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Burning the boats

‘Burn the boats’

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someone once said if you want to take the Island burn the boats. Give it everything you’ve got and go for it with all you are. Believe that not only can you do it, but you are willing to commit to the tasks to execute it. When you fail, step back asses and adjust. Who can you model that’s gotten it right, how can you add value , how can you develop a plan going forward to empower yourself. You must believe that you are capable by consistently executing the steps to get you into the position for your future self.


How to explode your website with massive traffic

How do you monetise your niche,or your area of interest? How do you explode your website with massive amounts of traffic? Pinterest, YouTube, creative content with great hooks, advertising Campaigns, pay attention to what audiences in your niche are searching for? Write articles with great hooks, social proof your site with sites like Quora,Reddit,twitter,become an expert, utilise influencers and ask them to post guest links to your site, do video posts about your content, host webinars,econferences,online seminars,do Facebook marketing, do Facebook posts and utilise linkedin, use email marketing

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New wealth concepts and ideas

These are some of my new ideas and concepts for business, be inspired and engaged. Great titles, hooks, what can become of these titles, can you formulate something? Lets see what you can do?

Trade and ecommerce portal and data hub

Network marketing and financial education portal

Wealth Monetisation portal

Info bytes nuggets

Financial education streaming platform and channel

Interactive engagement community and hub

Networking and speed monetisation hub

Community engagement platform

Global trade and information technology influencer app

Speed engagement hub app

Influencer discipleship app

Investment education app

Social feed news trend app

Trends and global economics apps

Networks and influencer marketing

Wealth hub and community profile app

Ecommerce and investment social app

Markets and trade app

Global e wealth development app

Chingy: The banking app

Social proof platforms

Investment buddy app: Educational investment tool

Nuggets of gold: Wealth education game

Wealth Wizard: Creative ways to bring in an extra income

Be a leading sales agent

Be a sales referral agent

Build a leading network

Have a killer blackbook

Be a notorious influencer

Be a niche and well known introducer for certain key markets

Be a fintech influencer

Master Financial markets and investments

Understand trends in the stockmarket

Write an ebook

Be a sales consultant

Be a master blog and website flipper

Be an advertising specialist

Be a lead media sales consultant

Be a global innovator and know how to apply for grants and funding

Have a database of international grants and a resource for accessing them

Have a network of investors who are interested in investing in startups at mvp, make startups pay you a fee to be introduced.

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Ed balde educates us on his journey to Success

Join us for a journey of success with prolific entrepreneur,investor and business gambit Ed Balde. A fab businessman with an exceptional portfolio,network and keen eye for trends and knowledge of the market, follow his insights and be inspired by his story.

What is your name and give us a brief about your business?


> I am Ed Balde,  Founder and CEO of UK and US based LanguageTech company Yazyk.

We have been in business since 2015. At Yazyk, we translate, proofread, localize content for offline purpose but also for websites, for organic search, for paid search and for social media.

Why did you start this business?

> There was a growing need to help businesses (large and small) break the language barrier whilst facilitating cross-country communications in the corporate world. This industry has almost doubled in size since we started and itโ€™s not bound to stop as international business and globalization is still very much here despite the global economic crisis we are in.

What is your background?

> I am a French Londoner originally from Paris who settled down in the UK a decade ago. London is where I started my company. I have a sales background and I attended the Leonardo da Vinci University in Paris then I studied e-business at the University of Montreal (HEC).

Before starting my entrepreneurial journey back in 2011 – first as a part-time freelancer – I was a sales manager working for other tech companies in Paris and London.  I have been using both French and English on a daily basis during my sales career which then proved very useful as currently half of Yazyk customers are based in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada.

What inspires you?

> I love bringing fresh ideas that will contribute to creating a new segment in the market – and fulfill a need. Opening businesses to the world (which by the way is our catchphrase) is to me a rather fascinating expression in itself. No more borders when it comes to languages in the corporate world. Contributing to reaching this goal does inspire me!

What motivates you when business gets challenging?

> Knowing that whatever happens there is always a possibility to make a way throughout, knowing that by pushing myself to the limits I will find light at the end of the tunnel, a reward, a large contract, great feedback from our customers. That.. makes me proud and keeps me motivated even when facing difficulty.

How do you keep going?

> Innovating constantly, looking for new ways to address the needs of the audience is the key. Managing a company especially in a competitive industry like language services is like a constant fight. It never gets dull. We keep on re-inventing ourselves and that’s how we keep going towards our goals.

What challenges have you faced?

