Idea jukebox :Creative concepts to monetise

Worksquad: coaching and development membership site

Online dating and messaging site

Global business community app

Intro app: speed dating and networking app

Microme: microwavable tasks and freelancer site, where you set up tasks for freelancers to do

Business consultation app

Networking app

Tech social: the social networking app for geeks who want to show case their products and bring them to market

Speed pitches app


Create a new concept,blog about it and promote it on brandzar, the more the audience likes it , the more applauses you get. If you get 50,000 to 100,000 applauses, the brandzar genie pencils you in for a zoom meeting with an investor, coach, consultant.

Pixel8: pixel 8 Is the advertising platform that allows you to sell advertising space one square at a time, inspired by the million dollar home page.

Viral hub: viral hub is the share for share platform, where you connect to influencers and you pay them a fee to share content. To be part of viral hubs upper tier membership network you’d have to pay a fee as an influencer.

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Wealth wizard: Creative ways to monetise

Wealth audiobook library
Wealth podcast
Wealth channel
Incubator programs
Live stream
Have advertising on all platforms
Resource toolkit
Article writing
Music platform
Video platform
Ebook library
News reel
Financial education platforms
Digital marketing services
Branding services
Sales services
Premium marketing services
Wealth encyclopedia
Money management toolkit.

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Monetising the Madness: Wealth creative ways to bring in an income

Start an online Coupon portal: People pay a membership fee to access the higher level coupons, get your savings advice, access your database of wealth and development resources.

Affiliate marketing database: A list of affiliate marketing for different industries

Referral agent :

You set up as an introducer or a referral contact, referring businesses to one another and getting a fee for each referral. Cross engagement, cross business

Create a Cryptocurrency Mortgage platform

There are numerous audiences trying to find out ways they can purchse property and goods through using bitcoin and cryptocurrency

Provide an affiliate marketing online resource a database or a network of affiliate marketing links

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Creative ideas to monetise WhatsApp


Your group monetisation hotspot
How to monetise whatsapp

Turn your WhatsApp group into a marketplace
Have links people click on that link to payment processing
Crowdfund with your WhatsApp group
Charge an introduction fee to an elite and exclusive WhatsApp group with high quality networks
Sell products
Bid for products in your WhatsApp group
Let people pay to advertise in your WhatsApp group
Pay for profile in your WhatsApp group after you’ve built the network
Create a marketing hub in your WhatsApp group

Boost other people’s products,blogs and brands
Link people to affiliates in your WhatsApp group
Get 5-10% off deals made in your WhatsApp group

Sell key products in your WhatsApp group
Offer your WhatsApp group as a speaking platform

Let people pay to be invited for speed networking at your WhatsApp group

Have video mentoring in your WhatsApp group
3 way premium tutorials in your WhatsApp group

Use your WhatsApp group to bolster traffic.

Wealth academy : ideas to make passive income

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Wealth academy

Passive income, we all yearn for more access, more money, and a life with less pocket strain. What do you do, when you’ve applied for every job out there, fed up with all the get rich quick schemes and the half cocked plans to bring in a fortune going belly up. Well if you’ve been a financial fugitive for a while the name of the game is creative access, and I might just be the one to inform you of how you can find it. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know, is the official statement. Yet here’s a new one I heard Money likes to be seduced, with creativity, inventiveness, knowledge and hard work, let’s include smart work. We want to position you so you can make money whilst you sleep, but the question is, how open minded can you really get, and how much are you willing to do the work? Check out my hot ticket of inventive ideas to wake up that sleeping pocket, and invite new soldiers In.

