The beauty badasses: Enter the next new trend The body Spa products

What does beauty mean to you? Does it mean access, does it mean elevation, notoriety, status, what about inner beauty, transformation, self love. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and actually felt great, sexy,stylish , and even captivating.

We want you to get your bounce back,to get your beauty back ,and for your skin to have elasticity back. What do  you see when you look at your favourite celebrity , are you just in awe, or do you go in front of the mirror and practice their siren strut.

Their million dollar smile, and what outfit do you wear? If you were to do a beauty campaign , what outfit would you wear, what iconic pose, and most of all to get there, are you willing to go the distance. Engage and Enjoy, get your groove back and tilt that chin up so you can waltz back into a room with your head lifted up with pride. Enter The body Spa.

Our range of amazing products, transform you inside and out. So your feeling beautiful and refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated.
Who knew that you could turn heads like this, now you can. There’s good and there’s just damn gorgeous, why not feel amazing with our products that take you from zero confidence to hero confidence.
Wether you wanna be a catwalk queen,Or a fab fashionista,
We’ll put a strut in your step, and for the gentleman of the boardroom an ace in your athleticism.

Otatade Okojie black lives matter poem

Were still here

We’re still here
We’re still standing
All these clowns
Keep pretending
We’re not ghosts
You can see
Here stands
Black royalty
From north
To South
To east to west
Hand on chest
Hand on my Breast
These are the words
That I profess
Black lives matter
Martin Luther
Said it best
To all the king’s
And queens now passed
Who lived
Their lives
Walking on glass
I salute and celebrate
With pride
Despite the malice
You would not deny
For we are a testament
We are god’s glory
Strength and wisdom
Take pride
In our story
Wether you’ve been humbled
Or majestic
You stand
This is god’s Earth
And also our land
I celebrate culture
Beauty and sound
Africa you are more than
A noun
Let history sing
Rhythm drip off my hips
Such African beauty
Can never be eclipsed.

Workout Wonderland: Join ‘The Body Spa’ Brand The Otatade Okojie journal, the dream

Hi guys so for many years i have had a challenge with my eating. This stemmed from my own habbits and diet, but also some emotional toxicity of some others i had indulged. Yet this is not a pity party, this is about taking action. So if your like me, maybe you’ve experienced some bullying in the past for being different, had a health condition, i suffer with Epileptic seizures, or simply you just have picked up some bad eating habbits along the way. I completely understand. Life is emotional, and when it hits, it can come at your health and your habbits and routines like a wrecking ball. Maybe your a workaholic and your answer to everything is, ‘ i dont have time’ so you cash out and tuck in to whatever your fingertips can find. Often fast food, unhealthy, poor diet, and now over time there it is. The belly. Smiling back at you in the mirror, the dress that you used to love wearing, the one with the vibrant colours that shows off your shape. Now your scared of being spotted in high streets, shops, and even the local corner store. That weight has aged you, you feel tired and you feel sloppy. When you go to the stores, the dresses you like dont seem to fit you, and the concept of dating seems almost foreign. Enter our new brand The body Spa , and my new fitness journal and regiment.

Thats right people, we are doing a 360 body transformation together. Positive evolution of Mind, body and spirit, and ensuring that not only do we look good but we feel great.

No more walking on tiptoe as the ‘marketing campaigns’ dash around the stores looking amazing in their hot to trot outfits, We are gonna be sirens that sizzle, and for the gentleman, to add a little polish to your peach we are going to our delicious bodies not just desirable for you, but for us. For the men lets bring out the Athlete in you, Below are amazing transformative The Body Spa products. Excellent for diet,health and wellbeing. Please tell all your friends to tune into my 3 month challenge, here i will post my videos, tips, nutrition advice, and share my incredible products. So guys, lets do this, Lets transform, positive Mental attitude, diet , discipline, my plan is to blitz this workout shed these pounds, and in 3 months time you will join me in my big reveal. Bikini Babe glamshot, so ladies and gentleman join me on this journey. #Healthiswealth

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Job opportunity to become a The body Spa recruit ( Awesome Opportunity)

Flexible hours work from home. Join the team.

