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Hope floats but effort propels.” ― Rob Liano

We speak of hope often,believe with faith we can get there. Yet when we experience rejection for our talents, we condemn ourselves and our misfortune.

No, what are you learning, what have you learned. What is missing, what can you add. The more you fail, the more you’ll learn. It is not wise to set up a tent in hot water, neither is it wise to set up to fail. Yet ask for the whys? What’s missing in your book as a product? Why are they denying you access,look for responses on things like sales, market, then research trends in your genre, utilise kindle spy, or rocket to check out the sales of your competitors. Look at the headlines and the hooks of books that are trending in your niche, who is playing captain in your market place, which authors are selling best, why?what reads, what hooks, look at the promotion for their books, this will both inspire and challenge you.

Green light says Go ( challenge)

The BIG push means being able to develop and sustain momentum toward your goal; it is the process of actively replacing excuses with winning habits, the ultimate excuses blockers. Moreover, it is being willing to go to the wall for what you want or believe in, to push beyond your previous mental and physical limits, no matter what it takes.” – Lorii Myers

There are people who do this in daily life. Redefine their selves, challenge their boundaries and conquer their fears. It is not an illusion. They are masters at taking on a habbit . Breaking down a bad one and building so much momentum, it takes them to a higher place. I have not reached there yet. I’m a writer with a belly I have to loose and a flood of manuscript, but yet I keep going. Why? Because theres things that I have finished, there’s goals that I have to illuminate, and testify too . Claim this week as your becoming. If you have a mental negative habbit, if your mind is consumed with doubt. Testify , even if it’s just for a moment. Write a list of all the positive things you have accomplished and stick it on the fridge, your shopping list. This will be your affirmation, to counter any argument. The mind is like a courtroom, spirit is the defender, when your mind puts you on trial, claim your own space,speak it out loudly into the universe. This is where I stand, here is what I’ve done. List your habbits,good ones. And write another list, get a journal and be ready to break down your bad ones, you will slip up, lots of times. Set a reminder on your phone. And enjoy the process, so it engages all of you. Reward yourself at the end of every two weeks,month or so,for a job well done. Maybe it’s the completion of a chapter, a blog post, or even a newsletter, but when the light is on green, you must go.

Dream Track

“It is often when night looks darkest, it is often before the fever breaks that one senses the gathering momentum for change, when one feels that resurrection of hope in the midst of despair and apathy.”  — Hillary Clinton

Night terrors,we all know them so well. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not measuring up,the fear of imposter syndrome. Sometimes we imagine it’s a big label on the tops of our forehead, and often people can see the madness in our eyes. A different madness, when life has spun the recorder too quickly and all the tape is now squashed. Yet , you must remember as you run in your lane,you are not the only one on the track. You cannot run everybody else’s race for them otherwise you will not qualify, but as you run, as you execute what you have practice d over again in your mind just remember, that you are not on your own. You are not alone in life’s track, you must keep going. No matter how many races you’ve run unfinished, remember that if this is the one,you want,this is the dream you want. You must see it, touch it, taste it,feel it, and try your best not to listen to the heckles from the crowd. It is difficult I know. Sticks and stones right? No. Words can corrupt,erode, disrupt,words are powerful and dangerous weapons, so as you use your words and language to build yourself up, and you face life with steely determination, just remember that the vision may tarry, but it will surely come to pass. But what about you, do you plan to help it, or will you listen to the crowd that are talking the talk, but are not on the field running the race.

Guiding the path of the Goal

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To counter your fear of attempting a goal , have some positive affirmations you say to yourself. Words that empower strength , encourage positive change,and the courage to facilitate a new habbit. A goal can be

broken down with bitesized challenges. You can face the fear with fight, strategy and execution. It is a game of mind over matter, you must allow yourself to fail, lose, time again, allow yourself to make sacrifices, to experience the sadness of not fitting in because you want something different because you are different now. You are birthing a new dream. You are layering a path for yourself with positive affirmations, a plan, and the belief that you can, and you will

Burning the boats

‘Burn the boats’

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someone once said if you want to take the Island burn the boats. Give it everything you’ve got and go for it with all you are. Believe that not only can you do it, but you are willing to commit to the tasks to execute it. When you fail, step back asses and adjust. Who can you model that’s gotten it right, how can you add value , how can you develop a plan going forward to empower yourself. You must believe that you are capable by consistently executing the steps to get you into the position for your future self.

