing ideas you can use buddy press to create your own social network on wordpress, and commit to selling trade to your network of friends , family, and prospects. The key is as follows, inform friends, family, neighbors that you are building a community trade portal, which will give them a platform to showcase and sell their services to make more money. There is a small membership fee, and they give you a percent of the revenue they make. Why will this work because ebay, and sites like amazon, even etsy are very commercial, and very competitive. It is a great side income, and when your ready it would be great to expand it. Inform your local community centre, youth centre, and business centres of what your doing, there is government funding available, it will make you an intricate fabric within the community, and make you a key point of contact for many businesses.

Self and the Shadow

He watched as i took bold steps severing the ties from my former shadow, I was not afraid any more, i would march into glory, the serpent would not rattle my skin, i would canvas this place with joy and the dimples of my delight. For much had changed. I had become a woman now, i was not afraid of him. Augustus eyed me with two lazy brown eyes , he quirked a brow as he leaned over the table in the small cafeteria. I should have been with Mack, or Ezra, yet i was here with suspicious Augustus, who had a way of seeing me right underneath the skin. “He been beating you huh?”
“Yeah,”i confessed. he rubbed a swollen finger over my soft green eye. It was black around the lid, half the girls would kill to be in my shoes, “sometimes,” he spoke cooly, “we beat on ourselves also.”

Missing ink

A stolen thought weeps in the cellar of a broken mans dreams, its need to belong to a changeling, escape the fiasco of a lost existence. dare i say this thought went astray, it needed a cushion it wanted to be a marvel like a dream. Jealous thought where are you now, on an island stranded missing existence, how will you find your way back somehow to reap the reward of supporting others with persistence.  It claws from its silent death, reflecting its wounds to an angry community, there i stood in the belly of change, selfish i was, i wanted immunity. For fear took me, and cast i aside, weeping like a baby dragged from its womb, i have risen from the tomb of a dull and colourless place.

Charcoal Fear

I see each fear, charcoal, dust, ash in the wind, i blew it away from my universe. My breath is speckled with skittles, my tongue is oppulent with power. There is a buoyancy to my stride, as i move closer as the shadow disintegrates its mask fading. Fear you have watched me for so long, hawk eye in a night with no moons, twirling in your song of glory, now the angels stampede at my side, a samba as your eyes become poignant with tears.

Seen your face ( poem ) Otatade Okojie

I have seen your face
Splinters of torment
Disecting me
Luring me into your seaping wounds
Those souless eyes
Cloaked in Shadow
Mourning the loss
Of a spirit
I have seen your eyes
and black
a tongue
Void of dialogue
A gaping hole
In a mouth
Where teeth
are nothing more
Than bone

Magic at your fingertips

Young girl listening to music on public transport
Ambition has staff with a life to defend 'Otatade Okojie'

There is magic at your fingertips.This dream has woken your dulled senses, thoughts prick sharp as a blade. Every second,every moment you are looking for creative avenues to unleash your flow.wether it's s scribblepad, the notepad app on your phone stay primed for those grand ideas, and be ready to break down the strategy for the ideas which come. What does your concept deliver? How does it solve a problem, meet a demand, how will you supply it, engage audiences.what time will you invest and how will you manage it, who will you model, how will you challenge the competition, and how will you engage new customers.What is your why, and how will you execute? There are many ways to skin a cat yet you want a strategy that allows you to find access to mentors, share your narrative and build an interactive community.

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