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Introducing my brand The body spa

Hi everyone join my weight loss journey, and checkout some of my amazing products on my new website . The body Spa is a health and wellbeing brand which specializes in transforming confidence, fitness, beauty, skin care. Join my weight loss movement the #stretchandstrut and support my campaign to evolve from caterpillar to butterfly. Let’s do a big reveal. Follow me on Instagram, ( click this link to check out my products),

Top 15 ways to go viral with your ebook

Remember that content is always king. Wether it’s delicious tidbits in the privacy of our hubs, or your an adventurer enticing the world weaving stories with splendid copy all over London you want to write content that captivates your audience.
Lead in articles or posts on your blog or website that talk about your novel briefly, post a link that directs audiences to your books preorder page, increasing the traffic, the click through rate, and the conversion rate.

You want to use consistent email marketing campaigns. Those numbers, and contacts you have can be liquid contacts, you can monetise them, you just have to engage them, regularly , consistently , sending them lots of resourceful information. Info that is accessible,broken down, or bitesized in some way.

Get customer reviews, you can even get video testimonials

Have a YouTube channel

Get a book publicists
Do events

Social proof using such sites as Quora and Reddit

Spark an online debate

Become an influencer, write a book on one of your key themes and get your audience to buy your book on pre order.

Sell wealth secrets to your audience that they may not know about your niche

Become a key resource in your niche, make your website the go to site for information on that niche and sell the information you have as copy in book format.

Master the Amazon algorithm through online tutorials,courses, and workshops
Or you can do an accelerator course with enterprise nation

Pay attention to trends and what’s hot in the market

Use kdp spy or rocket to see which niche has books that sold the most,and cater to the audiences in that niche

Learn keyword optimisation for Amazon and SEO

Use fulfilment by Amazon

Do a business and marketing course along with the development of your brand.

Connect to the key distribution channels for your product,key bloggers and influencers and engage with them.

Most importantly do your market research.

The sirens guide to a winner thriller

We all go through that spell of lacklustre creativity, terrified that the words on the page will rot in our heads and form nothing more than dots in oblivion in our minds. Those neat sentences barricaded, dulled mute, rotating, in our heads until they become nothing. What if those sentences didn’t just take form on the page, what if your thrillers could disrupt social trends netting you six figures and a tidy networth. With intricate attention to detail, a system, and a routinte that generates massive traffic to your amazon page, improving your click through rate, improving your analytics and converting. This winning system will help your thriller, if written well, with great book jacket, great hook, and effective marketing appeal to its right audience.

First of all find your audience; Have a website, deliver content that appeals to your target audience make sure your target audience is linked to the niche that are interested in your book.

What are they looking for? Whats hot for them right now in the thriller market?

Make sure content is well researched and well defined. The better your research, the better your novel, The better your delivery

Provide nuggets, resources or insights of key information , fun and insightful tidbits that they may not be able to get anywhere elsewhere

Interesting facts about your character.

For example my character in Dark Sunday loves to listen to the sound of the rain before bedtime, and has a journal or pad she writes in.

Understand the amazon seo

And the amazon keyword

Watch videos and tutorials on the amazon and google keyword algorithm

Get over 500 reviews for your book

Identify your book as a product, do not be too precious about it

Identify its hooks and its strengths, where does it fit in the market? What product is it similar too?

Where would your audience go in the shopping aisles to purchase it

What sites would your key customers use before visiting your website

What searchterms would they type in for your book?

Why would theypart with funds to purchase your book?

What is their budget round about

Who is the lead author in your niche

Who is your biggest competitor?

What are their hooks

What language are they using to sell their books

Look at the style of their book jackets? Colour, font,

Can you get quotes from prolific contacts to really give your book the hard sell?

