Ed balde educates us on his journey to Success

Join us for a journey of success with prolific entrepreneur,investor and business gambit Ed Balde. A fab businessman with an exceptional portfolio,network and keen eye for trends and knowledge of the market, follow his insights and be inspired by his story.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business?


> I am Ed Balde,  Founder and CEO of UK and US based LanguageTech company Yazyk.

We have been in business since 2015. At Yazyk, we translate, proofread, localize content for offline purpose but also for websites, for organic search, for paid search and for social media.

Why did you start this business?

> There was a growing need to help businesses (large and small) break the language barrier whilst facilitating cross-country communications in the corporate world. This industry has almost doubled in size since we started and it’s not bound to stop as international business and globalization is still very much here despite the global economic crisis we are in.

What is your background?

> I am a French Londoner originally from Paris who settled down in the UK a decade ago. London is where I started my company. I have a sales background and I attended the Leonardo da Vinci University in Paris then I studied e-business at the University of Montreal (HEC).

Before starting my entrepreneurial journey back in 2011 – first as a part-time freelancer – I was a sales manager working for other tech companies in Paris and London.  I have been using both French and English on a daily basis during my sales career which then proved very useful as currently half of Yazyk customers are based in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada.

What inspires you?

> I love bringing fresh ideas that will contribute to creating a new segment in the market – and fulfill a need. Opening businesses to the world (which by the way is our catchphrase) is to me a rather fascinating expression in itself. No more borders when it comes to languages in the corporate world. Contributing to reaching this goal does inspire me!

What motivates you when business gets challenging?

> Knowing that whatever happens there is always a possibility to make a way throughout, knowing that by pushing myself to the limits I will find light at the end of the tunnel, a reward, a large contract, great feedback from our customers. That.. makes me proud and keeps me motivated even when facing difficulty.

How do you keep going?

> Innovating constantly, looking for new ways to address the needs of the audience is the key. Managing a company especially in a competitive industry like language services is like a constant fight. It never gets dull. We keep on re-inventing ourselves and that’s how we keep going towards our goals.

What challenges have you faced?

> Competition is always a barrier which we manage pretty well here at Yazyk I must say through competitive pricing and great service all the way. COVID is also a challenge for many businesses these days although it had a somewhat slight impact on our business and fortunately we went through it fine being 100% online based, plus businesses still need to work globally even when there is a pandemic.

Tell us about your brand

> Alongside our multilingual translation, SEO, Pay Per Click and Social Media Optimization offering, we are launching a new software to manage all these services in one place – which we plan to roll out in early 2021.

This revolutionary SaaS language platform will be optimized for both desktop and mobile use,  in the corporate world.

It will use a combination of human interaction together with Artificial Intelligence. The Yazyk team has added a special ingredient that will make us unique in this particular marketplace. Like they say, mom’s the word 🙂  I personally cannot wait for its release as the market is currently very much demanding it!

Business Dynamo and Venture Capitalist Genius Sam Copley invites us for a seat at the table

Business elite , champion investor, and financial maverick has just joined the list of elite professionals ive added for profile. Handsome, highly intelligent and a sophisticated investor, Sam Nallen Copley has been in venture capital for many years, providing a service that is both engaging and very much in demand so have a seat as i profile this market leader, and he shares his story of enterprise.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business.

I am Sam Copley. I work in Venture capital with a focus on biotechnology (both neurotech brain to computer interface technology and age related disease prevention. I spent much of my time speaking with other family offices and private investors, discussing potential co-investment opportunities and raising capital for our portfolio companies.

Why did you start this business?

I have long had an interest in disruptive technology and supporting scientific innovation. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to move into this space after working for a couple of years in more Vanilla cap-intro.

What is your background?

I spent most of my early adulthood abroad,with notable chapters in Japan, France and Papua New Guinea working in a wide range of sectors related to intelligence,language,culture and political risk. In my late 20’s i returned to London , entangled myself briefly in banking , before moving into more specialised areas of private wealth management.

What inspires you?