> Competition is always a barrier which we manage pretty well here at Yazyk I must say through competitive pricing and great service all the way. COVID is also a challenge for many businesses these days although it had a somewhat slight impact on our business and fortunately we went through it fine being 100% online based, plus businesses still need to work globally even when there is a pandemic.

Tell us about your brand

> Alongside our multilingual translation, SEO, Pay Per Click and Social Media Optimization offering, we are launching a new software to manage all these services in one place – which we plan to roll out in early 2021.

This revolutionary SaaS language platform will be optimized for both desktop and mobile use,  in the corporate world.

It will use a combination of human interaction together with Artificial Intelligence. The Yazyk team has added a special ingredient that will make us unique in this particular marketplace. Like they say, momโ€™s the word ๐Ÿ™‚  I personally cannot wait for its release as the market is currently very much demanding it!

Freedom to Fly

You have something special to accomplish and you have time to do it, it is not about who turns you down, who rejects you, whose door you knock at that wont provide you access. https://2f3cf71bud3eql6isey8fjxfcv.hop.clickbank.net/ Its about creating opportunities for yourself, out of your vision. Using key objectives and motivating yourself when you get in a slump. There are days where things will seem dire, where life may turn you inside out, yet think to yourself one day, i will be free of these negative emotions of this toxicity. Let me find a door, that i can open myself, and i can lead others to a pride of place. You are your vision. You are your strength, you are your hope and you are the light in the darkness. Bold steps when the bone is fragile. You must believe in your ability to perform because life is set up for contenders. Whether you have a disability or not, whether you have an ailment or not, you have a path and you must arrive at the finish line no matter what foibles are in your way. It is the daily tasks, the affirmations, the sentences we say in the morning, the prayers we keep in our hearts. Others may not know your potential, but you stem from promise. You are the baby of a womb ripe with ideas, let them envelope you, and fasten your seat belt your in for the ride of your life.https://2f3cf71bud3eql6isey8fjxfcv.hop.clickbank.net/

Countering Fear with Belief

Fear. Fear has stopped many people from accomplishing a dream, those little doubts that dance in and out of our thoughts making us dizzy. https://3a179971hcw6q9fdwimgm8en40.hop.clickbank.net/ Yet what if you did it piece by piece day by day, a bit at a time. What would your fear say then? Fitting every jigsaw piece in little by little, taking the cake a slice at a time. My father said something to me that inspired me he said, it takes many drops of water to make an Ocean. Yet this message states that the ocean itself is possible. Do not conquer and yet condemn,believe in possible things, if men have walked the moon, why not you, why is your vision, your dream so impossible for a universe and a god of such omnipotence. We believe in so many things, let’s take time to embrace fully believing in ourselves. https://3a179971hcw6q9fdwimgm8en40.hop.clickbank.net/

Hot List Of Article ideas for Engagement and to build a Following

Here at Alchemii we are aware that content remains king, that for audiences to engage with your content you need to provide creativity that is show stopping, engaging, hot off the press, delicious, and of course intellectually stimulating….or maybe just fun. Here are a list of great content concepts that will keep audiences coming back for more, and when they do come, make sure theres a seat at your table, so they can enjoy all the treats and all the delicacies your site has to give. Go premium with your passive potential.

Listย  Articles
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The thing with your Voice

It seemed to be his season to tear her down, to destroy her with words which had too much rhythm in the bones, creating sombre blues. Why had she picked him? Elisa remembered the loneliness of the letter, inked tears expressing the delicacy of a heart already meshed with sadness, maybe she needed a friend, a vocal chord, a spine. Or just someone who could scream the way she couldn’t. She hated him now his arrogance in the classroom, eyes which dotted her lanky frame and the chorus of laughter following her like a cloud. I was just trying to be kind, she screamed in her head, I I I saw something I thought shadow was man. I am nomadic once again. Yet the eyes continued to dance like fairy lights, insults as glued as spit on their tongue. Once when she had stood out in the rain and this hatred had consumed her, this unjust anger had eaten its way into her womb, she’d watched his matchstick frame walk by her shivering nervously for all the jokes he had told and all the cruelty she had experienced. Elisa had come to discover the boy who had no self esteem, prided himself on ridiculing others. Dotting his pitchfork your way and stealing your sight till all you saw was charcoal shadows. She had never hated anyone like this before, she never knew she could hate, it was as saw dust where blood should be, ink where there should have been water. It was that day she realised she would hate him for the rest of her life, and she had just been a lost girl reaching out. He could have been anyone. Because that’s what loneliness is, anyone’s game, someone misguided. To use their vulnerability to build a platform ,Elisa knew showed Serpents skin. She imagined that letter rotating around half the world, her watch ful gaze no longer pleading forgiveness for a thing of innocence.

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