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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Fed up with shopping in the plus sized section? Wanna get your sexy back?

Does the concept of weight loss seem almost overwhelming. Do you look in the mirror and at times feel like crying, are you tugging your hair because your so frustrated. We get it. I am in transition, and I know many of us are. Your in a place in your life where you wanna look… Continue Reading →

Elementary dear Watson…let’s have these men turning detective looking for you ( Bringing the siren back in the room)

As usual everybody is talking about what ‘she’ is wearing, hotlight on her spotlight, it’s not like you don’t make the effort, these heels are killing you, the dress was expensive, too expensive, the makeup took far too long, and the  way you practiced this diva strut Naomi would have been proud. https://nskn.co/JIB7ls Yet here… Continue Reading →

Tired of playing hide and seek with the world…let’s put your sexy on blast

Have you ever watched a video and thought wow I could look like that, you have all the moves, you’ve got the outfit in a plus size, but if only you had the shape. https://nskn.co/JIB7ls https://nskn.co/JIB7ls And your partner’s eyes are glued to the screen, well ladies, we have something that can help you. For… Continue Reading →

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