Creative ideas to monetise WhatsApp


Your group monetisation hotspot
How to monetise whatsapp

Turn your WhatsApp group into a marketplace
Have links people click on that link to payment processing
Crowdfund with your WhatsApp group
Charge an introduction fee to an elite and exclusive WhatsApp group with high quality networks
Sell products
Bid for products in your WhatsApp group
Let people pay to advertise in your WhatsApp group
Pay for profile in your WhatsApp group after you’ve built the network
Create a marketing hub in your WhatsApp group

Boost other people’s products,blogs and brands
Link people to affiliates in your WhatsApp group
Get 5-10% off deals made in your WhatsApp group

Sell key products in your WhatsApp group
Offer your WhatsApp group as a speaking platform

Let people pay to be invited for speed networking at your WhatsApp group

Have video mentoring in your WhatsApp group
3 way premium tutorials in your WhatsApp group

Use your WhatsApp group to bolster traffic.

The Fog of Others

It’s easy to let others tell you who you can become. For years I was bullied out of my own skin by a coward who loathed himself. We trust the wrong people to love us, we trust the wrong people to build us up when we’re vulnerable, because we’re too fragile to build ourselves up. As I was laughed at , and ridiculed, put down, humiliated,by a guy who spent years afraid of his own shadow, I realised the most sacred lesson I should have learned. I kept reaching out for love for friendship, but self is love, and family is network. It is important to know who you are and where you come from,otherwise people who are weaker, who have failed themselves will use you as a crutch as a platform to build up an identity of strength. The guy who bullied me for years spent years dragging his face across the pavement, he could barely hold his own shoulders up. Now I think of the humiliation he caused me, the false friends he gathered whilst doing it, and I can only laugh, because I see so much clearer now. Once upon a time through his fog of insults I couldn’t see at all.

Million Dollar countdown idea 2

The online Portfolio. Whether your a graphics nerd, or a creative with a passion for enterprise articles, what you need is to step out of the me zone and think of the we zone. There are millions of creatives out there looking for great sites to load premium content, why not start one in a unique niche. For example i specialise in writing business and digital marketing articles, or brand specific journalism. What would be great if when i started i found a site that offered me the opportunity to showcase my articles, or have companies purchase my articles, and buy pieces of my work or pay me for my labour. Online you find a lot of companies offering you this service yet your always supposed to do it for free. Or you spend monumental time doing a series of articles for .20 p. A premium site specialised specifically for commisioning portfolios would bring in a shed load of revenue, and opportunity for freelance writers. Link it to adsense and an advertising network, introduce some affiliates and your laughing.

habbits of the superwealthy: millionaire checklist

We watch their lives in awe, they are dynamic individuals. Whether its a video, they animate our tv screens , we listen  to their interviews on podcasts, read their success stories in magazines. Entrepreneurs engage us. we are fascinated by their habbits their lifestyles and their personality traits. So what does it take to be a sibling of success? How do you waltz in such glory? When i was doing my podcast lunchbox millionaires pushbutton radio i was interviewing entrepreneurs , millionaires, ceos, and founders, their habbits and patterns were fascinating to me.First of all entrepreneurs extend themselves beyond their comfort zone, they are cautious of what the masses are doing and rather than follow, they lead. Whether its by producing new products, creating new digital trends, they cultivate financial access by creating their own spin on movements in the market.Entrepreneurs extend their wealth of self belief, they dont just believe in their potential , they actively challenge it.A millionaire in comparison to an ordinary person will use failure as a tool to access wealth. They will use it to motibvate and propel themselves forward, learning from the mistakes of yesterday and negotiating a new path.

They are superfocussed on hitting the immediate target and goal. Although there is the vision up ahead, they keep themselves en route by meeting targets and goals.

Entrepreneurs are excellent communicators and believe in building networks, some of them extend well beyond their social reach, creating schemes, and new outcomes for people of varying class structures, so they have a  portfolio of different types of connections.

They know the importance of time management, and managing other people effectively.

They may not be in the creative field  but are creative thinkers

They are super readers and big on self development.

They are highly disciplined and have a structure to their day

They are eager to learn from others

They are super observant
They pay attention to mentors, and have good advisors

They watch out for trends and put a unique spin on things

They believe in facilitating others

They think outside the box

They look at things rationally and objectively

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