High quality deal flow. I interact with a global network of founders attempting to transform every aspect of the human experience. When i start due diligence on a start up transmitting abstract information from a computer into the brain, or a mining company eyeing up asteroids , i feel hugely privileged to be able to examine technologies that may wellshape where we are heading as a species.

what challenges have you faced?

I avoided a conventional career path in my youth, which made it hugely challenging entering the rigid world of Mayfair banking in my late 20’s. After leaving Oxford in 2011, i sought adventure abroad with no concrete vision of my ultimate vocation.This culminated in spending the best part of a year living with a tribe in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea , with no access to the internet, running water or the outside world. Trading in a bow and arrow for a keyboard was one of the hardest life decisions ive ever had to make.

Tell us about your brand

I pride myself on maintaining a network of highly driven and intelligent individuals globally. My brand relies on the understanding that members of my circle give and take: I am always excited when i can introduce an investor to a budding entrepreneur looking to solve a particular problem , in need of seed funding. I am extremely proud of the company i keep and i believe i have one of the most colourful black books in London.

Dynamic, Defined and elevated for success: Meet Donna raisa Tan!

I always have the entrepreneurial heart and believe that in order to live a quality life, I must do something that I love without compromising time and financial freedom

Intriguing and highly intelligent, elevated for success , career minded , focussed, beautiful, meet the illustrious Donna Raisa Tan. With a sharp wit, an insight for business and a keen eye, Donna is someone who is a trojan in the workforce with great ideas and an extensive catalogue of experiences, Donna is both creative, and has an extensive network, great portfolio and indomittable spirit, join me as i interview this new captain of industry. Donna has allowed her experiences to not grind her, but help her evolve and shape her in her careeer. If ever there was a force in industry, this is one element to look out for. Meet Donna Raisa Tan.

Please introduce yourself to the audience and give us a bit of insight about who you are and what you do.

My name is Donna Raisa Tan and I am an Online Business owner and mentor, I help ordinary people from around the globe to start their very own and branded online business with the use of our proven system, sales funnel, marketing tools, step by step training, mentorship and international community that you can ask help when needed 24/7!

  2. Why did you start this business? I always have the entrepreneurial heart and believe that in order to live a quality life, I must do something that I love without compromising time and financial freedom. And this cannot be attain if I am in a corporate world, that is why I wanted to become my own boss and earn wherever or whenever I can be and  that is only possible in the digital space. And so, when I found my online business opportunity around September of 2019, I knew that this is what I’ve been praying for. Without a doubt, I took the leap of faith and dive into the amazing online world.  

 3. What is your background? I completed Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance in Philippines way back in 2006. When I moved in Dubai to further develop my career, I took health and safety, environmental and sustainability courses. That helped me to land a job as an Environmental, Health and Safety and Sustainability professional working for a chain of hotels in the city. I have been in the corporate world for 12 years now. 

  4. What inspires you? I am inspired by our international online business community from different walks of life, they are becoming their own bosses with the use of our system as the income in the online space is way better than being employed, I have seen them spending quality time with their love ones and travel anywhere they want without worrying about finances and time constraint and even receiving cheques from the business coming back home. I am inspired as well seeing people that I helped achieve their dreams as I achieve mine, seeing them improve themselves in personal development too, I am glad that our training doesn’t only focus on advertising but as well as personal development. Those that joined before and has “0” knowledge in Facebook now are very competitive and enjoying the process of the newly acquired skills. I am inspired by my audience giving me positive feedback that they are enjoying my contents.  

 5. What motivates you when business gets challenging? I always hold unto my WHYs, there is always a driving force from within knowing that I am anyway having the best system and it’s only myself who should keep going and continue to keep going amidst the diversities. I also watched twice a week our webinars and weekly masterminds, our panellists keeps on changing and hearing testimonials from those business owners that are sharing their journeys to success, keeps the fire in me burning! I keep my eye on my vision board, that someday, all my goals will be achieved

I always upgrade myself, I get resources of ideas from different platforms in the net, the creativity in me surge whenever I see new tips and tricks to run my business in a more stylish way and it made me so excited to share and give value to my audience. I always want to give them the best content that I can to somehow inspire, educate and entertain their day. And seeing people engaging on me and letting me know that I have touched their lives in my posts in a positive way, it’s a great fulfilment! Seeing my mentees learned from my teachings and achieving results in their business is another satisfaction for me that money cannot repay. Even people that I never knew and just quietly watching my journey and suddenly they’ll message me telling that they admire how I inspired them, for me it’s like magic! 