Website skins
Wealth community digi tech
Job board
Network marketing
Blogging using click bait 
Premium membership 
Wealth access forum
Chat rooms
Social media influencer 
# have a website selling trending content updated regularly
# sell courses that teach people how to navigate and make money through trading sites like etoro 
#be a consultant and get paid to growth hack
# be a consultant and get paid to help businesses crowd fund
Premium advertising billboard online 
Social networking site
Website skins
Website flipping
And blog flipping 
Helping self published authors monetise their books as an agency
Helping companies as an online virtual assistant 
Helping companies as an introducer setting up a networking and commencement scheme
Being commissioned by multi billion dollar companies to produce campaigns
Being paid to produce pitch decks for struggling companies
Bringing in investors for struggling companies
Being paid to do business plan
Having a platform that teaches languages for world travellers
Helping other people monetise their social media
Being paid to build social capital for startup companies
Being paid to generate sales leads
Being paid to give profile
YouTube channel
Radio channel
Active premium engagement communities
Being a paid mentor
Making money helping others revolutionise their ecommerce sites
Selling ebooks
Selling online directory space
Helping new designers sell their brands in your online superstore 
Acting as a paid consultant
Acting as a consultant that gets grants for companies and gets a fee
Becoming a paid speaker 
Designing an influx of media blogs getting each one to a million followers and selling them
Designing blogs in every category getting each one to a million flowers and selling it 
Being paid to set up business events
Being a high ticket closer
Media sales
Teach people how to monetise each and every single platform
Teach people how to bring money in for every single sector they trained in using social media even if they cangetobs
An online international grant database called gives you info about grants and funding in every sector in every country internationally.
Start an online travel journal
Create your own investment fund where people get a high return
Start a wealth journal
Start a premium online training boot camp
Sell exclusive tickets to private venues and locations
Have a cheap currency exchange platform
Sell tickets to experiences at a cheaper price: Wimbledon
Rent a space with your families permission for air bnb sell tickets online
Start your own restaurant delivery business, sell your food to your followers and have your friends do delivery
: rich people , golf , country clubs,resorts, how can I produce a product that problem solves for rich people?
An ap with a database of international golf,country clubs,resorts,
They pay a fee to use the app or to be members. The data is for locations all over the world
Locations hotspot: locations of clubs,events, all over the world that cater to i.e veganism.or certain niches , art, poetry, literature.
Copywriting build up your own copywriting skills on your blog and 
Become an agent for helping self published authors on publishizer gain traction with their crowdfunding campaigns
Become an agent and deliver assistance to support any crowdfunding campaign put together a portfolio of companies you can help
Design an online game 
Design online courses that teach people how to invest in the stock market from a young age 
Build a killer black book ( an online address book and sell access to it)
Dissertations get paid a fee to do people’s dissertations online and academic studies
Create an online shop buy and resell from goods you’ve bought from vintage charity profile for the site, then flip the site
Be a paid mentor or business coach
Start a website called do where people sign up to get paid and be errand boys for people in the local community.
Then create do list. For every borough, then one for every country.
Join Commission crowd
Introduce people to funds
Executive assistant service
Personal assistant service
Personal chef service for the rich
Private security for the rich
Publicist and Pr: online reputation management and profile for the rich 
Cyber security 
Data analytics
Or data capture: as data is capital especially in the Fintech or banking trade
Sell domain names

Trading currencies
Getting paid to design bitcoin communities
Build an online bitcoin network and channel
Building a membership platform for investors
Building a subscription deal flow membership platform, where investors bid to get access to high profile deals
Build a wealth tech community
Build a channel and a network for teen investors
Build a new competing freelancer job platform
Build a platform where reformed criminals can bid for access to jobs and work opportunities
Open up a trading forum
A trade marketplace
Create an app and market it so a million people download it
Create a web portal , a finance launchpad
Create a network for crowdraising specifically for new businesses
Sell items through drop shipping 
Sell online branding strategies for startups
Monetise your following
Be part of a referral scheme which you promote through your blog
Collect data for different niches and industry and sell that data
Have a business introducer scheme for people willing to pay
Set up your own accelerator launchpad
Create a wealth hub which provides exclusive access to info for a limited time only
The name of the game is sell or be sold too, master sales 
Hold a webinar
Seminars and sell tickets
Have a network for business advisors all over the world and have them pay a membership fee.
Create an online article site,
Create effective crowd raising websites
Specialise in something 
Create a mainframe and a directory for all the businesses which cater to disabled people all over the world
Create a business called celebrity boss, a business which helps other businesses find celebrity brand ambassadors
Create your own customise brand of goodie bags
Create your own glow in the dark, part motivational message, part e calendar fridge magnets
Sell solar chargers to countries who lack electricity 
Invest in wind turbines 
Invest in building an online school with online courses
Create a website called opportunity, getting other people to share their business opportunities online
Create a platform called accesslink, for people trying to build business teams
Create an online raffle for startup businesses to win a prize of £2,500 they pay a fee for the raffle, £5 and based on your following and engagement you end up with a million pounds in your pocket
If you have the idea all you need is a group of people, if the word client, customer alienates you, think of them as just people who will spend their money to bring it to pass. The key thing to realise is simply this, if your not a fan of doing the paperwork for the big grants, you have to convince the people in your network to allocate some funds for their budget.
People waste money on so many ridiculous things, prove to them without sounding desperate or begging that this product will be good for them.