Growth from Goliath

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We all learn from failure,many of us feel crucified at the time. We feel lost in the chaos of our own emotions, frustrated and at times angry. Was it not supposed to be so much more, were we not supposed to be much more, and now we’re fragmented, broken by a self we feel has chosen to deny us. Were we not enough we ask ourselves, are we but Goliaths? When the tears leak down your cheek, and the words of others hold little to no comfort, you may feel that much is lost, and yet there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Every challenge is a jigsaw with a missing piece. What is missing? How can I learn and adjust? How can I develop a stronger self, and strive towards my betterment whilst problem solving for others. How can I become David once my healing has begun.

Outside of E=Mc (squared)?

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There is a fiction told that certain things we want to accomplish in this life are impossible. Impossible is positioning, impossible is planning, impossible is network, impossible is investment. Oh? They usually dont think that far, it just sprouts from their lips. Its impossible. Yet the wright brothers be;lieved that they could fly and now we have aeroplanes, men walk on the moon, there are towns and cities structured and designed, from the construct of an architect and his/ her pen, ideas put together by inventors. When we come across these impossible people, politely inform them that impossible is you, not me. There are so many things that can be done under this sun, amazing things, new ideas and collaborations, people coming together from different coming together, global impact from cohesive thinking and strong leadership. Is it safer to believe in a world thats impossible or cling to the fringes, daring others to challenge your sanity. After all Einstein was seen as a madman but for anything else to be E= beyond Mc squared generations later we question this. So who is mad, those who trial and fail to learn more, or those who rot in the safety of what is comfortable.

The Heroes journey towards Success

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When we think of the heroes and the heroines of any success story we are often told of how often they failed within their trial. The challenges that came to them, the disruption, and the destruction. Be it the contempt of others for them stepping beyond the bracket, extending themselves, and stretching to explore their potential, we learn that failure is imminent. And yet why are so many of us afraid to fail? Why do we obsess over the little embarassments, eager to keep up appearances and promote a facade or a false existence to people who dont actually like us, or are too caught up in the mesh of their own chaos.If you have wept tears of disappointment, frustration had your heart sin because life felt so impossible. I implore you to keep going. To keep searching your inner eye as you face that self in the looking glass every morning. Because those who really take on the self, are shaping, are sculpting, are becoming. Model yourself on great leaders who came before you, do not let those whose drive has ghosted them, be a thief in the night, you have your own path to take. Success seems at times to be a postcard from another universe, and each time you hear the dialogue of others chorusing about their glory, you are filled with a stone in your throat. Take heart, my father always said the vision may tarry but it will surely come to pass. Have a checkpoint, let that checkpoint give you hope when everything else is falling to shit. Faith,belief,and where I failed many a time was consistency. No one has the right to tell you it is impossible when men walk on moons, when rockets leave Earth, when millionaires are made in new continents every minute due to insight, understanding, knowledge and development. I find myself frustrated so many times, in contempt of a reflection I once adored, searching for a self I once remembered. I lost fragments of myself in this thirst to win, yet I continue to press on because I am morphed to this new shadow.Glued to this spirit, who is both woman,child and girl. There are pieces of my puzzle missing and yet, I hold unto this, a little hope a little light, enjoy the process, and remember how beautiful it is to loose yourself in the work. Enjoy the journey.

The Dream

Protect it, covet it, bless it and secure it. But most importantly work. This is a dream, craft and compell, attract and redefine,it is your water , it is your oxygen, it is blood and gravel, it is the conversation you have in the morning and the whispers you have at night. It is your dream.

Yesterday I had a dream, this dream haunted me, it stalked me, it’s shadow grew even when my limbs grew weary, it sat on my tongue, when my mouth went dry, it marred all escape routes, as it limbered before me. Today I carry this dream on my shoulder ,it has bled, it’s wounds sore leaking with pourse, we have stayed the course my dream and I, it does not tire, before I lay me down to sleep,this dream of mine,I sure must keep.

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