 7. What challenges have you faced? What more can I think of being challenged in this pandemic time. So many restrictions and economic crisis that are affecting us in one way or another. Not to mention the psychological effects on us and trying to cope up with the new norm. Nevertheless, I try my very best to stay strong in my core and think of how to be more of value instead of feeling hopeless and play as a victim in this trying times.   

8. Tell us about your brand? I would want people to think when they hear my name or see my posts as an empowered woman, a goal getter with a creative mind-set. As someone that they can lean on to alleviate life even in a small way, even from across the globe. Working in the online space has never been this exciting, imagine a single content from Dubai, UAE is reaching in a far and remote area of Canada, it’s like that person being in the opposite side of me in this world! I want them to know that today, wherever we are, it is possible to start a business in our smart devices, we can leverage the power of the internet and it is possible to shifts our lives in 360 degrees within 4-5 years! There is so much to explore in the online space, gone are those grinding in years until we retire, now we can retire and still have the full energy to do whatever we want, wherever we want! And if given the opportunity to mentor, it is for me a call to share whatever I can with our community to help someone start their exciting journey! Here is my website to learn more: www.donnaraisatanegho.com and I hope to see you on the inside!   

Spearheading super change

We are often told with fear that possibility is beyond our reach. We hear voices chime into our eardrums,leading our defeat, hoping that we are less than what we are. For all the change agents, visionaries, leaders, and hopefuls, the mind needs a wealth of food to empower itself. It is important to cultivate a conversation with the mind, to shape your future, you must develop a path of access for yourself and those who tread after you. We walk, a path littered with obstacles, it is a narrow road, skittered with objects, eager to challenge social fugitives that escape the trademark of a standard norm. We are elevating ourselves beyond the ordinary,evolving to what’s extraordinary, connecting to a self that is illuminated and transcends both pain and small definition. You are more than the minuscule conversations of yester year, greater than fear, other people’s put downs, ridicules, laughter, humiliation, because to make an impact, to create change you must tap into your infinite self.
This is beyond the simplicity of your needs, you are changing the perspective of others. Heightening their ambitions and bringing them further in the realm of possibilities. It was a dream, then it became a vision, now you must tread it, now you must March it, now you must glorify your own independence, by celebrating the power of your mind. The mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal, it helps us become instigators of great social change, manoeuvre, and negotiate, our way to our own financial freedom. We walk in the paths of change agents that came before us, shifting, dancing through time.

Qudos to kings: capturing king-sized imaginations

It begins with the seed of discourse, a fledgling conversation explodes into the silence. You are at the mercy of self and mind. Determined to obliterate the silence, eager to escape the tedium which transcends normal life. You want change, you want drama, excitement, passion, growth and a life of fulfilment. There is no substitute  for development. There is no substitute for tapping into infinite change and infinite possibility. Welcome to the evolving self. Welcome to a mind which will meditate upon change, meandering, and navigating through the chaos of fallen trials and almost triumphs. You think to yourself, from the world allows one day I will make an impact. One day I will take bold creative steps and unwind myself from the umbilical cord of ‘normal’ nursing the wounds that come with attempts to elevate ones self, beyond the constraints of a simplistic mind. You are stepping outside of the box, taking off shoes and socks, walking bare foot, into a realm of infinite questions where answers are blanketed, closeted and cloaked. You will morph into a self that the world will find undiscovered, unrecognisable. Self as explorer, self as adventurer, yet self as hero. There is something beautiful about the expansive mind. It’s complex methodologies, and stratagem, then at other times the way it eases you into a fate with a simple recipe, and ingredients that primarily redefine your entire sense of being. Your imagination is your best friend on this journey, feed it and fuel its processes.

