Wealth mindset

Wealth is a mindset. Many have argued this, if you disempower yourself within your mind, you will not have access to the infinite possibilities life has stretched out before you. Many people think opportunity is supposed to jump out at you like jumping Jack flash, these are some of the laziest people in the world. They are often the most bitter and they die with the same story, a story of entitlement. The world doesn’t owe you respect, it doesn’t owe you capital, it doesn’t owe you access. You are the portal, with your mouth, with your hands you are meant to engage with the universe and construct the vision you have in your mind. Successful people rarely make excuses, the truth is they hold themselves accountable. It was today I realized I wasn’t just making excuses for the second, the minute , the hour, I was excusing unfulfilment for a badly lived life. The choices I made were reflecting the individual I was becoming. On paper I sounded good, career wise, my experiences were awesome, yet the way I managed my money said a lot about the way I managed my life. Something had to change. In order to change your position in life, you need a new strategy, to position yourself next to humans and not crabs. Crabs will claw you down and eventually destroy you, bitter people who are great at excuses, will always seek you out for empathy, yet when you ask them what actions they’ve taken. What goals have been set. Nothing. This is your life, it is only one life. Every minute is truly unique, you can tell a lot by an individual by how they manage their time. Every person is a book and every book has a chapter, what do you want the blurb on yours to say?

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