Wealth Ninja series How to make £3000-£5000 extra a Month Blogging

First of all what do you want to blog about? Consider hot topics that have been well researched which will create the most engagement through your audience. Remember you are not just dumping busy words on the net, you want emotive content that provokes reaction, makes audiences want to take action and come back for more.
 What is your audience looking for? What do they want to know about? The hottest topics consistently are passive income,accessing luxury lifestyles, the life of a travel blogger, how to build a business online from scratch and self development. How to monetise your creative talents, healthy lifestyles, or adding value through building a brand , or monetising a hobby. Checkout Reddit, Quora, Google trends, Twitter, and other social media sites to see what’s buzzing online. Add affiliation links to your site, and Google Adsense. The more views you get the more income. 
Design a structure for an online channel videos have more engagement than story, or written content. Create a series that will turn you into a wealth Ninja, and continue to investigate the questions your audiences are asking online. What they seek, you will have the answer too, you can also sell courses on your blog or website, approach this challenge with a fun and enthusiastic business mindset.
 Have a plan for your blog, include illustrations and info graphics for marketing campaigns to make your content interesting, use videos, you can use slideshows instead of your own face if you want anonymity. Use hashtags and be relentless with tagging via Social media, get your audience to subscribe through your email marketing list and build a newsletter. The more you post, the more engagement you’ll get, create a series.

 Post 5/6 times a day and tag in friends, add key resources that will be useful for your audience. Brand your series of posts with a hook or a headline that attracts audiences. Get as many people to subscribe to your blog as possible, build a database of connections, a newsletter series and tag relentlessly as you share your posts, become a fan of research, be a contributor to other blogs and websites. Believe in your content, make your style fluent, clear and engaging , how will this content be insightful,add knowledge, inform,become a resource, give them access to capital, connections, help them devise a clearer plan or give them a strategy, how can they minimise time and maximise profit, how can you contribute more effetively to helping them develop a better lifestyle, build confidence in the area their pursuing, ( each sentence is a sale) use numbers, statistics, examples, analytics) (key niche blogging and online business) fail your way to success, read up about personal finance, business plans, creative enterprise, how to monetise a niche, different platforms on social media you can use to engage your audience, learn negotiation, language and terminology for branding and marketing, learn sales, practice pitching your blog In the mirror summarising and adding it to directories.
 Maybe you can start a community engagement platform for creatives in your community centre and people spread the word through word of mouth. 
Create new consistent habbits, learn marketing and define select goals have a discipline and a structure. Most of all just go for it!

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The six figure wealth portal and the online blogger

Okay lovely people another way to monetise your blog or website is to turn it into a wealth portal. A wealth portal is a membership site that is for community engagement, and promotes digital entrepreneurial advancement, and financial injection through paying attention to key themes. Providing hot content and topics and keeping your members thouroughly engrossed. Through your wealth portal you can create an ambassador programme, a referral scheme, and have your site commissioned by affiliate programmes and ecommerce goods. You can also have advertising space, offer profile, and  get as creative as you want, with your google adsense and other key codes linked to your site.

The wealth portal is used to attract investors, business magnates, and other steely entrepreneurs with high quality content.

What content appeals to you, what is your sites unique selling point. Build a network
Have a hook
Build engagement
Create a reason for people to want to access the info and key resources
Use search engine optimisation
Use digital marketing expertise
Get inventive,
Get creative
Tools of trade
Pay attention to analytics and reach
and enjoy!

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creative ways to sell 5000 ebooks through your blog

There are multiple ways to sell 5000 copies of your book online these include

Email marketing
Click funnels
Getting  more reviews
Having  more active video content with a link to your book sales page
Using the right hashtags
Using facebook and social media marketing consistently

Research the book your going to write, look at what audiences are searching for and write the title accordingly.

Ask a lot of questions on question and answer sites and forums.