Sins of a rose


I am handcuffed to a love
I do not understand it
It eats me up
Then plucks me inbetween sharp jagged
When i am bleeding
It licks my scars
Yet when i am whole
It crunches at my stem
Till i am incomplete
and in need of sustainance
It says i have sinned as a rose
Such a beautiful
Rose with thorns
Once it tried to eat me
and my thorns
they pricked it’s gums
Till it bled
leaking yellowing puss
It must punish me now
such a beautiful
perculiar thing
For as a rose
Yanked from its beauteous soil
My roots they still breathe life
and i remain an extraordinary thing
The sin of a rose
My many many sins
Yet loves a dangerous thing

Postmark stranded

I promised you
Flowers by the moonlight
Something alive
Something loved
Needing Oxygen
The way i needed you
Needing water
You are cocooned
Within this soil
Lovers trudge by in dirty
working man boots
and timberlands
Just to tell stories
Journal the days of the living
To those whose
Ears have slept
I miss the laughter
that bubbled from you
before the wine would come
Filling the room
Like a ghost
claiming glares like a gossip
Your laugh was a postcard
Of where we were
Our stamp
First class
Royal air
I am deciphering
my grief
Scared to embrace it
That it will morph and become me
Such a greedy
wholesome thing
Like a baby suckling
At your breast
Claiming buds of milk
I am only 3 months
into this cycle
By the moonlight
The ghosts of other peoples
and snatches of their conversation
piercing my eardrums
It is like being at sea
With a tempest
Like an angry Horizon
It is like being on
an Island
with no boat
My eyes are wild orbs
From lack of sleep
I grow restless in my
own company
pacing the brackets
Of the limitations i set
I miss most the scent of you
Like a burning incense
Making my whole body shiver
The talks into a purple night
as my complexion would pale
For you were somewhat
Where are you now
My extraordinary love
For i am stranded here

Cinderella and her glass promise

I will wait for you.
It was a lie which was
Pregnant with a thousand sins
For he had lied too
In the hue of the night
The maze of the mind
Soothes an angry minotaur
Angry that she was
left behind
How do you soothe
One who was lost in time
Yet still present
How do you charm a genie
like smoke
into the eternity
Of a trapped existence
To a love
That once upon
was scared of becoming
I will wait for you
she said
A sentence
That hangs fraily in the air
Then is put to sleep
With sedative
When cassanova glides by
With his rhythmn and blues stride
Conversations that can transport
her to Jupiter
Without the tonic
Sharing half a smile ,
Making nerves jitter and
dance like keys in pocket
The clock ticks,
Strikes a chord
If she waited
Cinderellas feet
May turn to glass

Little girl dreaming

Once upon a dreamer
With her once upon a time
Those myths i once told you
Could unravel
you in time
Neatly stitched
Like the hem of a skirt
Look at all the threading
Patchwork and fabric
Little girl
Mother says you dream too hard
Where are all your fingers
Itchy fingers
Itchy thumbs
make them nimble
Make them numb
Will you be eaten by a
Vortex of dreams
Sink into pillow
Wanted by Sandman
Mother says little Girls
By the Bayou
must Toil
Disipline and habbit
Doesnt unfoil
Keep the dream
Like a postcard in your pocket
Dare you not lose it
My treasure
Lock it

Glitter ball


The things you miss
about the faces that claimed
Your day
people who are just passing
Scared of aging
I miss the flash of
White teeth
A polaroid of precision
gated bones
Celebrating snatches
from a postcard of Joy
Talling me how happy
You were to see me
Your warm embrace
The honey of your soft
Like the kiss of
I miss my friend
whose laugh would
like a Volcano
Turning grown men into
Bludshing yet pulsing
Spasms of conversations
Lost in the magic
of a Glimpse
Speech bubble people
Eager to be popped
Ripe for connecting
I miss your walk
Like a dance
The shimmy of Limbs
everytime you stepped
Into a room
You were like a
Dazzling Glitterball
Your eyes shone like
For there was
Something special
About you

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