Whats the maximum number of reviews you can get

Newspaper interviews, podcast interviews, magazine, profile interviews, How can you build your audience with social media

Which influencers can you approach

Which publicist would be great for your budget?

Can you get a stint on radio?

And what about your book launch, engagement with the Bookclubs, the book communities like wattpad, and partnering with the Bookstores and Book festivals?

How about events and readings with community organisations like the library, the business centre, youth organisations. The more people who engage with you reading your work, and the more speaking opportunities you get, the more your work sells. Also think about special deals, and special offers, countdown deals and giveaways. A youtube channel, where you do book giveaways and sales of your book at discounted prices, engaging book bloggers for Pr. Enjoy the process, marketing is just as fun as the writing process for me, and it can be for you also. You are sharing your brand, your story, and the magic of your creativity. Enjoy!

A delicious read for all your divine senses: Otatade Okojie new Novel series coming out soon

Prolific author Otatade Okojie has released another spine tingling, blockbusting sensation. The Dark Sunday series has created so much buzz , the pre order list is half full, audiences are rushing to Amazon to sign up for its release. This mystery suspense thriller keeps you guessing till the very end, with captivating enchanting characters, atmospheric scenes, and hypnotic writing, this page turner hot off the printing press will engage young audiences for the most part of the year.

Meet Israel North the new teen detective everyone’s talking about, a triumph as a character, a curious quirk, with a nose for trouble like a beagle.

In Israel’s small town of Eden something is amiss, there are strange goings on in the local church, with the help of her two friends August and Ghost, Israel is determined to solve the marvels taking place in the church from water walking, to healed limbs, but a series of strange and suspicious deaths that follow. Who is behind all the pandemonium, and even more to the point do they know she knows too much about the Pandora’s box they’ve unleashed?

How to make money with your Amazon books: Monetising The Amazon madness

Books should be written in a series
Keep your audience wanting more
Do your research
What are they looking for
What is there a demand for in the market?
For example when you go to the market and you go shopping, you may see crowds gather for a particular product
Why that product
Is it the salesman’s pitch
Is it the branding?
What makes them keep sourcing for that product
Notice key things, publicity , the sales man shouts about the product.
If you make your product invisible nobody will buy it
Profile is key
What’s the hook
Why should audiences engage with your product over competitors in the other shelf
Is it positioning.
Which section will you place the product,
Is it use of colours? Design
Who is your customer, what problem are you trying to solve for them
Is it a reasonable price?
What hooks are you using?
Are you using Bogoff offers ( buy one get one free)
Half price deals
What are you offering the customer for their time, for their custom?
How are you engaging them, with your product?
Each product is an extension of your brand
Utilise SEO
Product reviews so you can rank high on the algorithms, good reviews show the ‘ machine’ as I call it that it can make money out of your product.
The more reviews, the better your sales.
The better the reviews are, the higher you rank

Pay attention to niche
The more focussed your product is the more chance it can have of competing or even dominating within the niche.
For example if someone goes to the market place selling trainers where there is a huge collection of trainers they will have masses of competition, yet what if they came selling signature Italian trainers, or a particular design brand of trainers , that there is a lack of in the market, that is a niche. That individual could make a fortune from selling international , designer trainers at low cost commercial prices to local people.

That individual would make a small fortune.

Market research is key as you engage your audience , wether on your blog or your social media sites, find out what appeals to them , what are they looking for? If you find out what their looking for, you find out what they will invest in.
What will make them part with their money?
There are wants, and there are needs?
Pay attention to Google trends what is trending at the moment? What’s hot right now within your niche, and be able to project what may be coming up in the next six months or so.

Otatade Okojie influencer joins forces with Number 10 Downing Street

I am very excited to state that i will be working with the chairman of the Youth Justice board at number 10 Downing Street. Very inspired by his works with young people and the community, and i am also developing my new book which will be published soon Dark Sunday. Exciting stuff. So guys please stay tuned, stay locked into the site as i share new updates, insights, advice and articles, and sign up to my newsletter here, also purchase my books on this site as well as amazon.

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