Little girl dreaming

Once upon a dreamer
With her once upon a time
Those myths i once told you
Could unravel
you in time
Neatly stitched
Like the hem of a skirt
Look at all the threading
Patchwork and fabric
Little girl
Mother says you dream too hard
Where are all your fingers
Itchy fingers
Itchy thumbs
make them nimble
Make them numb
Will you be eaten by a
Vortex of dreams
Sink into pillow
Wanted by Sandman
Mother says little Girls
By the Bayou
must Toil
Disipline and habbit
Doesnt unfoil
Keep the dream
Like a postcard in your pocket
Dare you not lose it
My treasure
Lock it

Warriors of success 2

Use your pain , disappointment, anger , trauma, to fuel your passion. No matter what do not allow yourself to be swallowed up in otherpeoples excuses and your own, because its easy to be caught up in the mesh. In the chaos of i could have been, i could have done, i could have seen. Fail and learn from those failures. Get active on the strategies and implement them, do not let the sun set on another day without a fight for the future you want. Remember it is not about money anymore, it becomes more than that. It becomes more tha  just a fight for cash and display, you are no dreamer, these castles you will not build them in the sky, they have a foundation, therefore you must fight. It is easy to give into the negativity, cruelty and malice of others, it is easy for self destruction to overwhelm you. Yet i am someone who battled with finishing my whole life, partly because of ill health, partly because i accepted the excuses that were made for me. Let us fight to finish together, to reach the end of that finish line, because in the end when the chapters close you always had time, time to fight for you, though your thoughts and emotions were caught in the tidal wave of situation, a dystopian mess of hopes, and at times faith felt more like punishment, anger being the only prescription. Believe that you have the fight to see it through, so when you turn the blurb on a finished book you know beginning middle and end. There will be more challenges to come, steel yourself we were not put on this Earth not to be schooled.

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