Pay attention to popular tending books in your niche why were they bestsellers, what were their strengths

Get people online to refer your book

Add your book to a referral scheme

Have a blog solely about your book and build engagement

Develop your authority on the subject your going to write a book about. This means your sOcial media, business site, and anything you publish linked to this niche will show how much you excel in this arena. You are delivering yourself as a brand authority in this field, and you want the search engine, and the algorithms to give you notoriety for this skill. Have a facebook group or join other facebook groups, put time aside to be active online commentating on others posts, tweeting your insights, your knowledge, and your recommendations.Post on book sites, instagram pages, tumbler, bookish online, and online book clubs. Leave memorable insights and inspired quotes if tempted so you can be remembered.

Support the team
Comment on the work of other writers, inspire , encourage, build a network and actively support them. Retweeting, sharing, liking, subscribing, and recommending their work, so the love can be recycled. Sites like Twitter/facebook/linkedin/tumblr/instagram/ are great for this.

Ask bookshops to promote your book, spread the word with quirky bookmarks, offer to do readings, offer to hold workshops and creative writing classes in schools and libraries, anything to engage your audience and have them put the word out about your book.

Set up a sales commission programme for young people who are interested in sales, they can spread the word about your book, sell copies for you and get a commission

Ask influencers to share a copy of your book on their page, tag and mention.

Put out online press releases, and contact media yourself for interviews, ask to get on podcasts and youtube channels.

Have a can do attitude, watch sales seminars, and engage with your audience through your blog or website.

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How to make six Figures on A course Platform like Udemy

Education has become the millenial entrepreneurs new enterprise. With courses all over the internet turning  six figure success stories. Webinars and online tutorials the new must, many of us know there is something we could teach to a prospective audience. From recipes, to quirky knitting, Website design, to app making, everybody has their own unique skill whats yours and how do you monetise it on Udemy. How do you make a six figure income through your udemy course and create a following that is not just eager to learn from you, but fully engrossed in your videos.

First of all make sure you plan out your videos. Ensure the narrative is clear, the content is accessible and engaging, delivery is rich and you are using a clear format.

Have a list of hot topics you have entered into search forums and answer sites and seen there is a demand for. For example Xmas is coming up you may be a master at baking the quint essential gingerbread man, and may be able to deliver interesting baking tutorials on how to create quirky gingerbread characters for christmas. Or quirky characters in general for christmas be it christmas cakes. Maybe you’ve spotted a gap in the market for a gothic christmas card, i haven’t seen many, or an unconventional design for your very own brand of christmas advent calendar.

Keep your spin unique and interesting. Have a taste for what is trending and try and find an angle. Research thouroughly and extensively.

Build yourself up as an expert both on your social media your website and post key links to your udemy page.

On your Youtube post regular tutorials high quality content that will attract and increase your subscribers. Offer discounts such as two for one deals, or half price deals if they buy more than one course.

Have an email marketing list. An email marketing list is key when you want to build any type of following. It makes your work accessible to your audience, and heightens the likelihood of you getting profile.

Continue to post your expertise on social listening sites and assist people on sites like quora and reddit referring them to your course on udemy.

Sell your courses on your website using a clickfunnel attached to it, and consciously ask for referrals.
Do instagram videos promoting and selling your expertise do snapchat, and pay attention to the hashtags your using.

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Keys to your conquest:Wealth

There are primary keys to your success and the discipline that comes with elevating yourself. Before you start this journey to achieve your wealth goals and your vision. I want you to have a mental checklist of those who tried to stop you, those who tried to sabotage you out of jealousy and their own malice. Now think of your checklist of those who are supporting you, a wealth of experiences that makes you want to propel yourself forward. The mind can act as a bank, an atm. Use these memories to propel yourself forward and engineer your success. When you are tired, if an image of what success looks like to you doesn’t do it, visualise those people who tried to stop you, those people who tried to sabotage you, and use their inferiority and their jealous weakness as a key to engineer your success. Let their words be the reason you get up in the mornings, the reason you keep going, and the reason you stay hungry. Anger feeds passion, you won’t accomplish your goal by simply saying “yes I want to be a millionaire” you will say ” yes I’m going to be a millionaire, and use the weak words of those who tried to destroy my dreams to propel me forward. The more they say, the more you keep going, elevating yourself , countering procrastination and fear. Play with words, words are very powerful things, they attract vibrations. Remind yourself every morning that you are going to become a millionaire, and have a plan for exactly how your going to do it.

Ask a lot of questions. The right questions will always lead you to the path of finding the right answers.
As you nurture your habbits, be wise with the choices you make,

Have insight into your vision. Insight is all about inside knowledge, engagement, experience, listen to other stories , learn about how they executed their ideas .

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