A delicious read for all your divine senses: Otatade Okojie new Novel series coming out soon

Prolific author Otatade Okojie has released another spine tingling, blockbusting sensation. The Dark Sunday series has created so much buzz , the pre order list is half full, audiences are rushing to Amazon to sign up for its release. This mystery suspense thriller keeps you guessing till the very end, with captivating enchanting characters, atmospheric scenes, and hypnotic writing, this page turner hot off the printing press will engage young audiences for the most part of the year.

Meet Israel North the new teen detective everyone’s talking about, a triumph as a character, a curious quirk, with a nose for trouble like a beagle.

In Israel’s small town of Eden something is amiss, there are strange goings on in the local church, with the help of her two friends August and Ghost, Israel is determined to solve the marvels taking place in the church from water walking, to healed limbs, but a series of strange and suspicious deaths that follow. Who is behind all the pandemonium, and even more to the point do they know she knows too much about the Pandora’s box they’ve unleashed?

Navigating in the literary markets

Hope floats but effort propels.” ― Rob Liano

We speak of hope often,believe with faith we can get there. Yet when we experience rejection for our talents, we condemn ourselves and our misfortune.

No, what are you learning, what have you learned. What is missing, what can you add. The more you fail, the more you’ll learn. It is not wise to set up a tent in hot water, neither is it wise to set up to fail. Yet ask for the whys? What’s missing in your book as a product? Why are they denying you access,look for responses on things like sales, market, then research trends in your genre, utilise kindle spy, or rocket to check out the sales of your competitors. Look at the headlines and the hooks of books that are trending in your niche, who is playing captain in your market place, which authors are selling best, why?what reads, what hooks, look at the promotion for their books, this will both inspire and challenge you.

Guiding the path of the Goal

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To counter your fear of attempting a goal , have some positive affirmations you say to yourself. Words that empower strength , encourage positive change,and the courage to facilitate a new habbit. A goal can be

broken down with bitesized challenges. You can face the fear with fight, strategy and execution. It is a game of mind over matter, you must allow yourself to fail, lose, time again, allow yourself to make sacrifices, to experience the sadness of not fitting in because you want something different because you are different now. You are birthing a new dream. You are layering a path for yourself with positive affirmations, a plan, and the belief that you can, and you will

Burning the boats

‘Burn the boats’

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someone once said if you want to take the Island burn the boats. Give it everything you’ve got and go for it with all you are. Believe that not only can you do it, but you are willing to commit to the tasks to execute it. When you fail, step back asses and adjust. Who can you model that’s gotten it right, how can you add value , how can you develop a plan going forward to empower yourself. You must believe that you are capable by consistently executing the steps to get you into the position for your future self.


Defining of the self

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People have a habbit of trying to tell us who we are, what we can do who we can become. They believe their seal of approval and our need for validation puts them in an omnipotent position at times, and sometimes people will tell you who and what you can become not realising your full potential. From those who you know to love you, it is not a personal attack. They try to protect us,shield us from the pain of disappointment and rejection. Yet within your spirit, you have to ask yourself. If I’m talking the talk, can I do the walk. Will I empower myself enough to get there , to showcase my strengths beyond other people’s ,fears and judgement,will I sacrifice and commit. The answer to that remains, how badly do you want it? Have you given yourself goals a deadline, do you see the vision, taste the vision and are willing to make the sacrifices to see it come to light? Like I said, people have a habbit of telling us who we can become, yet when you look in the mirror who do you see?


Growth from Goliath

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We all learn from failure,many of us feel crucified at the time. We feel lost in the chaos of our own emotions, frustrated and at times angry. Was it not supposed to be so much more, were we not supposed to be much more, and now we’re fragmented, broken by a self we feel has chosen to deny us. Were we not enough we ask ourselves, are we but Goliaths? When the tears leak down your cheek, and the words of others hold little to no comfort, you may feel that much is lost, and yet there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Every challenge is a jigsaw with a missing piece. What is missing? How can I learn and adjust? How can I develop a stronger self, and strive towards my betterment whilst problem solving for others. How can I become David once my healing has begun.


Awake in a dream

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In the cool steel of the night it wakes me up, thoughts unwinding like dancing visions before me,i see it stretched out like a canvas, a show piece of visions, future, potential. My hands itch to do the work. Words which i once said to challenge fear, challenge me. They are lodged in the back of my throat, some underneath my tongue, and my eyes are dark with longing. I have seen this vision many times before, a girl with a dream, with hope that fluttered deep in the bosom of a heart that beat like an african drum. Sweat clings to my skin, its liquid laminating my pert features, as i reach for my pen, i feel it now, the thud, the claw, the whispers of fear. Drawing close attempting to suck me in. Do i leave my dream to be unfulfilled, when my fingers twitch and ache, when new words are desperate to be born from their prison, do i sing it a lullabye and allow it to be lulled to sleep by envious fears, and spirit dancers with spears, no i must fight, for in the wake of this dream, something omnipotent is here.

Becoming an online Ace

Many of us strive towards financial freedom hungry, eager to proove to ourselves that were capable of fulfilling our potential. If your someone that is eager to do the work, and your passionate about your creative potential, here at Alchemii we are here to support you. Hosw do you monetsie your social platforms, and engage an interactive audience. Pay attention to the different algorithms online and the various platforms you aim to sell on, research them, actively. What are the strengths of your product, how can you engage the most consumers and problem solve for them. Problem solving helps you build a relationship with your potential clientel , it helps you social proof your brand and be identified as an expert in your niche. Research thouroghly your area of interest, what are you bringing to the table, what is your offering? How will your product get your clients to their next steps, and help them accomplish either a goal, or accomplish and achieve. Look at the gaps in the market, where does your product fit? How will you brand it, Package it? What buzz words will you use for the marketing, what trends can you capitalise on that your main audience are searching for? Pay attention to terms, other competitive products, and look at how you can learn and model on their successes. One of the biggest keys to effective branding is researching your niche intricately, layering an effective campaign and targeting your audience. Know who your audience is , what isle they’d shop in the local supermarket or store, how much their budget is, why they’d put money aside for your product, how they navigate on the internet, what sites they visit regularly, sites they’d favourite, products they’d pin on pinterest, even potential goals and vision. Where do they see themselves? What are their financial goals, how do they manage their budget, what is missing in their annual spend or monthly spend. The real key to online success is consistency and commitment, repetition, and effective marketing. From email marketing, to engaging with comments, groups, followers. and network. What value can you add? How can you make business a two way system?

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Freedom to Fly

You have something special to accomplish and you have time to do it, it is not about who turns you down, who rejects you, whose door you knock at that wont provide you access. https://2f3cf71bud3eql6isey8fjxfcv.hop.clickbank.net/ Its about creating opportunities for yourself, out of your vision. Using key objectives and motivating yourself when you get in a slump. There are days where things will seem dire, where life may turn you inside out, yet think to yourself one day, i will be free of these negative emotions of this toxicity. Let me find a door, that i can open myself, and i can lead others to a pride of place. You are your vision. You are your strength, you are your hope and you are the light in the darkness. Bold steps when the bone is fragile. You must believe in your ability to perform because life is set up for contenders. Whether you have a disability or not, whether you have an ailment or not, you have a path and you must arrive at the finish line no matter what foibles are in your way. It is the daily tasks, the affirmations, the sentences we say in the morning, the prayers we keep in our hearts. Others may not know your potential, but you stem from promise. You are the baby of a womb ripe with ideas, let them envelope you, and fasten your seat belt your in for the ride of your life.https://2f3cf71bud3eql6isey8fjxfcv.hop.clickbank.net/

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